New Silver Lake principal will be closely watched by parents and property owners

Lynda Rescia/Photo from Ivanhoe Elementary website

Lynda Rescia/Photo from Ivanhoe Elementary website

A new principal has taken charge of Ivanhoe Elementary, the high-achieving Silver Lake school whose lofty test scores are the pride of the neighborhood and a selling point for real estate agents.  The appointment of Lynda Rescia, who was formerly the school’s academic supervisor,  as the new principal was announced after Thanksgiving, said Alison Shore, President, Friends of Ivanhoe.   “She was one of many applicants for the job, went through a standard (and fairly rigorous!) LAUSD interviewing process, and was chosen by the interviewing team and ultimately the LAUSD superintendent John Deasy,” Shore said in an email.

Rescia, like her predecessor, Jumie Sugahara, who is now principal of Glassell Park Elementary, will be under pressure to maintain and raise the school’s already impressive showing on the state’s Academic Performance Index. Last year, Ivanhoe’s API score stood at 950 out of a possible 1,000.

Ivanhoe’s high API score and a reputation for academic excellence and a high level of parent involvement have also made the school a selling point for nearby property. In fact, a home’s location within the Ivanhoe Elementary School Attendance Area is frequently touted in real estate listings and, according to one agent, can add $100,000 a home’s value.

Rescia, who has worked for the LAUSD for about 20 years,  has not revealed any details about what changes – if any – she has in store for the school.  She has not responded to a request from The Eastsider for comment.  However, on the school’s home page,  Rescia, has pledged to keep parents informed “regarding developments” and asked for their trust. Said Rescia:

You make Ivanhoe the type of school that makes getting up every day and coming to work an act of joy. There are times in our lives when what we are experiencing just feels right. For me, this is one of those times.


  1. Silver Lake Queen

    There was no better choice for the school than Linda Rescia. I doubt anyone is worried.

  2. Why did the previous principal leave?

  3. Curious as to why Sugahara left. Is it standard for LAUSD to rotate or did she want to go?

  4. LAUSD can transfer principals at any time.

  5. King also has a new principal this year.

  6. Well, this is interesting. I don’t have kids, but Ms. Rescia had better not mess with that score. I plan on selling my house next year, so I’m watching very closely.

  7. Martin, You and anyone else with an interest in the school can always donate to The Friends of Ivanhoe and help that score stay as high as it’s been.

    • Ah yes, because studies have shown that more money equals better test scores…

      Remember how the lottery was going to “save our schools”? Now we have prop 30 to raise taxes again just to avoid cuts.

      How about trimming some fat from the bloated unions before passing the hat around again.

      • more money equals access to things that we took for granted as a kid: custodians, librarians, art classes, PE, books that are still in passable condition. instructors are not to blame for our states budget woes: teachers get paid terribly, it’s not like they’re getting fat off our hard earned cash.

        my kids school has a custodian for a few hours a week, which means the parents have to pick up the slack (as well as all of the dog poop that inconsiderate people leave on the strip of grass out front). donating money to your kids school is a great idea.

        • Wow michael! You really drank the teacher union cool-aid! You really think teachers “get paid terribly”? Take another look. 45K+ to start, tenure after only two years (making it impossible to get fired) 70-90% pensions upon retirement and health care plans that would make many envious…
          Teachers in CA are among the highest paid in the country producing among the lowest test scores.
          What you are saying we “took for granted” is defined incorrectly. Those things you list are things the system cannot afford because salary/benefit costs for union members has risen so sharply. I’m sick of hearing the more money argument. It’s the same argument with the same failing results. What you should be asking for is reform! Not more money again! Insane!

          • The union Kool-Aid! That’s HILARIOUS! Teachers have it wonderful because they start at 45K?!!! Can you live comfortably in California, and plan to raise a family on that kind of salary? I know when I started at about 42K I couldn’t even afford to pay my student loan for many years (yes I have a Post Baccalaureate AND a Masters degree in my subject area!)
            Furthermore, I have been a teacher at a high performing gifted magnet in LAUSD for ten years now…and I have witnessed EXACTLY what Michael is talking about happening-loss of janitors to the point where our school is FILTHY and my students and I are sweeping everyday, loss of PE teachers who created beloved after school sports programs because they cared, and the termination of clerical staff/hands on people who helped our school run efficiently for all-teachers, parents and students.
            Quit blaming teachers for society’s woes! A good education is not measured in test scores! Teachers can’t erase the tragedies that neglect, lack of parenting and poverty bestow on children! Yet the teachers I know still work tirelessly to do so!
            Can’t help but think you drank the privatization Kool-Aid!

          • thanks for your reply Katherine. I never responded to the last post (didn’t wish to engage). glad you spoke up.

  8. Lynda Rescia is an excellent-excellent educator. Ivanhoe is tremendously lucky to have her.

  9. Rebecca H. Pollack

    Lynda Rescia is the perfect choice for Ivanhoe. She is a dedicated and consummate educator. Her warmth, intelligence and respect for children makes her the perfect match for our exceptional neighborhood school.

  10. Anna Marie Piesimoni

    With 2 kids now in college, I had been an “Ivanhoe parent” for 11 years. I was fortunate to watch and participate in its continued growth in excellence and personally witness Linda Rescia’s enormous contribution to it. She’s an outstanding educator, a devoted, tireless community worker and a personable, intelligent communicator–so important for parents. My kids will be thrilled to hear this news!

  11. Hey Eastsider! You should do more research and less stirring of the pot! If you did, you would know of Ms. Recias’s outstanding record of achievement at Ivanhoe Elementary School. Stop trying to be controversial and negative and go ahead and welcome an amazing, dedicated educator to the top spot at Ivanhoe. The school and community are really lucky to have her!

  12. I’m more interested in what this will mean for Glassel Park Elementary. Hopefully Jumie Sugahara can spread some of the Ivanhoe magic to that school in a district that is still affordable.

  13. Mrs. Rescia was my 1st grade teacher. She is a truly sweet lady.

  14. “watched closely by property owners” – disgusting. hope you’re kidding.

  15. Principal Rescia is beholden to no one except the students of her school.

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