Second weekend Echo Park shooting leaves man injured*

Police talk to residents after blocking off Echo Park Avenue near shooting scene.

A man was shot in the torso as he walked down an Echo Park sidewalk this morning in the neighborhood’s second shooting with injuries in less than 24 hours. Police had closed off Echo Park Avenue at Baxter Street near the scene of this morning’s shooting, which took place shortly after 11 a.m.   The man was walking past homes on Echo Park Avenue south of Baxter Street when gunfire erupted from a passing vehicle, said Sgt. Edward Perez with the Northeast Division.  It’s not clear whether the shooting is gang related or if it is connected to Saturday’s night’s shooting that left one man injured near Berkeley Avenue and Mohawk Street,  Perez said.  The victim, described as a man in his 40s, was being treated for his injuries at L.A. County USC-Medical Center.  Perez said he did not know how many times the man had been shot but the injuries appeared to be serious.

* Update a@ 3 p.m.: The victim is in stable condition as of this afternoon, said Sgt. Legaspi with the Northeast Division.  The shooting appears to be gang related but  no further details were available.  One person near the crime scene said about three shots were fired.

Several shootings have taken place in recent years near Echo Park and Baxter, where a cluster of of long-time Echo Park gang members live. In February 2009,  gang leader Eric Zamarippa was fatally shot outside his Baxter Street home and another man was injured in incidents that took place near today’s shooting.

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  1. Oh boy jente , here we go again

  2. And then the incident over here off Allesandro in the hills Friday afternoon and massive tagging at the Ralph’s shopping center at Fletcher and Glendale late Friday night. I think we have some serious gang unrest out there.

  3. @Rodger–

    I saw the same thing yesterday at the strip mall- Glendale/Fletcher and couldn’t understand how that happens. It’s right next door to the 24 CVS that has security. How can no one see it happening? Sad, just sad.

    • Rj,

      Less than an hour after leaving the comment above, I was heading out to Atwater Village and noted that the bus stop at Allesandro and Riverside had been tagged in large red letters by a gang unknown and, in large blue lettering, the Frogtown 13 had come along and “X”d out their tags and inserted their own. So my earlier suspicion that Frogtown may be seeking to expand their territory might, sadly, be on the money.

  4. Fix Coffee – “I so like didn’t want that coconut-kale smoothie from Beyond the Bush like because my horoscope nutritionist said to not nosh on it during a waxing moon.”

    “I’m so so sorry Beatrice. The world’s is so like a tough place…”

    Gunfire – Boom Boom Boom

    • I dont think that the people you are describing shot anyone. What fricking animals to have such llittle respect for life.

  5. This reminds me, coming home last night onto Cerro Gordo from Lake Shore Drive I noticed big red tagging (EXP I think?) on the double garage doors of someone’s house. So messed up, rude, wrong, disgusting.

    Book ’em Dano! Protect and serve, all the way.

  6. “It’s not clear if the shooting is gang-related…” It was a drive-by shooting in front of a known gang house.

  7. i was walking with my 5 year old daughter a half block away when this happened. totally irritating.

  8. Let’s not forget about the many gunshots that go unreported because nobody gets hit. There’s definitely something serious going on in the Reservoir/Mohawk area for the last couple of weeks.

  9. LAPD – PLEASE HELP! There are too many innocent kids in this neighborhood for this to keep happening! The idea of taking a walk in OUR neighborhood on a Sunday morning is pretty much gone…Why is it OK that we all know which houses the gang members live in? I’m a little puzzled that they all just hang out on the porch in plain sight across the street from Elysian Heights Elementary and still NO ONE does anything! Needless to say, my kids won’t be attending school there. Two words: Gang Injunction!

    • Eric Garcetti says no to beer and wine for Fix as it could cause problems for the elementary school children yet he continues to allow exactly what you described, Bridget Bloom, across the street from same school. He owns property just blocks from this gang nest and even with being City Council president he did not do anything to rid our neighborhood of the gang nest at Echo Park Ave and Baxter Street. How in the world can he be a good mayor when he cannot even help his immediate neighbors? It is infuriating.

      • Who cares about Fixx? Bunch of snobs!

        • I am so tired of somehow EVERYTHING is Eric’s fault.

          This problem has been going on in Echo Park for over 50 years, but hey everything was great until Eric came along…

          • Erics JOB, is to deal with these issues, NOT to take all of OUR resources WE pay for and reassign them to his pathetic campaign for MAYOR…..Ugh is right!


    • Bridget,
      I feel your frustration but, there will be no increased police presence and no injunction for the same reason you see tags on walls, trash everywhere and people illegally selling flowers, fruit and tacos on the sidewalks.

      1. The politicians have spent the budgets dry mostly paying back the unions via raises and juicy pension and health benefits for getting them elected.
      2. The people we are talking about creating the problems here have no money to be extracted from their wallets.

      Use parking enforcement as the example. You know why the meter maid is at your car writing a ticket 30 seconds after the meter has expired or you get a ticket for parking on the “street sweeping” side of the street EVEN AFTER THE STREET SWEEPER HAS PASSED? Because they know they can extract money from you. You, the law abiding tax payer is a big giant cash register to our city “leaders”.

      The gangs, people living here illegally, people crapping out kids they cant afford, they have no money to be extracted. So, the problem will continue to be ignored…

  10. This is completely insane and has to stop. When or where shouldn’t matter, but across the street from a school, a coffee shop, on a Sunday morning? C’mon. I don’t care what ot used to be like, it’s over now. Take their houses their cars book them n public consumption of alcohol time to do some old fashioned policing and get them gon. Too many innocents just trying to enjoy their neighborhood.

    Of course last time I asked about a gang injunction I was told we had to be tripping over bodies for that to happen. So I hoped somebody tripped over that dude before got carted off.

    • Um , for MANY families that have been here forever , myself included , Echo Park has always been home . We are not gangbangers or have EVER been, don’t associate with gangbangers etc,,, Went to college , raised great kids etc,,
      It has always been great to those of us who have made it great .
      What is this ” I don’t care what ot used to be like, it’s over now.”
      The real magic of Echo Park has NEVER been over , you are just now appreciating where many of us have wonderful childhood memories .
      We have been pro-active , started businesses here and been good citizens.
      A few a-holes have always ruined the peace everywhere in this city , yes its awful and that should definitely STOP>but to assume that Echo Park was a shit hole before it got so -called gentrified is total b.s.
      If it was so terrible , people would not have purchased homes here or moved here etc..
      Echo Park since 1967

      • Kimba,

        You’re totally right and I should clarify my comments. I am absolutely speaking to the very specific problem, not in anyway generalizing or stereotyping those who have lived in this neighborhood for longer than my family has. I was responding specifically to comments made by city reps and police officers when I attended an Echo Park community meeting, where it was both stated and implied that the violence used to be worse and we residents should be thankful that it isn’t like it used to be. My feeling is that we should constantly be working for a safe neighborhood regardless of anyone’s race, class, color or creed.

        So I see how my comments may have offended, and I hope this clears up my intentions a little. I agree that Echo Park contains the kind of magic of which you speak, that which can only come from a diverse community. Apologies again if I generalized — I am only talking about the dangers of shootings on that corner and the gang members who live there.

  11. Yeaah, but you all keep saying Highland Park is so ghetto and filled with gangsters and a shitty place to live. Guess Echo Park is just as shitty.

    • Bernie! I support you! It is me Ron Don, I finally got a bus ticket back to LA, only to see this?!?

      Bernie, my main manfredo, you are correct in one way, these condos in echo park have indeed attracted a bad element. Thankfully your beautiful Highland park may be too high know a ghetto when they see one, but not too stone-ed to build many condo’s for the skinny jeans closet makers.

      Let’s tear down these condos to stop the gunfire! Or betterment yet, let’s move them to highland park, the highest land around.

      Who’s with me?

    • I agree. I was considering a move to Echo Park, but it looks like the neighborhood is still inundated with violence and crime. I guess I will have to take my search elsewhere.

      • Nomi and all the others who post statements like this, feel free to not move to Echo Park. More of this amazing neighborhood for me, then.

        I haven’t lived here long (only a few years), but I feel generally pretty safe here, even walking around at night.

        • Thanks for the advice. I will gladly move elsewhere. Have fun living in your ‘amazing neighborhood’ though. It’s too bad you’ll have to dodge bullets when you take your dog for a Sunday morning walk.

          • I actually don’t have a dog, and I walk all over Echo Park feeling fairly safe and taking the general safety precautions. You do know that you are never 100% safe and crime can happen anywhere, right? I’m glad people with terrible attitudes like you aren’t moving into Echo Park. From what the old-timers say, it’s never been safer here, crime used to be a lot worse, and despite the recent shootings, it’s getting better. Please stay in the Valley/Westside/wherever you think is “safer.”

  12. Last night there was a large group of people hanging out, drinking and smoking dope on the sidewalk exactly where that fellow was shot today. I walked my dog past them several times. I couldn’t figure out why they chose to party on the sidewalk instead of indoors or even in someone’s yard. I could see them from my window and it went on a couple of hours, no police in sight. One would think that after everything that has gone down near the EP/ Baxter intersection- the cops would be on it. They seem to be vigilant for awhile, until everything settles down and everyone forgets. Then the cops go elsewhere — and shit happens again.

  13. Write to your city attorney for a gang injunction and then it could be enforced. With an injunction they can be arrested for being seen in public together, but they every right to be in their front porch

  14. there wont be a gang injunction just because theres like 3 shootings a year in ep. gang injunctions are for gangs that commit homicides on a weekly basis. its not illegal for gang members to hang out at or near their houses

  15. Mexicans for sure, what a shame, I wish the Mexican parents could get it together enough to keep their kids from getting into this lifestyle.
    Don’t call me racist, I am Mexican and you all know that these people are too. Embarrassing.

  16. The city bulldozed the Drew Street gang house. Just sayin’

  17. From what I have been seeing during my daily walks and Metro rides since October [and literally reading the writing on the wall(s)] there is extreme tension between at least three gangs and the Frogtown 13 are attempting to expand their borders beyond the L.A. River; the latter are particularly fixated, for reasons unknown, on the intersection of Riverside and Allesandro. [Unfortunately, I live a few blocks north of there.]

  18. This looks like or as I would hope the tipping point. Dear friends, residents. Please join together. We need to stand as one to make sure we have no more shootings where we live, work, walk our dogs. Should we keep our children indoors because we are afraid of these animals? I do and will call all gang members animals. They are good for nothing. Time to rise up, let them know we ALL want a safe place to live. We are not afraid. Together we will win. Set up neighborhood watch, call LAPD on everything that is out of order, talk with your neighbors, get to know them. We the people live here, we the people can save our neighborhood. The time of the banger hood is gone. bangers be warned, we are watching, we know wehre you live, we know your mom. We know your face. We are Echo Park. Not you.

    • Well, I agree with most of your sentiments except for the exclusionary ” we are Echo Park, not you” screed, which demonstrates willful ignorance of the history of gang affiliation in Northeast Los Angeles, CK. Hispanic-Americans populated this region in impressive numbers long before the “hipsters” laid claim to the surrounding neighborhoods and enclaves. I mean, who exactly is this “we” you purport to represent?

      • Rodger, before the hipsters, before the Hispanic-Americans, Elysian Heights was largely populated by white, Jewish, communist artists and writers. The neighborhood was called Red Hills as a nod to all the prominent communists that lived up here. The “who was here first” argument is never-ending. So, when CK says “we,” I think he’s just talking about people who want to see Echo Park become a safer, cleaner, better neighborhood.

      • I think it’s pretty safe to say that the “we” are people who don’t shoot other people and the “them” are the people who do shoot other people.

    • Here we go again, assuming that EchoPark is only and has only ever been a “banger Hood” .
      It is insulting to those of us who grew up in this neighborhood , and are not or ever have been “bangers’.
      That really is how little you know about the awesome history of Echo Park and the amazing people who have lived here , live here and continue to flock here because it is an amazing place .
      If it has been such a “banger hood ” as you so describe or have seen in films why did you move here ?

      • I called them animals once on here and got an earful from people about how they love animals and I shouldn’t compare them. *rolls eyes* Tagging is no different than a dog pissing on a fire hydrant to show all the other dog’s that he’s “been there”. These gang bangers are riddled with machismo and weak egos. They are pathetic and un-evolved. I don’t care if their grandpa’s grandpa lived here … the city belongs to the TAX PAYING HOMEOWNERS. I highly doubt these slackers pay property tax, maybe the 1 out of god knows how many are living in one dwelling. Seriously, they’re shooting and tagging in broad daylight. Enough is enough, HELLO LOS ANGELES POLICE DEPT!!! They are a nuisance and a danger to us all and this is infringing on my right to live in peace. ASSIGN A POLICE CAR TO BE IN THIS AREA AT ALL TIMES! PARK A STATION ON WHEELS THERE IF YOU HAVE TO. I wish we could sterilize them all.

  19. Damn walk my dogs there everyday

  20. Hello friend and neighbor. Please understand when I say “Not you” I am speaking to/ with the people who shoot, retaliate, terrorize those who want a peaceful respectful file. I know the history of Echo prak. I am a 42 year old (far from hipster man, who is in an interracial marriage) I am not speaking of or for “hipsters”. On my block, I have Italians , Philippine’s , gays, Latino, strait, white, black. I encourager every person to stand up. We are the people who don’t want drive by shootings, we the people who dont want hate crimes , we want we want as a place we call home. Not afraid to walk our dog, let our kids plays. I do not call for or want in exclusive surrounding, an yet aplace where well ALL can feel safe. You ask who is “WE”. I say all of us, who are sick and tired of people getting shot. All of us who want to live in peace. All of us who say no to violence. Sorry my friend, your quotes leave to more separation more division. I ask for us to unite. You call this 42 year old not white guy a hipster. Please reevaluate how you look at others.

  21. Kimba, on this thread it is speaking of a gang related shooting. That’s the topic. Has EP always been a “Banger hood” NO. It has not. But when we have many shootings, killings, over tagging. It has now become. Sorry you feel insulated. But the truth is… I want to live here, I love EP. but I also love a safe place to live. Why can’t we all say. : Hey we live here, lets keep living her , please dont’t shoot me, or my kids. My point is this, GANGS. your day is over. we know who you are, we will do what we must to get rid of you. THE PEOLPE OF ECHO PARK.

    • power to the peolpe!

      • Hahha, funny. Typos, Sure. Just because I am tired ass all. Worked 15 hours today as a community organiser, bringing people together. Sorry my eyes don’t work as well. sorry I have worked for the past 15 days with out a day off. I do apologize I offended you with a misspelled word or three. Hate that you look beyond that and not the message. But hey, keep on loving right? And no this old dude is far from hipster!. You want to “find me out’/// Lets meet face to face. I’ll call your ass out.

        • You want people to live in peace , and now you are calling to someone to meet face to face and ” call their ass out ” ?….nice.
          Way to keep the peace.

  22. Bottom line, LAPD please just put some cameras in facing the sidewalk in this area. Hell you can put them on my house. These are not smart criminals. Also please publicize the contact info fo the officer who is in charge of this neighborhood. Lots of us could text tips DAILY. Calling is really difficult when you live in a canyon with no cell coverage.

  23. Here are some numbers to keep handy:

    Gang Detail-323-344-5754
    Division Desk-323-344-5701

    We are getting a new Senior Lead as SLO Bobby Hill is retiring after working these guys diligently for years…….
    His number is 213-793-0760 and should be reassigned to whoever takes his place.

    EP Security Patrol 323-665-0318, call up and join……

    You should also be calling your EP Deputy for CD 13, Oliver DelGado and finding out what they can do to continue Officer Hill’s efforts to clean up this corner. A number of the homes are now vacant and for sale due to Officer Hill’s efforts…..323-957-4500

    The Next EPIA Meeting is January 3, and LAPD regularly gives reports on Safety Issues.

    I hope some of this info is helpful


    • thank you officer hill. pass the torch to serious bulldog please.

    • thanks for passing this info along. many of us have and use these numbers when appropriate.

      echo park has definitely gotten safer over the years, although events like this are bound to make people feel uncomfortable (rightly so). I have lived in EP for a long time, remember the old days, and am grateful for less violence on the streets. that said: this is the second time my 5 year old daughter has been with me on the street near something like this happening. the first time, our family witnessed 3 men get out of their car and shoot into a house repeatedly. i hate having to explain that kind of thing to her, and I hate having her be close to violence.

      the flavor of EP is why I moved here in the first place (and as an added bonus, it was cheap then). i have faith that the multi-cultural flavor can remain in place and the gang element can be removed. i like the ma and pa stores and chatting with the old timers; hope they stay. I don’t like seeing tags and drive-bys; hope they go away.

      • Agreed on all counts. I miss some of the old open spaces, but the flavor and diversity remains. Twenty years ago people were complaining about gentrification and the same tired old people are the same ones complaining today. Many of the longtime locals moved out when they found they could make good money off their homes. Many found they couldn’t keep up with the rising rents that Americans face across the country. These people lamenting hipsters and “bragging” about how long they’ve lived here are really no different from the gangs, pissing (and moaning) to mark their territory. Times change, neighborhoods change and people who think they can stand in the way of it can continue living in misery, cooped up at their computer in the dim light of the comments section of the Eastsider . Where the gangbangers are concerned – if they keep getting mowed down in the afternoon then they won’t be around to brighten up the neighborhood anyway. So, it’s time to say goodbye to them. The neighborhood council needs to face the issues of gangs head-on. Come up with new programs for youth and prod the LAPD to clamp down on the tiny population of violent individuals in our neighborhood.

    • can you explain who to call when? today I’m calling Bobby Hill and Oliver in Garcetti’s office to express concern.
      Are the other numbers to call to express concern after the fact, or numbers to call when you see activity?

      • The other numbers are non emergency LAPD numbers (always call 911 if you see real trouble). Call them with tips, observations, or questions of how to handle “suspected” gang activity.

        Getting in touch with our SLO and the Council Office is a way to let them know this is of great concern, and that the community wants to see the pressure kept on them.
        Persistence will pay off..

        • once again… there is no at&t signal most of the ep ave stretch. Texts are typically more reliable. Is there a number of a local cop that can be texted for immediate tips? People aren’t going to call just for a few guys hanging out on the street, but it would be nice for the cops to know the recipe for trouble has ingredient #1 already in the mixing bowl…

    • Very valuable info, CP. Thank you. I may attend the next meeting.

    • Thanks for the info cp.

      The number I have for LAPD Northeast Division is… (323)344-5751

      I’m sure they both work.

      Put those #’s in your cell phones! Call 311 to report graffiti!

      • as i recall, the lead officer told us that we need to make the calls to the non-emergency call line or 911 (when appropriate). they don’t log the calls that come to the front desk, so they can’t build a case against anyone.

    • That cop is just as worse as gang member, he pushes his badge around to incriminate innocent people him and his posse. The truth always comes out sooner or later 🙂 he had all of you fooled.

      • vzz… not difficult to tell that you’re an EXP member or sympathizer.

        • NO I’m not an EP Member nor do I sympathize. I’m a victim of your so call hero Officer Hill. I never meet him a day in my life nor do I have a criminal back round but this Cop made it a point to harass me and make some serious accusations. And as stated The Truth Will come Out about Him and his Posse.

  24. Not sure exactly, but the house that all the people hang out in front of and on the porch drinking all day seems to be in escrow. Maybe a change is coming.

    • Wow you’re right! It’s a real pos though that’s for sure. Now time to get rid of the one on the other side of Fargo 2 houses down or so, directly across From the elementary school…

      • Really Why? Do you know them people cause there my neighbors and I have no problems with them never have since I’ve lived here? The Husband is very nice always helpful kind and respectful. And his kids are very well mannered collage student and high school graduates not to mention his wife she is a hard worker very dedicated to her family. It shocks me to here people what to get rid of them? Tell me please

        • VEP… if you’re going to repost as vzz, vep, etc… at least give it more than few mins between posts. I know you’re typing with one finger and all but comon.

          If the guys who hang on the driveway and in front of the house don’t live in that house, then another gangmember does… or that woman really wants her kids growing up with those guys as role models… neither is a good option.

          They’re on the sidewalk re-enacting a scene from La Bamba 3-4 nights a week for shit’s sake…

          • This is VEP! You seem to know allot bout cretin people makes me wonder about you and who you really are. So here you go again calling people Gangmebers? As I stated I live next door and to those people and they do not look like Gangmenbers to me, why do you stereotype and judge my good neighbors if you don’t know them.

            vep etc………..

          • Okay VEP, VZZ, V whoever you are at the moment. You need to step away from the computer, but not before enrolling in a very basic grammar or English 101 course.

            There is a vast difference between “certain” and “cretin” I’d like you to explore. Except in this case, cretin does also work. Are we clear? Because your posts are not. It is mind numbing to decipher your point of view from one post to the next. But I’ve been wanting to suggest grammar and spelling lessons every time I stumble across your posts.

            That’s all. I’m not normally a grammar Nazi unless absolutely needed. Trust, it’s needed.

          • @vep: Further, once you grasp the basic concepts of spelling and critical thinking enough to post coherent thoughts, then and only then will I begin to take your comments about Officer Hill to heart. As it is, you come across as an unstable, completely unreliable narrator.

          • Good neighbors hey? I wonder why that guy has been shot at three times in the last couple of years. Lucky he hasn’t been killed yet. He must have a target on his back.

  25. They hang out in front on the sidewalk ALL THE TIME in plain sight! SIGH

  26. I know exactly who it is that lives their. And let me tell you; the hipsters have been trying to take over that piece of property. All your comments about hispanic gang members is wrong. I am a witness to a slim, one-direction look alike in a prius pulling out a .357 smith and wesson and unloading on that man. Its not that he is lucky in surviving the shooting, it’s that the hipsters are a bad shot. I figure it’s the tight jeans they wear. jajaja.

    Hipsters are hiding behind hispanics and blaming them for the far out crime that is happening. Everyone on here should keep an eye on them. Just watch its easy to spot them; long hair, skinny jeans, never shower, drive prius, echo’s, and some are even bold and ride bicycles. Watch out they are dangerous to society…


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