Getting loaded on New Year’s? Take a shot

Holiday CheersPhoto by Echo Park resident

The LAPD frowns upon celebratory gunfire on New Year’s Eve. But what if your gun is loaded with 100% agave tequila?  An Echo Park shopper stocking up for the New Year’s came upon these AK-47 shaped bottles of AK-T tequilla at Super King in Glassell Park.  There’s also a carbine-shaped bottle for the more traditional gun/tequila lover.  Priced from $49.99 to $65.99.


  1. How creative and thoughtful of this company. Dad and his buddies can pour their shots out of an AK-47 – or just point the barrel at their throats and “shoot” the tequila directly down the hatch. When dad passes out, mom can pluck the empty bottle off his bloated belly (or from his “cold, dead hands”), rinse it out, and hand the AK to the kids to play cops-and-robbers. There’s a role for everyone in the family to play.

  2. Oh James… You’re gonna need allot of drinks,to drown that bug up your ass.

    • i actually have issues with this too. you’ll notice they’re for sale in Glasell Park (not a gang free neighborhood in another part of the city). This is similar to Steel Reserve 211 malt liquor; 211 is the penal code number for armed robbery (and the font looks like an automatic weapon). also only available in more crime ridden neighborhoods. I don’t like the glamorization of guns, gangs and violence.

      • Yeah that is all we need. More so called “harmless” gun themed fun like video games and and …well you name it. Connect the dots and people still actually wonder why so much gun violence? Wake up.

  3. They sell these at Costco too.

  4. How insalubrious from every vantage point.

  5. Repeated exposure+”harmless” medium= Desensitization= conditioning

  6. How did prohibition go?

    It just created more violence, drugs, killings and illegal assault rifles.

    Stop being such a liberal doush!

    • first: no one is crying for prohibition. just stating their opinions (without stooping to name calling). relax, you can still go buy whatever you want.
      second: “doush” is actually spelled D-O-U-C-H-E.

  7. Perfect combination, guns and alcohol, our two biggest tools for death. How creative.

  8. these are hangover for sure not real tequila in there more like gasoline

  9. Grow Up ! ! Its just tequila ….
    It not like the hamburglar induces more violence due to his thieving ways …..

  10. Guns and alcohol: Two of the most idiotic things ever invented combined into one product. Hooray for humankind. The only way this would could be outdone is if they incorporated some sort of animal cruelty into the equation.

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