Family gets caught in the middle of a violent Echo Park weekend

Berkeley Avenue near Mohawk Street

After stopping by a family birthday party in Echo Park early Saturday night,  a young couple with their 10-month-old son  left the home near Berkeley Avenue and Mohawk Street and headed to their car. Moments later, gunfire rang out from all directions. The mother grabbed her baby and hit the floor of the Honda SUV to avoid being hit. Her husband, a 24-year-old man named Tyler, was not so lucky. He was hit in the buttocks after he jumped into the driver’s seat.

“They saw me putting a baby in the car and they still shot at me,” said Tyler, a caregiver who is in training to become a paramedic.  “I was freaking out.  I thought I was dying.  I saw blood rushing out of my pants.”

Neither Tyler nor his wife are gang members. But police say the Saturday night shooting is gang related and most likely prompted a retaliation on Sunday morning, when a 47-year-old known gang member was shot in the torso while talking on his mobile phone on Echo Park Avenue near Baxter Street.

The shots from the Sunday morning incident were fired from a vehicle whose occupants yelled out “Where are you from?” The man never had a chance to answer before he was hit, said Detective Rick Ortiz, who heads the LAPD Northeast Division gang unit.

“We are looking at the second [shooting] as possible retaliation,” Ortiz said.  LAPD is deploying extra officers to Echo Park as well as specialists in gang intervention to squash rumors and head off further violence between rival gang members, Ortiz said.

The pair of shootings with injuries surprised Ortiz  since gang shootings have become increasingly rare in Echo Park, particularly those intended as retaliation.  “It’s been quiet for so long,” Ortiz said.

Ortiz and his gang unit are trying to figure out if Tyler, who did not want his last name published, and his family were caught in a cross fire on Berkeley or if he had been mistaken for another person.  Bullet casings at the scene indicated that shots came from two different guns, Ortiz said.

The violence  began at about  7:30 p.m. on Saturday when  Tyler and his wife, who live in Koreatown, left a birthday party thrown by one of his wife’s family members.  Tyler, who left an account of the shooting in a comment on The Eastsider,  said he was not aware of anyone at the party being affiliated with a gang. But he knew that the blocks near Berkeley  and Mohawk had been the scene of shootings and other violence in recent years.

The couple were preparing to put their son in a car seat when they noticed a man dressed in a dark, hooded sweatshirt standing on the sidewalk staring at them.  Feeling threatened,  Tyler told his wife to get into the car while he went around to get into the driver’s seat. At that point the passengers from a sedan traveling westbound on Berkeley shouted in the direction of the couple  and then started making a U-turn in the street. Meanwhile, the driver of another vehicle, possibly a pick-up truck,  traveling in the opposite direction, pointed a gun directly at Tyler and fired, he said.

Tyler said his wife saw the man in the hooded sweatshirt approach the car, pull out a gun and started shooting.  The woman grabbed her baby and ran to safety at a neighbor’s home.  Wounded and bleeding,  Tyler drove his car down Berkeley before returning to the scene of the shooting outside his wife’s family home, where he got out of the SUV and collapsed on the ground as the first police squad cars arrived

Today, Tyler said his wife was taking their son to a pediatrician to make sure he was okay. Meanwhile, his anger grows at the thought that the shooters had been so callous, firing bullets within inches of his son and wife.  He also wants to get the word out about what happened on Saturday night.

“I just want the violence to stop.”

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  1. That whole stretch of Mohawk is trouble. The apartment building on Mohawk and Berkeley is tagged weekly. And the tags make their way all the way up the hill. Must be a boundary between gang territories.

  2. This just boils my blood. Thank you Eastsider, for giving specific space to tell Tyler and his family’s account. Tyler, I am so sorry you had to experience this. I am happy you are alive, albeit shaken up, but alive and well.

    Thank you also LAPD for dispensing extra officers to the neighborhood at this time. I look forward to the day when this retaliation business is just a memory. Suck it bangers.

  3. Here we go again. ….

  4. So it soundsd clear that the victim is not in a gang. IMPORTANT DETAIL: Did he by chance look like he was in a gang? In a way that a gang would not be able to tell?

    I think it’s important to know if the gang thought they were targeting another gang member or if it was intentionally a crime against random law-abiding citizens. Really not concerned with the racial implications here just trying to get some idea of whether hipsters need to worry about being shot at or if the stupid gang thought this guy was a gang member.

    • Are you kidding me ? Really ?
      Your comment is so ignorant , i don’t know where to start.
      How do you “look” like you are in a gang now a days ?
      “just trying to get some idea of whether hipsters need to worry about being shot at”

      You should be concerned about anyone being shot at .

      • No I get what “goat” is saying. It’s sad, but the reality is that if you look like the stereotype of a gang member (hispanic in baggy clothes), there is probably a better chance of getting shot. “Goat” is trying to get at whether this was gang on (supposed) gang violence or just a gang on everybody violence.

      • That is a completely legitimate question.

    • Goat I totally get you and was wondering the same thing. Look this may sound a little cold, but for as long as I’ve lived in Echo Park (7years)not looking hispanic has probably saved me a lot of trouble. NOt saying it’s fair or I like that but it is what it is. Lets face the facts. There are ZERO non hispanic Echo Park gang members. So if guns are now being emptied into non hispanic members of the Echo Park comunity that means that gang bangers are now shooting at people they don’t suspect to be gang members. This changes things for a lot of people who’ve always viewed Echo Park violence as something they are luckily spared from. I’ve personally run from gun fire on Echo Park Ave, I used to live at Echo Park and Baxter which is where all this shit happens. I can tell you exactly what a gang banger looks like if you really must know, and if it sounds offensive then the reality of it is offensive not my observation. I hate the violence and it makes me upset no matter who is a victim of it but Amway you a dis service to logic and reason by getting all PC on Goat.

      • 7 years ? pffft !!

        • “Lets face the facts. There are ZERO non hispanic Echo Park gang members.”
          You obviously haven’t walked around the neighborhood long enough to notice the black, asian, and white kids sporting the EXP tattoos.

        • Amway! I support you! 7 years is not enough to be a real ‘G’ like yourself. 70 years not enough also. Amway has been around since my dearest mother sold it. Truly do sell your product Mr. Amway! You sell the truth of OG-ism. Thank you for bearing this heavy load for all of us.

          pffft!! indeed. It is my newest rallying cry against the skinny jeans of new arrival on our hallowed shore.

          • Ron Don .
            Stop crying , although your comment is trying to be funny , it is actually quite stupid,and trying way too hard .

          • I really do support Amway , are you so ignorant that because someone thinks differently han you or questions someone else’s opinion that they are a “G” ? Are you one of those people that ignorantly thinks that if you grew up here or are hispanic , that you are in a gang ?
            Ridiculous !
            Amway didn’t even mention the word “hipster ” but to repeat what someone else said .

      • Ignorant statement. A Filipino gang lives on Mohawk.

    • It’s a highly relevant question… I didn’t mean to be racist.. i mean, i look unemployed, but am not, so I get it.

      Look.. gangs can’t be expected to know what every single one of their enemies looks like. They have to decide when someone is or isn’t a gangbanger then act… it’s pretty simple.

      Mayor Villaraigosa (sp?) does NOT look like a gangbanger, yet Eminem does… Does that clarify why it’s not racist? Sorry if it offended you.

      • There are many innocent victims that get hit by stray bullets all the time…it doesn’t matter what you look like. if someone had been crossing the street, or playing in their front yard, getting out of their car, etc…they could be struck down just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I was personally shot at years ago dropping someone off late after work. Luckily a few years before I’d been held up at gunpoint in San Francisco and survived. From then on I was extremely cautious about people and my surroundings and noticed some gang banger types heading up tge block behind us…I had my foot on the accelerator ready to go as soon as they shouted “where you from?” I took off at 50 mph down the street with shots going off behind us. I’m a white female and don’t look hispanic…just goes to show you wrong place wrong time but those times I was lucky. I hope Tyler that you and your family are safe and sound and my heart goes out to you guys. I’ll be avoiding Mohawk from now on (walk their with my son and dog quiet often).

        • I think the point of the question was whether or not gangs in EP are now specifically targeting people who they don’t believe to be gang members. Yes of course many are hit by stray bullets and that’s tragic enough, but if random people are now going to be the *target* that’s a pretty big change in “policy”.

    • If you dress like a gang banger, you are either in a gang, or an idiot. Why else would anyone dress like that?

    • I would be less interested in what the victim looked like and more interested in whose car he was in when he got shot. Who was the owner of the car? I would also wonder what affiliation the owner of the car has with the known gangster house where the shooting took place. Then I would want to know what affiliation the person who got shot has with the person who owns the car. EastsiderLA doesn’t seem as interested in facts as I would like. I guess that’s why we all have to sit here speculating about what actually happened, and we get caught up in stuff other than the facts. Does anyone know what actaully happened? It doesn’t sound like it. What we do know is that there was gunfire infront of a known gang location. Was the party that the victim or his baby attended actually at the gangster house? Why aren’t these questions being asked? No one should be shot, for any reason, but for a community to do what is best for everyone, it needs to know the facts. Otherwise, it is in the dark, left speculating about how people dress and look, which may be of significance, but you can’t build community and safety based on that. All of these words about an incident, but no one knows the facts about what happened. From what I have heard so far on EastsiderLA, the facts, so far, don’t add up. Anyone out there who can inform us, please do. It seems like we’re in the dark. Who did the shooting? Will they be caught? The gangsters on Berkeley commit crimes in front of everyone, but somehow never get caught by the police. That isn’t right. Maybe if we citizens were more concerned with the facts, we could help the police to enhance their efforts in getting to the bottom of what went on. Just a thought. Facts matter. Especially for a news outlet.

      • Good point. They maybe just wanted to go after someone coming from a party at a ganster house, or someone driving a known gangster car. Either way I think intent is what we’re looking for here.

    • MY HUSBAND DOESN’T LOOK LIKE A GANGMEMBER AND HE WAS THE ONE SHOT ON SUNDAY? BUT YET THE COPS SEEM TO KNOW MY HUSBAND BETTER THAN I DO CAUSE THEIR CALLING HIM A F”EN GANGMBER (excuse my French but this pisses me off). People need to watch what they say if you don’t what’s going on it’s best to be quit and not to assume things… Get the facts before talking.

      • Facts before reacting? Clearly you’re not a regular reader of the Eastsider 😉

      • This goes out to all the Gangbangers in EP, CYS, FTR, TST, BTLS and DST. Stop shooting at women and children. Since when did we lose respect for innocent blood. This is between MEN, this dirt will never die, rage just multiplies and dats the way of the streets. Can’t stop Won’t stop till the casket drops…get back to basics. I mean this ain’t even how i was brought up. Younger G’s spend your time doing some homework on your target before you put in work. Don’t b scured! And show some respect for the OG’s dat have put in work and now trying to change their lives for their families. Unless dey active undercover. jajaja. Anyways whatever, what gets me is little g’s putting in work and shooting at women and children. Stop killing innocent victims…

  5. Sure. And then wait for the retribution. This is no more constructive to the dialogue than Goat’s mindless comment above wondering whether “hipsters need to worry about being shot at”.

    • That was a joke, intended specifically for the readers of this paper, but alas…

      • My last couple of message was a joke (the name part) intended specifically for Goat. I’m V and but you assumed I was vep, vzzz ?I’m not trying to be sarcastic or smart ass and I do owe you an apologize for your first message my confusion. This really upsets me that people jump on the Eastsider and start running there moths and they really have now clue on some of the things there posting.

        • V,

          You forgot to change your name back to V when replying to mayberry loco above… thus proving you are posting as both VEP and V.

          Thanks for playing.


  6. SO gnarly. So awful. I’ve spent a lot of time on and around that corner because I’ve had friends who lived around there. It’s not even like a dark alley that’s totally avoidable. That’s a high traffic volume street.

    There are 47-year-olds who are still in gangs? Jeez. That makes me feel mature.

    • People need to mind their P’s & Q’s on what they say if you don’t what’s going on it’s best to be quit and not to assume things… Get the facts before talking.

      ReAD My Message to “goat’

  7. hipsters are too hard to shoot at, too skinny

  8. a little confused how gang members on Mohawk would shoot someone on Mohawk (an innocent), and then the same gang members would go do a retaliation shooting against EXP. there is no retaliation there at all, just the Mohawk bangers being aggressive (unless both shootings were retaliations for something else before all of this happened).

    • Michael….

      It implies EP Shot in Crazies (CSY) territory,,,at the wrong person,,,doesn’t matter….So Crazies came over and shot at the same idiot they always shoot at! Somehow he always survives….HE is a known gang member…not hard to spot amongst the stroller pushers and dog walkers……
      He lives to tell another tale….



      • You shouldn’t be speculating about what happened if you don’t have the facts! Edina the person your calling and Idiot is my husband that got shot and NO HE IS NOT A GANGMEMBER? These cops from Northeast don’t know nothing they have just as much information as you and I do. They get their information the same way we all do by Assuming and Hear say witch is always false information.

        • Hello again “V” aka vzz vep, etc. when you say someone “dont know nothing” i’m pretty sure that means they know something. #wisewords

          • Goat? It’s just “v” Please don’t confuse me with someone else thank you. I’m sure people know or hear things but hearsay is not relevant. This is what I mean by “Facts” if you know the Truth then you could speak on it but if it Hearsay then that’s just spreading Rumors and you shouldn’t speak on what you don’t know
            (I mean this in General). Not directly towards you 🙂

        • No, Edina isn’t calling your husband an idiot, she’s calling the person on EP blvd., who is a known gang banger an idiot. She just had the timeline wrong.

      • He’s no longer active; he’s been shot/stabbed/wounded so many times he’s mentally disabled. And the crazys still go after him.

    • I was thinking the same thing, Michael. If an innocent non-gang affiliated person was shot on Mohawk, how does the connection be made that the shooting the next day was retaliation? Unless he was caught in the gunfire of them going after another intended target that they missed.

      • Oh… I just re-read it. Maybe they were gunning for the guy Tyler said was standing on the sidewalk staring at them. If that was the case and they just missed/got confused who they were shooting at in the heat of the moment when they drove, by then retaliation does make sense because they were possibly gunning for a gang member who then retaliated the next day. Hmmm…

        There has been a sudden rash of new huge graffiti tags being crossed out and retagged daily by rival gangs in my SL neighborhood this past week as well (Marathon from Vendome up to Lucille). Haven’t seen it this bad since when I first moved to the neighborhood 15 years ago. Bracing for gunfire here as well. Something is in the air this week seemingly all over town.

        Stay safe everyone.

  9. This should be reason enough for a Gang Injunction – shooting an innocent bystander regardless is it was mistaken identity.

    • Agreeded especially with the baby involved. I saw on the news back in the summer a father was carrying his 4 month old in his arm when a stary bullet went off killing the baby. This is very upsetting hearing that a child involved and so early in the evening. I hope they get these aholes.

    • According to the gang prevention unit, there’s not enough activity with EXP to order an injunction. That may sound nuts to many who are not used to guns going off in the neighborhood but compared to how it used to be, they don’t see them as very active.

  10. Bottom line, bullets don’t discriminate and gang members are terrible shots.
    We ned to really look at ways to end the gangs all together, there are enough programs to help people who want out of the life now we need to put the rest behind bars for good or in the ground end of.

  11. My response “The Early Release Program”. Yes something is in the air. Maybe some locked up ‘gang’ members are now released or about to be released, thus the territorial sprayings all over Echo Park, south of Sunset, west of Silver Lake Blvd, east of Hoover, north of the 101 freeway.
    No one deserves to get shot or feel threatened, whether you are new to the neighborhoods, or have been around for 20+ years.
    Good luck to all of us. I don’t like the recent vibes and I’ve been in and out of E.P. / Silver Lake since the early 70’s.
    whatever you do, never, never confront a graffiti tagger! Please don’t!

  12. I am a mom who lives within blocks of the incident and I am terrified, and so saddened by the fact that it isn’t safe for me to even walk in my neighborhood with my young child. We’ve lived in the neighborhood for over 10 years, and we’ve loved it, but maybe it’s time to move. Gang members are nothing better than terrorists, and I don’t know how this problem can be dealt with. There are so many young kids in this neighborhood, I wish there was some way we could fight back, but ultimately, it probably won’t be a struggle I’ll take up, as it’s not worth my kid’s life. This is heart-breaking.

    • we’re in the same boat. three young kids, the oldest of which we’ve just started letting walk to Fix by himself. not sure what to do, we’ve been here about 10 yrs, and like living in the neighborhood too. will keep monitoring how things go I guess.

      I very much appreciate the information we get from this site and the commenters.

      • Me too, i have got a young boy, dark complexion, highly academically /sports oriented but when he starts middle-school, my hubby & are moving away, where he can ‘walk the streets’, and still wear a hoodie without some idiot asking “where are you from”. We like Silver Lake, E.P. East HOllywood, (we aren’t crazy about the suburbs), but a child, teenager, young adult, who is not involved in gangs, should not be afraid to WALK the streets to purchase a gallon of milk or candy at the local shop.
        What is going on with the middle class here? why do we have to live in fear for our children, teenagers, young adults?

  13. Here is a chat among said gangs: http://www.streetgangs.com/hispanic/cityofla/central/crazies
    Some bits of insight perhaps.

  14. Worth noting, the hostilities converging are 3 or more gangs: VLMLS, CYS and EXP for starters. Also worth noting that among younger “gangbangers”, non affiliated, random residents of Silverlake or Echo Park are not off the target list for robbery, assault or murder. The younger kids don’t respect the “OG” codes that kept non members (and their babies) immune. Also, its been a long standing gang initiation to kill random folks. I knew a liquor store owner who was face shot for just such an initiation…

  15. It takes 7 years to get a PHD. 7 years to get an itch. 2 years longer then your whole highschool experience (unless you’ve been held back twice). It takes 7 years to digest chewing gum. In the Catholic religion it takes 7 years to repay the damage done by one mortal sin.

  16. So the crazys and the ep have been low key for a few years not doing dirt to each other. Now they finally play and the crazys get a 47 old man lames. Then the ep get an innocent man with his baby and baby moma with him “greenlight” moves

  17. Posting link to this page/discussion to FB reunion page for my high pals from Belmont High, since many grew up in EP long before skinny jean revolution — or reintroduction of Caucasians to EP, not that there’s anything wrong with that — and am sure they’d love to read this thread and get a kick out of it. And be amused, and/or concerned.

    They know all the nooks and crannies of Central LA, and those who lived in EP knew who banged and who was straight. Smaller world of Los Angeles then; funny how Internet/boards like this now make us small again.

    ‘Course back in our day gun play was extremely rare. A fight was fisticuffs, and if a blade was produced that was serious escalation. I know murder rates have fallen, but the gun play that occurs in every American city is, imho, a clear and strong indicator of a cancer in the country.

  18. Ridiculous even hearing about this. Figured it was bound to happen, ive been in ep for 4 years now and love it. I saw the writing on the walls, well scribbling of what I figured could only be by illiterate tweens with parkinsons. I guess they are all grown up now, still a bunch of talentless hipgangster wanna bes. EP is not the hood. Hell compton isnt even ghetto. There is no purpose for gangs out here and these delinquits wouldnt last a day in some other real hood like Philly or DC. Where open air drug markets have dealers on every corner setting actual turf boundaries to fight over. Here apparently if you scribble on something you own it and the connecting block. Stupid. These kids just want to make believe socal is hard and wanna be in a clique. Send them all to jail. Any one in a gang should be arrested and put in jail for murder or attempted murder. They wanna be there anyway it seems so just put them all away and sterilize them and their whole family to prevent more moronic drains on society from trying to be as hard as there grampa. Stupid kids grow up.

    • Harsh assessment but, slow claps. Amen.

      • You’ve only been in EXP for 4 years now had you been here in the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000 your comment would have been different. No one was safe to walk these streets back in these day’s and yeah it’s easy to say put them all in jail really? Like we have money to be supporting there housing. That money should be education them and showing them life skills getting them jobs. Wow some people way’s of thinking shocks me.

        • V, you sound awfully accommodating of gang violence for someone who’s husband just got shot? (see above)

          • No Goat you must have got confused with my message, I don’t accommodate any one that’s Gang related or Drug affiliated I work in the field with Gang members and Drug addicts. It’s easy to say get ride of them by throwing them in Jail but that’s not the answer for all of them.

    • I wish u were in echo park in the 80s cuz u wouldnt HV the balls to come out at night…..there was no such thing as white people in echo park…in the 80s the cops couldnt stop gang violence so imagine 40 gang bangers on ur street selling drugs….now echo park is clean.thank God almiggty

  19. V cut it out u know your husband is a old fart from ep stop lying seriously hes just lucky THE CRAZYS didnt kill he obviously had an angel by hes side lol

    • Lets’ get something straigh Mayberry Loco, You don’t know me nor do you know my Husband. I sohould report you cause it seems to me like you know something about that day 🙂 in fact I will report you…

      • Report whatever you want i dont care tell whoever you wanna tell but i know your husband real good and you both are lying but its all good thats that echo park style LIARS!!!!!!

      • Did anyone else notice that this guy claiming not to be V 2 posts up now verifies in this post that he’s the same person? Remember to change your user name buddy!

        LOL! COMEDY.

  20. The longer gang violence is accepted as a part of life in LA, the longer it’s not safe to raise a family here. If you had a family and were shot in front of them, you just might understand why it’s important to figure out a solution. Now. I hear the shots all the time. I live ON the divide. If i ever get hurt and live through it I’m going Gran Torino. They’re all just shitty teenagers without good family life’s, and I don’t feel bad for them. I didn’t grow up here but I grew up even more poor than they did. I had a hard life too. But the second you hurt other people, you cross a line. Any one of us could whoop their ass in five seconds if they didn’t have guns. I’ve seen them, I know who they are when I see them. They’re little fuckers, man. That’s it.

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