A staple of Silver Lake

Photo by Sandy Driscoll

Many of the wooden utility poles that line the sidewalks of Silver Lake’s Sunset Junction seem to be reinforced with layers of concert fliers and staples, as this photo by Sandy Driscoll reveals. “I was standing on the corner of Sunset Blvd. and Sanborn Ave.  (in front of Intelligentsia Coffee) today, when I noticed this wooden pole which had been home to many messages,” said Driscoll.  “All that is left is a scrap of paper and hundreds of rusty staples and tacks.”   Perhaps this was the work of the Silver Lake Pole Patrol.


  1. I see one of mine from 1992!!

  2. Sonica – how do you remember which one was yours? 😛

  3. what about that insanely looking unsafe pole on the same corner(Sunset and Sanborn in front of Stella bar) that is chopped off in the middle and being held up by a bolt and a much smaller pole. Crazy how unsafe that looks and in a pedestrian area no less. Way to go Garcetti and Villaretardo. Losers!

  4. People complain about trash on the streets , graffiti etc,,,, but PLEASE PLEASE ,
    remember to take down your Yard Sale sign from 3 weeks or years ago , old band fliers and your lost pets flyers (so we dont call after they have already been found) .
    This is just as much blight . Everyone needs to pitch in.

  5. Whenever I see a stapled pole like this, I always imagine having some ACME–sized electromagnet I could turn on and —whirrr—PFNK! (sound of my electromagnet turning on and activating), satisfyingly removing all the staples with one go. Don’t know why, but it seems like it would be fun…

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