Hospital office workers – not Whole Foods clerks – prepare to move into old Circuit City store

Fake Whole Foods sign

There has been no shortage of ideas about what to do with the former Circuit City store on Sunset Boulevard near Fountain Avenue. After the electronics chain shut down and the store, located where East Hollywood, Los Feliz and Silver Lake converge,  the property was purchased by developer CIM Group, which had some residents betting it would be turned into a mixed use project or a Whole Foods, a notion that was egged on by the appearance of  a fake “Coming Soon! Whole Foods Market Silverlake” sign.   But CIM sold the 37,000-square-foot building and surrounding property last year for $20 million to the nearby Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, which will begin moving about 200 employees into the newly renovated and gated office building later this month.

After nine months of construction, Circuit City’s bright red tile cube is gone, replaced by walls of stucco painted in earth tones. Inside, the rows of shelves that once held electronics are long gone, replaced by rows of cubicles and conference rooms for administrative staff who had previously been housed in leased office space in Hollywood, said Elizabeth Cochran, Associate Vice President of Construction, Design and Facilities.

Those workers will now be about two blocks and within walking distance of the main hospital, she said. The hospital has also moved workers into a second building nearby on Hollywood Boulevard. Having workers closer to the main hospital “will be much more efficient,” Cochran said.

The former Circuit City building will include a Zen-style garden as well as enough off-street parking to accommodate the staff, Cochran said. “It’s a very nice, healing environment for people to work in.”

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  1. A new occupant for this building is great news! Also, regarding your phrasing in the article reference to the neighborhood’s identity (“where East Hollywood, Los Feliz and Silver Lake converge”), I live in this area and I was never really sure what to call it when people ask. It always seemed too far west to call it Silver Lake, too far south to call it Los Feliz, and too far east to call it East Hollywood; technically the neighborhood is Virgil Village (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virgil_Village,_Los_Angeles), even though not many people have ever heard of “Virgil Village” and usually give me puzzling looks when I say that’s where I live, I’ve decided to be a one-man awareness team to spreading the awareness of Virgil Village, so… welcome, current and future hospital employees, to Virgil Village!

    • Hey Matt…….forward your comment to the city, and I bet they will quickly post a sign designating “Virgil Village”. They seem to love coming up with interesting names all over Los Angeles! I see them everywhere. Pretty nice, as it gives nearby residents a feeling of warm identity.

    • Oh, please, no more of those idiotic, MINDLESSLY FADDISH, neighborhood signs.

      Re Virgil Village, my understanding is that that is the area SOUTH of Santa Monica Blvd. along Virgil with all those shops, not up here by Sunset Blvd. But go ahead and tell the politicians to post a sign saying that is Virgil Village — it won’t be the first time they have misnamed a neighborhood with their stupid signs.

      Not every place in Los Angeles has a neighborhood name, nor does it at all need to. Its just a fad that some people think every last square inch has to have its own unique name. Gee, they’ve now taken to giving a different name to literally every last block of Sunset in this area — names that mean absolutely nothing! Stop it! Its just stupid corporate branding brought to neighborhoods and that has gone berserk. I for one don’t want to live in a corporate-style brand place; I want to live in a real neighborhood.

      • I live in Virgil Village— it rules. It will be cleaned up and gentrified soon. Squirel Jams is selling $7 pieces of toast in Virgil Village and it is packed every day. Get in while you can. Now if we can get that Virgil Village Traffic Calming plan in motion– then we will really be a great walkable hood without all the cars going 60mph up Virgil. Signed, someone who says they are from “Virgil Village” when someone asks, then gives a quick geography lesson. PS, Mark, please stop, I think we are all failing to see your point— so we should do away with the neighborhood names and all just be Los Angeles? You live in a city that is comprised of many different distinct neighborhoods and municipalities. In this case, if there was no “Virgil Village” designation, then we could be considered East Hollywood, Silver Lake, K-Town, or Wilshire-Center (I’ve heard it all). So Virgil Village gives us an identity and a place on the map of this city. You might think its just a fad, but I see it as hood cohesion. Go Virgil Village!

    • Actually, I thought I learned the term “Virgil Village” from one of those city neighborhood signs near there.

      It could use a bit more village-ness – both that block and the last block of Hollywood would be great places for some more stores and restaurants and other pedestrian oriented businesses.

    • I like them….if I read something that says “the old Circuit City in Los Angeles is now converting to medical office use” I would have little of idea where they are referencing, but “the old Circuit City in Virgil Village is now converting to medical office use” clears it right up. I also prefer living in Silver Lake than just Los Angeles and sure, would not mind further demarcation with “Ivanhoe” or “Moreno Highlands”.

      Also, I never specifically thought about that area of Virgil (other than the Smog Cutter) until the city did put up signs calling it Virgil Village – and I believe at the same time they painted the light posts to further delineate it. I personally think it’s easier for people to get excited about a place that has some physical/pschological geographic context.

  2. Aw, they took the tiles off? Why?

  3. The Akron ….aw .:(

  4. Waaaah!!! Where am I going to buy a $6 head of lettuce?

  5. Thanks for the update, Eastsider, wondering what was happening here.
    For the name of the area — yeah, Virgil turns into Hillhurst at Sunset. How about Six Points (for where Hollywood, Sunset Blvd, Virgil & Sunset Dr intersect)

    • How about not worrying about branding it. Branding is for marketing — how about not worrying about marketing it, and just simply live in it instead. You know, consider it to be a neighborhood, not a commodity.

  6. This location has always been East Hollywood, as referenced for decades by the old Vista Theater sign which still sits on the roof, but is hardly visible. When did this name or designation stop being enough? What the heck, if you want to rename it, call it the “Wild Bend,” as this is where the Sunset Strip takes a wild bend southeast toward Downtown. Trust me, this 6 point intersection was wild when I was growing up in the late 60’s & 70’s! How do you like them apples, trendsetting, hipster, label making, Capitalist?

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