News & Notes From Atwater, Boyle Heights & Silver Lake

mufflerdogMuffler Dog, Atwater Village | Photo by Luis Lopez/Flickr

  • Atwater emerges victorious over Silver Lake as Neighborhood of the Year.  Curbed L.A.
  • Councilman and Silver Lake resident Eric Garcetti touts his Mexican-Jewish-Italian (did we miss anything?) heritage as he runs for mayor. L.A. Times
  • Police seeking Boyle Heights clothing store thief. LAPD


  1. Seems I am not the only one who thinks things here are being ruined. Seems Silver Lake’s 15 minutes of fame is ending.

    I FULLY agree with what they wrote — and have said it for some time. I even happen to have taken note of how it is going in Atwater and seems much better for the time being.

    For one thing, what I always loved here in silver Lake was the tremendous mix of everything, from ethic groups, to financial and social status, to lifestyles, and anything else you might think of. But no more. The gays are being pushed out, low income pushed out, older people are being pushed out, and everything is becoming a homogenous glut of mindless and shallow trendy. Even all the various shops are being pushed out by more and more and more and more cafes and restaurants and alcohol establishments, like gastro pubs. Endless restaurants — nobody else can afford the rents like high priced cafes can.

    The shallow minded — which is now rife here — have no idea that trendy is not bohemian!

    Hey, when you have to depend on FORBES to tell you you are the hippest, you should know something is very wrong!

  2. Garcetti is a damned liar when he says he’s half Mexican. He is NOT. At most, 25%, but even that much is doubtful.

    What he is 100% is a liar and a fake. And what he is showing here is nothing less than racist politics.

    Whatever you do, don’t vote for him on the basis of his actions and policies, do so on the basis of race. By no means do we want to talk about his support for every last drastic overdevelopment that comes along, or his complete sellout to the landlord lobby, or of his constant and continual efforts to roust the homeless who have no place to go, or find a way to throw the homeless in jail, or even how quick and smoothly he will transition to horrific character assassination against even little neighborhood people. Definitely let’s not talk about the major disconnect about the things he says he is fighting for and what he does behind the scenes to assure the opposite, completely lying to his constituents and pulling the wool over our eyes.

    Visionary? He is NO visionary. All he is is a shallow minded fake who jumps on every new fad that comes along. Fads are not vision. Marketing a fake personality is not honest nor what we need — all it is is exploiting the electorate for his own personal climbing to the top rather than for the benefit of the voters.

  3. I hope Eric Garcetti will not win. He has been (and continues to be ) a huge disappointment. He always talks about neighborhoods empowering themselves (which was a bunch of hooey.) We don’t need the same old crap.

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