Silver Lake resident sentenced to 77 years in prison for pizza deliveryman killing

Jose Beltran

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge today sentenced Jose Beltran to 77 years to life in prison  for the 2011 killing of a pizza deliveryman on the streets of  Silver Lake, reports CBS2.  A jury last year found  Beltran, a Silver Lake resident, guilty of second degree murder in the  fatal shooting of pizza deliveryman and restaurant worker Juan David Vasquez Loma  on Silver Lake Boulevard in what police described as an apparent case of road rage.

Vasquez Loma,  who worked as a busboy and waiter at El Chavo restaurant in addition to holding a second job at nearby Garage Pizza, died a week after the August 2011 shooting.  The Mexico City native was dropping off co-workers when he fired upon while driving on Silver Lake Boulevard.

The deadly incident began when Loma, 25-year-old Mexican immigrant,  passed Beltran’s as his car had come to a stop Micheltorena and Effie streets in Silver Lake.  Police last year said they believed that maneuver angered Beltran,  who pursued Loma’s truck down the hill to Silver Lake Boulevard, where the driver of the car pulled up alongside Loma’s truck and opened fire.


  1. Credibility

    Detective Carillo testified that police had not released information detailing caliber of weapon used by suspect prior to date of recorded conversation of Beltran mentioning caliber to female who visited him in custody.

    Online news source The Patch has article dated August 19, 2011 reporting on press conference to release composite sketch of suspect in Silver Lake Blvd. shooting. The Patch reports weapon used was .32 caliber semi according to police.

    Beltran was taken into custody on August 19. If the jail visit recording was made after August 19, 2011 then Detective Carillo’s claim is contradicted by The Patch news report.

    Until this discrepancy is cleared up, any testimony from Det. Carillo must be discounted due to his defective credibility.

    Rampart Station gang unit Officer Breegle testified Beltran was stopped on vehicle code violation and arrested for weapon possession in car.

    We haven’t seen any evidence that Beltran was cited on the vehicle code violation.

    Composite sketch of suspect was released to public on Aug.19, 2011.
    Beltran was stopped and arrested on Aug. 19, 2011.
    The stop occurred one block from Beltran’s home.
    What is the likelyhood Officer Breegle was waiting for Beltran to drive in order to stop him on a pretext?
    You decide.

    What is likelyhood that LAPD gang unit officers were assigned to traffic enforcement detail?
    Very low.

    What is likelyhood that LAPD patrol officer’s not on traffic enforcement detail will stop a vehicle to cite driver for routine moving violation?
    Very low.

    Likelyhood that Officer Breegle’s credibilty is suspect?
    Very high.

  2. Why has so much effort gone into protecting the passenger in suspect’s vehicle from prosecution?

    Is she related to a political or business V.I.P.?

    Maybe. But not likely.

    So why are the police bending over to insulate her?

    The best answer is they are protecting her in order to protect themselves.

  3. The police gave themselves away in their statements made on TV reports the day of the shooting.

    If they have no initial hard clues or suspect, then why would the detectives offer us a theory of “road rage” as the motive in this crime?

    There is no requirement in their profession nor is there any public pressure or protocol to offer any theory on motive under the circumstances detectives encountered at the crime scene on Silver Lake Blvd. on Aug.7, 2011.

    This indicates that Northeast Station detectives had already been requested to propose the “Road Rage” theory before they arrived at the crime scene or shortly after arriving.

    That leads to likelyhood that identity of the passenger and her involvement in the shooting was known by her LAPD protectors almost immedeately.

    This entails a very close preexisting channel of communication between the female passenger and her LAPD protector(s).

    Possibly a channel of communication completely incidental to their role with LAPD.

    Or a channel linked to their LAPD role. Female passenger already in relationship as C.I. with LAPD.

    Under LAPD regulations, all C.I.’s must be operated under a control package.
    If no control package or an incomplete control package, then officer(s) are in violation of department regulations.

    but that is small potatoes of the exposure which her LAPD handlers carry.

    The urgency which belies their actions is they share criminal liability in this murder.

  4. An Assassination in Silver Lake

    That was the title given to the feature article on this crime which was written by Matt Heller and published in the L.A. Weekly

    Heller’s article restates the “road rage” motive ascribed to the shooting suspect.

    However, the definition of “assassination” implies a premeditation.

    If we draw a line with the term “premeditated” on one end and the term “completely spontaneous and not predictable” on the other end – where on that line should we place the shooting of Vasquez-Loma.

    Under the traffic conditions and all other external conditions present at 5:00am August 7, 2011 on Silver Lake Blvd. – the term “road rage” is a euphemism or substitute for “completely spontaneous and not predictable.”

    There is a suspect and a female passenger waiting at a STOP sign at 5:00am on a Sunday morning in a residential area. The streets are deserted. Everyone is in their homes asleep. Inside the vehicle is a loaded gun.

    where is the loaded gun kept inside the vehicle?

    If the narrative is correct about suspect driving after the victim through the winding streets and then driving alongside and firing, the gun was most likely already in his lap or on the center console – if only the shooter touched the gun.

    the official sequence of events probably does not even afford the suspect the delay time necessary for him to extract the gun from the glove box or from underneath his seat.

    So that means there exists a strong probability that the female passenger assisted in retrieving and passing the gun to the driver during the pursuit. The female passenger may have even had possession of the gun up until right before the shooting.

    In addition to the possibility that she furnished the weapon in the immedeate moment, she may have also issued the directive to shoot. An independent third party eyewitness has claimed he saw the passenger bend over and tuck, thus clearing an area above her for the driver to stretch out his arm and fire the gun.

  5. Luckily for Beltran he committed this crime in Liberal California where Judges are known for being a lot more lenient when it comes to sentencing. If this had been the more hard line States of Florida or Texas, it might well have been the Death penalty instead!!

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