Silver Lake nightclub owner tries to make nice with the neighbors

Steve Edelson makes his case before the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council

Nightclub owner Steve Edelson has a reputation for being a charming and creative  businessman whose venues that draw a diverse mix of people in search of good music and good times. But Edelson, who is profiled in the current edition of L.A. Magazine, is also known as a hot-head who is dismissive of neighbors, fire marshals and others who have complained or have issues with his businesses. On Thursday night, members of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council tried to reconcile these two sides of Edelson as they weighed complaints from neighbors and a show of support for his latest nightlife venture, Los Globos nightclub on Sunset Boulevard.  “I don’t want to be in a confrontational relationship with my neighbors,” Edelson told the council members.

Meanwhile,  some of those neighbors weighed in, saying their complaints about noise and rowdy patrons have gone ignored for more than a year. “We need some respect,” said the manager of an apartment building across the street.

Edelson, whose previous nightclub have included El Cid and The Garage,  came to the meeting as he seeks permanent permits to allow dancing and live music from the L.A. Police Commission (he currently has temporary permits).  After rebuffing a motion to oppose the permits, the council members voted in favor of asking the police commission to delay making a decision on the permits, which is expected to take place early next year, until the council can gather more information and explore possible conditions to be imposed on the club.

After the meeting, Edelson said he would ask the police commission to delay taking action on his permit until the Silver Lake council could gather comments from neighbors as well as employees and supporters of the club.

Some members of the council, which includes an employee of Los Globos as well as a former punk rock club owner, were seeking to find a balance between supporting Silver Lake’s music and nightlife scene while protecting residents from noise and trash. Board member Dorit Dowler-Guerrero said she has patronized Los Globos but she has been blasted by loud music just by walking past the club, which is located in a two-story building painted jet black.

“It is as loud as hell,” said Dowler-Guerrero. “It’s screwing up their lives,” she said of the club’s impact on nearby residents. “You got to have respect for the neighbors.”

Over the years,  Edelson has been charged by the city at least 30 times for violations, for such things as overcrowding. related to his clubs, said the L.A. Magazine article titled Maximum Steve. In addition, one of his nightclubs, El Cid on Sunset Boulevard, generated more than 200 complaints to the police and fire departments, the story said.

Edelson has also not been shy about challenging officials and residents who want to limit his operations.  Using the Freedom of Information Act, he obtained emails from Councilman Eric Garcetti’s office related to complaints about Los Globos and the city’s response to the alleged problems, according to the story. “I have $50 million ready to defend myself for whatever the city throws at me,” he told L.A. Magazine.

Meanwhile, during Thursday night’s meeting, some members of the Silver Lake neighborhood council made reference to letters sent by Edelson’s attorneys that they considered intimidating and designed to discourage complaints.

The council’s vote to help improve relations between Los Globos, which operates well into the early morning with dance music and other entertainment, was met with skepticism by some.

Council member Nadine Trujillo said she and others had organized meetings a year ago between Los Globos managers and residents to deal with complaints. Some issues have resolved but others, including noise from the club and a shortage of street parking, have persisted, she said.


  1. Repaint that hellish exterior to something more calm & friendly, hire a permanent security person whose task is to stay outside the club and monitor activity, stop trashing, yelling etc., and put PERMANENT UNBREAKABLE limits on the volume.

    • Barbra you are not alone in wanting the color out side to change i will be working on that and trying harder be a part of the community in the coming weeks we will be reaching out to find solutions to promote harmony and resolve the issues surrounding the club to everyones benefit.
      I am sorry if we have disturbed you in the past .
      feel free to email me your ideas concerns anytime at stevenedelson@aol.com

      • How about you start with keep the noise down as the neighbors have asked you to do for over a year? I just called the police the other night because I could hear the music at 1:3oam.

  2. you probably shouldn’t live within a half mile of sunset ave [or in a major city] if you don’t want noise at all hours of the night… just sayin.

    • Actually, you don’t understand the rules and zoning. ALL nightclubs require special permits and can be subject to special restrictions — unlike many other types of businesses in a commercial zone. That’s because of the very kind of things these neighbors have been complaining about.

      In fact, those special permits are also supposed to limit how many such clubs can be in any particular area — and this area has now become very saturated with them. There is legitimate argument not to allow any more, or not to allow this one (although I’m not taking a particular stand one way or the other on that point, simply explaining the rules).

      So, you actually got it backward. From your logic, you actually should be saying that if you don’t want to be a reasonable neighbor, then don’t go into the nightclub business.

      In fact, your comment not to live within a half mile of a major street is showing you have no idea how Los Angeles is laid out, you have no understanding of the urban plan here. You will be hard pressed to find very many places outside the hills that are not within a half mile of a major commercial street — that is specifically how Los Angeles has been zoned, intentionally! It is residential areas surrounded by major commercial streets everywhere, unlike some other cities that are mostly residential here, and mostly commercial there.

      • Why should there be a limit in one area? Is it better for every neighborhood to have a few local nightclubs, rather than some areas having lots and some areas having none?

    • Such a weak argument….
      So all the people with early morning jobs, kids who need to be up for school, seniors and the sick who aren’t up late – all should clear out of the big cities so the non-stop partying can go unhindered.

      Ever notice all those skyscrapers on our downtown horizon? Those thousands of offices aren’t filled with workers who were cutting the rug and boozing at 3am.

      Any urban dweller should have reasonable expectations of encountering noise, sometimes late. But clearly Los Globos has crossed the line of acceptability.

      I’m a big music fan and have been a nightclub/music venue attendee since I was a teenager. Wanting to have a good time doesn’t mean you have to make others unhappy. That’s what living in a civilization/city entails: coexistence.

      • BTW, my response was directed at Kelsey, not at Mark’s thoughtful retort.

        • Im sorta in the middle but yea you shouldn’t live right next to a night club next to sunset if you want absolute peace and quiet. I live a few blocks away and it was just as noisy before the owner change. Just as big a problem imo is people around here will kick and scream about a lot of s#!t they feel entitled to with absolutely no acknowledgment of the environment that they choose to live in. This guy will not win with the public no matter what he does.

        • My previous comment was for Zaius. As for Mark’s comment, the neighbors existed in relative peace and quiet before Edelson took over the place. Noise from the club was never and issue and neither were parking and trash, not to mention vomiting, urination and public sex. There are neighbors who have been here for 20+ years who are very dismayed by the changes in the neighborhood brought about by the current ownership. It is the ownership that is new to this neighborhood along with all of the new problems. It’s not as if the neighbors moved in after he took over a little over a year ago. It is actually the opposite that is true – most of the neighbors were living here already before Edelson took over the club. He has proven himself to be a terrible neighbor, so he needs to go.

          • That’s a laugh the old Glos Globos was NEVER quiet not to mention it was way more violent with multiple stabbings and violent confrontations. I actually saw a couple fights. In a way this is what i’m talking about Edelson hears complaints and schedules a neighborhood meeting to address concerns and now he has to go before we can even see the outcome the meeting give me a beak. Oh and ive lived her longer than 20 years

          • Edelson has never scheduled a meeting with the neighbors. Silverlake Neighborhood Council has their own meetings about Los Globos, and almost every member of the council acknowledges that there are more problems under Edelson’s ownership. I COULD NEVER HEAR THE MUSIC FROM THE OLD LOS GLOBOS. PERIOD.

    • Kelsey is clearly an expert on “Sunset Ave”.

  3. I live a half block from Sunset, and my street is incredibly quiet, clean, and I can always find parking directly in front of my house. We have more problems with wildlife than with people.

    • You’re out of the line of fire. Good for you! The immediate neighbors are not so fortunate. Sunset is a very, very long street. The part of Sunset where Los Globos is has a parking problem, noise problem, trash problem, and other problems as evidenced by all of the other comments to this piece and all of the other articles about the club.

  4. Los Globos has been a part of the Silver Lake community, since the late 1950’s as the American Legion Hall (technically a nightclub in terms of zoning), in the past 20+ years, Los Globos was far more problematic in the past as is today. There were a number of shooting and stabbings under the past ownership. I can only speak for myself as someone who lives very close to the club, I much prefer todays hipster cliental over being woken up by gunshots multiple times a year.

    • Keep up with the times , seriously , and get your facts straight .

      Under the NEW ownership on or about June 23rd of THIS YEAR 2012,
      a patron of Los Globos was stabbed @ approximately 420 am following an altercation on the dance floor.

      There was also a shooting on Early Saturday September 2nd of 2011, months
      after Edelson took over.

      The current ownership is irresponsible. Plain and simple.

      • Just because the place has been a fixture of the community doesn’t mean it has carte blanche to disrespect its neighbors and disregard government agencies who advocate on behalf of the neighbors. I live very close to the club and was never awoken by gunshots before the club was taken over the current ownership. Apparently, you do not live in my neighborhood.

  5. Wow is he touching his heart to show how much he cares?

  6. Shut the Mother down.

  7. Dear neighbors, I actually live on Westerly above Diablo. As an artist I respect everyone’s freedom to express their art form. It is a shame to see citizens be so antagonistic towards our creative community. As some of you may know we are surrounded by all sorts of creative types. Writers, Directors, Producers, Actors, Musicians, and Painters. Therefore we need to support a venue that is providing support to our local artist community. I’ve seen great shows at Los Globos, unlike other venues in LA, they provide not only EDM shows but also some kick ass latin nights. The bottom line is our neighborhood is growing. It is a new hotspot flourishing with Diablo, Thirsty Crow, Silverlake Lounge, and new restaurants.
    This is Silverlake. Which has been mentioned by FORBES magazine as the hippest neighborhood in America. We are the trendsetters of fashion, music and the arts.
    Let’s support Los Globos and all the business owners in the Sunset / Silverlake / Vendome area.

  8. I’m not sure if we are talking about the same Los Globos. I’ve lived up the street on Fanita and Vendome for several years and while the neighborhood was already changing I have noticed many more positive changes since Los Globos was adopted by the new owners.
    For starters the audiences they attract are more pleasant and not alarming to the neighbors. While parking has been an issue this isn’t because of the businesses on Sunset, but more because we the residents don’t have driveways and park in the streets, hence the ever growing cycling cultures.

    Silverlake is a community mostly made up of artists, musicians and happy openminded families and this has always made me proud to live here. If this is true, why do people have a problem with Los Globos bringing national talent into our community while supporting and providing a place for local musicians and artists to share their creativity?

    • By “alarming”, do you mean Latino? As someone who is suffering from the noise and rowdy patrons of the current Los Globos, I can most definitely say that I could never hear the former clientele yelling, urinating, vomiting and have sex in the streets or blasting their music in front of residences. But then you’re a few blocks away…

      I so much prefer the old Los Globos.

      • I guess you also enjoyed the gang and drug problem the old los globos brought to your part of the neighborhood.

        • I never witnessed gang or drug problems with the old Los Globos, in addition to never having noise problems or trash problems. Are you saying the people partying until 6am at the current Los Globos are drug-free? Laughable.

        • I had to re post this , because obviously you don’t read .

          Keep up with the times , seriously , and get your facts straight .

          Under the NEW ownership on or about June 23rd of THIS YEAR 2012,
          a patron of Los Globos was stabbed @ approximately 420 am following an altercation on the dance floor.

          There was also a shooting on Early Saturday September 2nd of 2011, months
          after Edelson took over.

          The current ownership is irresponsible. Plain and simple.

          • Kip
            the person who was shot was robbed by a gang member outside Los Globos on vendome
            not only do we have security and cameras but after meeting with the silverlake council we hired the Echo park patrol company to patrol the streets as well.
            Truly we wish to be a part of the community in the coming weeks we will be reaching out to find solutions to promote harmony and resolve the issues surrounding the club to everyones benefit.
            I am sorry if we have disturbed you in the past .
            feel free to email me your ideas concerns anytime at stevenedelson@aol.com

          • I haven’t seen this patrol.

            Meanwhile, what are you doing about your noise problem?

          • …and the response to the stabbing on the dance floor ???????????

      • Forgot to mention the old Los Globos had to have Armed security guards due to the poor taste of client that hosted. However the new Los Globos no longer has armed security. And I believe the graffiti, and over all crime in that area has decreased over the last year.

        • Again, I never had a problem with the old clientele. They didn’t yell, piss, vomit and have sex in the street like the new patrons do. So if they were supposed gangbangers, I’d take them any day. Graffiti is back in full force as of late actually. And don’t forget the stabbing in June of this year.

  9. Robert, Edgar and George all sound like trolls. Long posts, standard names and all in favor of Los Globos. Work for Edelson much guys?

    “I have $50 million ready to defend myself for whatever the city throws at me,” he told L.A. Magazine.” – Definitely sounds like a guy that cares deeply about the community and what affect he’s having on the neighborhood.

  10. Business owners like Globos are subject to land use control to avoid being a nuisance to those who are adjacent. The same rules apply to churches, private schools, museums, and other land uses that can bring noise, trash, parking and similar woes to nearby residents. Eric Garcetti should demonstrate some spine (instead of being the usual sickening sellout to wealthy interests) and impose meaningful restrictions on this business. Government failure to address the problems will inevitably lead to those impacted resorting to “self-help.” While I abhor such actions because they can lead to tragic results that end up on the front page of the newspaper, it is inevitable that people in the community have a breaking point in their tolerance for misconduct in the form of irresponsible business operations. Reasonable limits on noise and other negative community impacts, enforced by responsible City officials, will avoid some unfortunate confrontation that is going to happen if the problem is allowed to fester.

    • Sandy truly we are operating with in the rules but we are trying to come up with some compromise that could resolve the problems and promote harmony if you have any ideas please email or leave them here
      Happy holidays and i am sorry if we have offended you in the past

      • This is yet another blatant lie. Los Globos violates noise ordinances just about every night they’re open. Quit giving lip service and just get some soundproofing!!!

  11. I have worked with Edelman in the past. I do not like the guy, and think he only has his interest in mind, He does not care about the neighborhood at all. He is a slash and burn business owner who will squeeze every last dollar out of a place before moving on.

    All that said, the Los Globos issues are not new. Parking has always been bad. In the past the place was a center of violence, drug dealing and other crime elements. Things are better. More improvement will demand vigilance from ownership. His responsibilities can not end at his front door. Good night club owners know this. Security needs to work the block, clean up trash, encourage customers to keep down the volume when leaving the area.

    • Like you suggest, JJ, Spaceland (now the Satellite) took a more proactive stance to scale down noise after neighbors complained. From what I understand, I think the problems have been greatly reduced.

    • …All that said, the Los Globos issues are not new. Parking has always been bad. In the past the place was a center of violence, drug dealing and other crime elements. Things are better. …

      Game, Set, match.

      • No, things are not better. Quite the opposite. Apparently, you don’t live in the neighborhood. Perhaps you live in Ojai. Parking is WAAAAAAAAAY worse now. There’s plenty of crime now. Stabbing is a crime. Public urination is a crime. Public drunkeness is a crime. Public sex is a crime. Vandalism is a crime. Trespassing is a crime. Having music too loud so that neighbors can’t sleep is a crime. Etc, etc, etc…

      • Here we go AGAIN :: READ !

        Under the NEW ownership on or about June 23rd of THIS YEAR 2012,
        a patron of Los Globos was stabbed @ approximately 420 am following an altercation on the dance floor.

        There was also a shooting on Early Saturday September 2nd of 2011, months
        after Edelson took over.

        The current ownership is irresponsible. Plain and simple.
        Better NOW ?
        CHECKMATE !

        • You keep referring to two isolated incidents within 18 months. I’ve lived across from the club for 7 years and the lack of violence due to the change of management and patronage has decreased drastically. I am neither for nor against Los Globos but your logic is incredibly flawed considering some months I could count gun fire coming from that corner 2 – 3 times a week! A WEEK!

        • Read what? Your post? Glos Globos was way more violent before and this based on eyewitness testimony.

        • kip the shooting was one of our customers being robbed on vendome and since that time we have hired the Echo park patrol to drive the street while we are open.we at los globos need your support and want very much to be the kind of place you will be proud to say you live by so if you have any ideas or comments email me back at stevenedelson@aol.com or leave them here
          have a happy holiday and thanks for your input

          • Funny. I’ve never seen this patrol, and I live on Vendome.

            Los Globos is the opposite of a place I’m proud to say I live by. The worst neighbors ever. You act as if you have been getting complaints about noise, parking, etc. for the past 14 months. Why are you now giving lip service about working with your neighbors? Could it be because your permits are now on the line? Back your words up with action.

  12. I wish the neighborhood residence good luck with this. It really seems like those with money can just come in and disrespect an entire community and get away with it. I used to live near Los Globos and I recall seeing security out front – this was years ago. Does the new owner even have security in place? I have since moved south of the 101. There is a club/rental venue called that the holding company on robinson and beverly that has the entire neighborhood under siege. Garcetti’s office has done virtually nothing with promises of help, and police have done nothing, with the advice to call garcetti’s office…who the heck is making money in all this? I’m impressed that the silverlake neighborhood council is able to at least make a stand against the bullies of the community. I’m frustrated and exhausted and depressed from attempting the same here in my less fashionable neighborhood.

    As for the argument that loud music and trash and public urination is somehow tied to being artistic and/or hip…many artists work at their art. They need time and space and peace to do so, along with their neighbors.

  13. Garcetti doesn’t care about anything but more unfettered development or those that can make contributions to his political campaign. He believes in HIGH DENSITY development, ask him about it. He doesn’t care if you live near a business that is violating community plans or laws, he cares about tax dollars and contributions. Wake up. He is the worst.

    • You have it absolutely right. Just look at his list of campaign contributors — and it will be clear. The vast majority of them are developers and landlords! He doesn’t give a rats ass about the community, only about the big developers who want to overrun the community. He is their shill, completely bought and paid for. And his actions have always been to their favor.

      Oh, he makes promises (actually, lies) to you, but quietly behind the scenes he makes sure those developers and landlords get what they want. He lies to you, telling you there is nothing he can do — but he is lying about that. He is NOT on your side, never has been.

      He was a carpetbagger coming into this community from elsewhere just in order to run for a Council seat that was about to become vacant. And all he has done since getting into office is use it to promote his fake image in preparing to run for mayor. And be careful, as he will use the mayor’s office to promote his image to run for governor!

      Garcetti is nothing but a fraud. He is not at all what he makes himself out to be, just wants to pull the wool over your eyes to make you think he is.

  14. It seems like common sense to me that if you truly value abundant parking as well as peace and quiet… you might want to find an apartment that isn’t so close to such a major street in city like Los Angeles. You may also want to not live near a nightclub. (I realize it has changed owners, but this place has been a nightclub for MANY years- this is not a new development). It’s not fair to blame Los Globos for what these neighbors lack in self awareness.

    • Your logic is ill-considered. See my post above — I already addressed it. Los Angeles is specifically designed so all residential neighborhoods outside the hills are close to main streets! What location is this you are talking about that is not near a main street?

      And, under the laws and rules of this city, the onus is put on the nightclub owner to be a good neighbor. You argue he has no responsibility at all! That means it is not the neighbors here who fail to understand, it is you.

      As I said, if a nightclub owner doesn’t want to be that good neighbor, then he is in the wrong business in this city. He should go into a business where being a lousy neighbor won’t affect him. In the nightclub business, he is subject to much heavier regulation because of the recognition of the great burdens and problems that such establishments can generate.

      • I don’t think EchoParkResident’s logic is ill considered at all. No matter how good a neighbor a nightclub is (and not arguing they can’t improve) but there’s a little thing called personal responsibility. No matter what Glos Globos or any nightclub does there will probably be incidents by drunken idiots. If your really sensitive to this behavior, lack of parking etc. then yes you shouldn’t live by a major street with several bars close by.

        • Mark, that is a horrible argument. So who’s supposed to occupy the residential area around the club? Only deaf people who don’t drive?

          • No your supposed to recognize the type of environment you thrive in and then make living accommodations accordingly. Living a block from three bars clearly isn’t for you.

          • And bar owners are supposed to respect their neighbors. Period. Only Los Globos is a problem in terms of noise and obnoxious patrons yelling in the streets, not the other bars. I was thriving before the current owner, so the current owner needs to be shut down.

          • Well I’m thriving much better with the new owner definitely feel safer walking by there at night so he stays. Doesnt make sense the world doesnt revolve around you.

          • It’s not just me. I don’t have the hearing of a dog. It’s a problem for my neighbors too. Good for you that you’re far enough away, but it’s really rude to criticize me for wanting to sleep.

          • Im not criticizing you for wanting to sleep sound I’m criticizing you for all the unsupported stuff you say to make your point.

  15. We at Los Globos very much appreciate your comments and feedback
    Since I bought the club it has been overwhelmingly embraced by many in the Area so much so that the traffic noise and parking Have become a problem, in the coming weeks we will be reaching out to find solutions to promote harmony and resolve the issues surrounding the club to everyones benefit.
    I am sorry if we have disturbed you in the past .
    feel free to email me your ideas concerns anytime at stevenedelson@aol.com
    and for the record the eastsider misquoted the LA magazine article
    Los globos has never been cited for anything and el cid was only cited 1 time in the 15 years i owned it

    • Please don’t believe what this man is saying for a second. He’s been receiving complaints about the noise since he owned the place, and he’s blatantly disregarding all requests to be respectful of neighbors. These requests have come from neighbors, Garcetti’s office, Building and Safety, and others. He is even suing the city and named Ryan Carpio, a Garcetti staffer, for harrassment, when all the city agencies have been doing is advocating on behalf of the neighbors (i.e. their JOB). He had a law firm send threatening letters to people who have spoken against the club. This man is a bully and a liar.

      • kaylin,have you received one of these so called threatening letters? I have recently moved into th area and notice that the club remains, along with the drug/prostitute motels located within blocks of said venue. did you do any complaining about these places?

    • Your lack of punctuation and improper use of capitalization say a lot about the type of business man you are.

  16. It’s not like this is a new nightclub that just popped up out of the blue so I am not really sure what all the new fuss is about. I live in the area and have walked by Los Globos many times and never saw or heard anything that I have not heard walking by a busy restaurant. It’s obvious the people complaining are blowing things way out of proportion to serve their agenda. I think the problem can easily be solved if the councle would get their heads out of their asses and work with the owner instead of power tripping.

    • It’s not a new nightclub, but I never had a problem with the club until the new ownership. My agenda is this: I WANT TO HAVE A PLACE TO REST MY HEAD WITHOUT THUMPING BASS KEEPING ME UP UNTIL 2AM OR 6AM SEVERAL NIGHTS A WEEK.

      The council has been trying to work with the owner for many, many months now. It’s actually the owner that needs to get his head out of his ass and realize that he needs to work with his neighbors and government agencies (for real and not with words) to keep doing business in the community.

  17. Steve don’t take half the things the people on the forums say to heart. They are only bored humans with nothing better then to pitch a bitch on a forum. I can almost bet the people who complained on this site and the other one, don’t even live near Los Globos.

    I have been in this neighborhood 18 years. I have friend’s on both police forces Northeast, and Rampart. I can factually tell you that the crime is lower in the neighborhood around Los Globos. Do you have any factual information? I doubt it.

    • Actually, I live on Vendome. You don’t. If you did, then you would be bothered by the noise, parking, trash, etc. If you were unable to go to sleep until 2am or 6am on a weeknight because of thumping bass that can be heard from your bedroom, you would take it seriously. You can’t be taken seriously if you don’t live right near the club.

      Why is your statement any more “factual” than anyone else’s?

      • I wasn’t going to comment, but Kaylin’s rabid posts have inspired me to. I live on Vendome a block away and haven’t had a problem with the noise. My bedroom window faces the club and it hasn’t been a problem for me. Parking is very tight though, it would help if they could open up the lot next to the club. The interactions I’ve had with various clubgoers on the street have been positive.

        • I’m less than a block away and could hear the bass tonight. It’s even waken me up at 430am and 5am and I’m not a light sleeper. I don’t even face the street. The people who face the street definitely complain that they can’t sleep. I wouldn’t complain if it wasn’t a problem. And I wouldn’t complain if the staff and owner didn’t ignore my calls and complaints about noise.

  18. i like los globos, but if edelson has $50 million why can’t he sound proof the hell out of that place to address the noise complaints?

    • I have been suggesting soundproofing to them for year now. The simple fact is that they just didn’t care at all about what the neighbors said until their permits were on the line.

  19. Kaylin is a NYMBY she is the type of nightmare neighbor who will never be happy.

    Saying he didn’t schedule a meeting… OK he showed up at a public community meeting specifically designated for addressing community issues. Whats the diff? He made an attempt to connect with the community didn’t he

    I mean cmon the meeting just happened and he hasn’t even been given a chance to make any improvements before he gets attacked. He just told you he’s hiring extra security and your only response is you haven’t seen it (and he’s a liar.) Are you standing outside all night?

    bringing up a bunch of anecdotal stuff like theres more Graffiti? Where the evidence that A theres more graffiti and B its because of Los Globos I walk be that area every day and I don’t see more graffiti? Also who gives a crap if he’s suing the city do you think the city is some altruistic entity or really have any facts or details about the case whatsoever.

    Then on top of all that he gives he personally responds on a blog and gives out his email. I’m not saying the guys a saint but taking these first steps deserves a chance to see some improvement.

    • Clearly Mark does not live near the club. I had NO PROBLEM with the club under the previous ownership. ALL I WANT is to be able to sleep without thumping bass in my bedroom. If Edelson and his staff were respectful and turned down the music, I WOULD be happy. I have complained to the club for over a year now and they’ve ignored me. So why should I or anyone else believe what he says? He’s had over a year to deal with these complaints, and only now when his permits are on the line is he paying attention. Puh. Leez.

      I don’t have to give all the facts and statistics in the comments to an article about a SLNC meeting. I’m not a journalist and I’m not pretending to be.

      Lots of people care that he’s suing the city. He wasting taxpayer dollars because the city has to defend itself and its employees for simply doing their jobs by trying to get the club to comply with laws.

      There is a big difference between him reaching out to the community to address grievances (which he hasn’t), and a Neighborhood Council meeting to decide whether it will oppose Los Globos’ permit renewal. Edelson went to plead his case by lying and faking. You clearly aren’t understanding what’s going on with the Silverlake Neighborhood Council.

      • If hes wasting tax payer dollars the judge will throw it out. That’s what a judge is for isnt it? You have no facts in this yet you still insist that he is wrong. With judgments like that why should anyone take your complaints seriously.

        As far a reaching out to the community the the council was elected by the people AND the community is invited to the meeting. So whats the problem? The community has a forum to address the issue. The council members are ELECTED community members who are more savvy to the problems facing
        the community than you. Yet somehow you think that they are prone to his “lying” and “faking” while only you know the truth. Give me a break.

        FYI I live three blocks away so any crime or graffiti does affect me and believe it or not we have our own problems with noise, parking and related nuisances created by a few local businesses.

        • WRONG. It still takes up lots of taxpayer dollars to defend even frivolous lawsuits.

          Who is more knowledgeable about the problems facing me and my neighbors than me and neighbors? That’s why the Council asks for community input. All of the members of the SLNC recognize that Los Globos is a problem. They just differ about how to deal with those problems. They have decided to get community input from people like to to inform their decisions. They aren’t all-knowing just because they’re elected. What a ridiculous assertion.

          That’s great for you that you don’t have to deal with Los Globos’ noise, crime parking problems, etc., but I DO. What’s your point?

    • It seems like this guy has had LOTS of opportunities to make improvements, and hasn’t. I don’t understand the hostility that some commenters here have towards the club’s neighbors’ pretty reasonable concerns.

      • My point is you have no idea if this suits frivolous PLUS theres something called a frivolous lawsuit act. Wherein if a person tries to harass another through a nonsense lawsuit they are liable for the costs so it cost the city nothing. Of course that’s not the case here. The bottom line is you have absolutely no evidence that his lawsuit is frivolous and are just trying to use it as ammunition.

        Plus what are you talking about I live three blocks away and the so called increase in crime and lack of parking, graffiti would totally affect me. But those accusations are pretty baseless

        Your right Lisa the Glos Globos should make good faith efforts to get along with their neighbors. I’m just pointing out that he is on the surface anyway starting the process. And instead of any credit all Kaylin is doing is making wild baseless assertions such as there is more crime than before (no eveidence) Hes filed a frivilous lawsuit against the city ( no evidence) There is more graffiti ( no evidence) I get shes pissed by the noise and probably some inconsiderate behavior and rightly so but no matter what this guy does wont be enough for people like this.

        • I do absolutely know that the lawsuit is frivolous. I have been in touch with Garcetti’s office and various government agencies to get Los Globos to abide by the law. How do you know that it’s not frivolous? What evidence do you give that it’s valid?

          You don’t hear the music every night from three blocks away. What is there to argue about that point? The trash, parking, and other problems would obviously be less of a problem for you.

          No wild, baseless assertions here. I received emails last week from a community email blast that graffiti has been a problem in the past month or so. Plus, I saw it myself. The neighborhood is just doing a good job of painting it out within a day or two. I’m not on trial, and you’re not my judge and jury. I’m just a neighbor who wants to sleep in peace.

          • Ohhh so the person who the lawsuit is against told you its frivolous Imagine that. I don’t know that its not friv0lous that’s why I didn’t comment on it either way and am letting the court decide as should you.

            There is nothing to argue with the noise complaint accept he took the first steps and all you did in return was heep a bunch of other baseless accusations to make your point.

            Big deal you received an email saying there is more graffiti. Where’s the proof that it is because of Glos Globos or that an email is proof of anything for that matter. I’m just pointing out that it seems like you’ll pretty much say anything true or not to make your point. Your not on trial and neither is Glos Globos. I don’t think hes a saint but the guys taken steps.

          • No one told me it’s frivolous. I formed my own opinion based on what I know about the situation from talking to various agencies.

            He has not taken steps that I’ve seen. He given lots of lip service, but I can still hear the music just about every night. Again, I saw the graffiti myself. I brought it up because someone claimed there is less crime and graffiti, which is absolutely wrong.

          • yea you just said you talked to “various government agencies” and you believed what they told you. You could talk to anyone and could believe anything that’s why we have impartial courts to decide not disgruntled neighbors. Exactly who did you speak to and what did they say? You spend a ton of time accusing and yet haven’t said one specific or verifiable thing.

            Again you saw some graffiti big deal. give us one shred of evidence this is linked to Glos Globos or that there is even more grafitti than in the past. I don’t see any more graffiti and neither did the other poster.” He’s bully and a liar” Give us one specific example. Stop exaggerating and put up some proof for once.

          • Besides talking to government agencies, I have complained to the club more times than I can count and they’ve ignored me for over a year. Should I cut and paste my phone bills for a year?

          • No you can just provide some actual facts that supports your accusations that hes a fraud, liar, bully who is filling frivolous law suits. Maybe tell us all these agencies and exactly who said what so we have any idea what your talking about.

  20. I wish the people in my neighborhood in Highland Park would get half as upset about the late night noise. Call the cops here and no one comes… I truly hope there is a resolution/compromise to your situation. I am an avid lover of live music, but also an avid lover of sleep.

  21. My biggest concern about Los Globos is the layout, especially the staircase which is used to access the different levels and outdoor smoking area. It seems that if there were a fire, or any other situation, panic could result in many deaths because of the poor layout and design.

    Cities need nightclubs, they really do, and they have to be located somewhere. Los Globos needs to renovate to make their place safer and more sound proof, and hire additional outside security to get people to their cars quickly and not linger in the neighborhood. The place is often packed, the owner has referred to his cash reserves, so let’s do it.

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