Note to Silver Lake Drug Dealer: Police have your pot

Photo by Jaypeg21/Flickr

If you are the person who hid a duffel bag  full of marijuana in Mack Reed’s backyard, don’t bother coming back for it.  Reed discovered the pot,  which was neatly labeled and packed into jars and vacuum-sealed plastic baggies, inside an underground vault next to his hot tub in Silver Lake. After waiting more than 90 minutes for police to arrive, Reed, who describes the discovery  in his  Toxic Data Spill  blog (h/t L.A. Observed), worried about what would happen if the person who hid that bag full of pot came back to look for it.

LAPD Sgt. Adrienne Legaspi, who collected the pot, offered to put up yellow, crime-scene tape.  Reed wanted to leave “kind of a fuck-off message” but Legaspi advised against that.  She suggested posting the LAPD confiscated-property receipt by the hot tub.  Here’s what Reed ended up doing:

I rush back to my desk, and Photoshop up a little 8×10 poster with the photo of her inventorying the stash, and the message: “We found it and called LAPD. They confiscated it and now are watching the place. Sorry.”  I sheathe it in Saran Wrap against the weather, close the hatches [to the vault], and thumbtack the message to the wood.  And I head back to work, wondering what will happen when the owner returns. I can only hope he/she’ll bug out, seeing nothing left for them here but LAPD scrutiny.

Reed estimates that the pot was worth $175,000.


  1. He better hope that the weed is from a relatively mellow dispensary courier and not organized crime. Really foolish to brag about this on the internet. Wouldn’t be surprised if his house catches fire in the next couple of weeks.

  2. From Mack Reed’s post – “I start doing math from my crime-reporter days: Let’s see, an eighth of pot probably goes for $75, times eight is $600, times 16 ounces in a pound is – god, um – $9600, plus what I’m praying is hashish and not heroin in there, which is probably more expensive, times what feels like 20 pounds, minus the weight of the jars and the bag … ”

    Totally wrong. An eighth is $35-$55, and a pound is anywhere from $2.5k-$3.5k for the best smoke. Economies of scale…

  3. wow sheptastic.

  4. has drugs stashed at his house because he posted on the internet. (theoretically)

    posts on the internet about how he wanted to say “fuck you” to the drug stasher and in the same breath hopes the stasher doesn’t come back and make trouble.

    …. huh.

  5. What a stupid move on Mack Reed’s part. Why would you ever want to splash this on the internet? In his blog post, he says he has some sort of web start up, or fledgling company, I feel bad for anyone who invested with this guy. Not only is his discretion here entirely irrational, but he makes mention of how he cannot keep a level head under pressure, how can you expect to run a successful company with that type of behavior? Never mind the fact that he fails to grasp the implications of posting this on the internet, the very medium that his company is rooted in.

  6. This kind of endangerment of a bystander — just like that faced by a hiker who stumbles onto a secret cultivation spot in a national forest, or by those who suffer under the horrific violence of the drug wars in Mexico — wouldn’t exist without the Modern-Day Prohibition of cannabis and other drugs. And Modern-Day Prohibition is just about as successful as the historic Prohibition of the 1920s and ’30s. No one can explain how the “War on Drugs” can be won.

    At the very least, legalize cannabis and regulate it like alcohol — after all, it’s way safer than alcohol. But better to legalize all drugs and treat the harder ones as a health issue, rather than a criminal issue. The only ones benefiting from this senseless drug war are the bloated military-security-prison complex and the cartels.

  7. WHY ON EARTH , would you put your name out there for these drug dealers to come back looking for their “stash” , and the EXACT location of were you found it ?
    Are you kidding me ?
    Call the cops, turn it in , and quietly call it a night .
    $175,000 worth of weed is not a small find.

  8. Why would he do this? Let’s see – the perpetrator already knows where he lives, obviously. Making the whole thing publicly visible can only serve to deter interested parties from exacting revenge. Of course, what the cops should have done is left it there and monitored the place until the guy came to get it.

    And what HE should have done is skim a nice 10% off the top and let the guy go about his business 🙂

  9. Posting on the web that the weed no longer resides on his property may have been a smart move. It seems far more concerning that the owners of the stash should think it remains in Mr. Reed’s possession.

  10. It’s a tough call. I hope everything turns out alright for this dude.

    I had a good laugh thinking about how the lowlife who hid this weed got played though. Time to get a REAL job, scumbag.

  11. Wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out that he knows the stasher. Who else would take the chance of retrieving contraband from someone’s private property.

  12. Like the article says, it was probably someone close to him. My guess is someone on the wife’s side of the family, like her brother, if she has one. I highly doubt it was someone random, although it could be a neighbor.

  13. WHY would someone stash the mother load in a place they don’t control? Prob because they removed it from someone else’s possession and got paranoid / scared and stashed the stash. Reminds me of the pipes and bong I found buried in my yard…………

  14. I know someone who used to live on Tracy and St. George and high school kids from Marshall would hide their weed in his side yard. This however, is clearly a different case.

  15. during the eighties school friends of mine would buy weed in amsterdam and stash it in the train bathroom behing a panel until back in their country across the border. one time they take the panel off and find what they said was a kilo of coke. being good school boys they used the next bathroom. hairy stuff.

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