Silver Lake resident sentenced to 77 years in prison

Jose Beltran

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge today sentenced Jose Beltran to 77 years to life in prison  for the 2011 killing of a pizza deliveryman on the streets of  Silver Lake, reports CBS2.  A jury last year found  Beltran, a Silver Lake resident, guilty of second degree murder in the  fatal shooting of pizza deliveryman and restaurant worker Juan David Vasquez Loma  on Silver Lake Boulevard in what police described as an apparent case of road rage.

Vasquez Loma,  who worked as a busboy and waiter at El Chavo restaurant in addition to holding a second job at nearby Garage Pizza, died a week after the August 2011 shooting.  The Mexico City native was dropping off co-workers when he fired upon while driving on Silver Lake Boulevard.

The deadly incident began when Loma, 25-year-old Mexican immigrant,  passed Beltran’s as his car had come to a stop Micheltorena and Effie streets in Silver Lake.  Police last year said they believed that maneuver angered Beltran,  who pursued Loma’s truck down the hill to Silver Lake Boulevard, where the driver of the car pulled up alongside Loma’s truck and opened fire.


  1. Life in prison is too good for this guy!
    My condolences to the victims family so sad, We really need to put an end once and for all to these gangsters once and for all!

  2. LOSER !
    What an a-hole……….what a tragedy , and for what ?
    It makes me so angry.

  3. I hope he hates it every day in there

  4. too bad they can’t switch places.

  5. *sigh* I hope he gets anger management therapy while in prison. Maybe then he can be released before he’s dead.

  6. Yea unfortunately he won’t get harmed in prison. Unless he is a snitch, or child sex guy. Chances are his family will struggle to put some money on his books, he will work out with southsiders everyday, because that’s the program that they adopt to in prison. California should still uphold the death penalty.

  7. LongTime SilverLaker

    Welcome to Hell, Beltran.
    I agree with “erg” – what an a-hole!

  8. Juan David was a great kid…a wonderful guy. There is no justice for what happened to him…but this is a good start.

  9. Hey Eastsider, why not put up a nice picture of Juan David so he can be remembered.
    We don’t need to see a pic of this Beltran POS.

  10. Who convinced defendant Beltran to dump his Public Defender and hire a private attorney to replace her?

    That was crazy. Beltran threw away a gold nugget and his entire life to buy a worthless private lawyer who bills $350 whenever when he’s texting on the toilet.

    This crime didn’t start when the victim pulled up at Effie/Micheltorena. It started with the plan that sent the shooter to wait at the stop sign for the victim to drive up and pass him.

    Did the detective pull all the computerized text/call records from the cell site serving garage pizza?

    Why bother if you can have Rampart gang’s homegirl wear a wire while visiting defendant in custody and read a script.

    Who cares that Rampart gang’s unregistered C.I. recanted her I.D. of defendant at arraignment?

    Who cares if Rampart gang officer completely changed the story about where they pulled over defendant’s vehicle?

    Who cares if Rampart gang found a clean(no prints) gun under the driver’s seat and pinned him with a story?

    Who cares if detective Carrillo told the newspapers that defendant was a wannabe banger with LaMiradaLocos then later Rampart gang pegged him as a Familias Los Craziest tagger?

    Who cares that detective carrillo testified at evidentiary hearing that police never released details on caliber of suspect weapon, yet google search pulls up very first local tv news from morning of shooting with two items only – Northeast Detectives report one man shot on Silver Lake Blvd. weapon used 9mm.

    Who cares if Rampart gang officers operate underage female C.I.’s completely outside of department required control package.

    What’s important is that this case is closed and Rampart gang officers and LaMirada shotcaller AJ Cool come out sqeaky Kleen.

    What’s important is Nortrheast Station detective carrillo solves the case, puts the bad guy away for 97 years and redeems his reputation from the dumpster after failed assignment as original lead investigator in high-profile dodger stadium assault case launching media debut of giovanni ramirez as wrong perp in CharlieBeck tearjerker live on camera.

    Carrillo deserves a proclamation, a gold wristwatch and his pension – bon voyage to anywhere he can’t serve an order of filet mignon to a jury that’s really stale flounder marinated in Brylcream.

    • James of Silverlake

      It’s unfortunate you did not sit through the trial of Jose Beltran as we did. You are completely incorrect in your views. There was “No CI”, the young lady who was in the vehicle at the time of the shooting laid out exactly what had occurred on the morning Beltran shot into the other vehicle. the two men who were also in the vehicle identified Beltran. What 9mm are you talking about that was not the caliber of weapon. If you had been in court you would know the true caliber. It saddens me as a writer, that people as yourself would make such harsh comments without knowing the facts.

      • I did not sit through the trial. Since you sat through the trial, please fill me in on some crucial items.

        What exactly was the young lady doing as the passenger riding along with the suspect and a loaded gun at 4:30 A.M.?

        Is this the same young lady who testified in January 2012 that she lied to Detective Carrillo when she named Jose Beltran as the gunman?

        Is this same young lady who testified in January 2012 that the gunman who shot David Vasquez-Loma was really Roger May and who testified that she was not really a passenger in the shooter’s vehicle but was riding in another vehicle?

        Was this prior testimony provided to the jury at Beltran’s trial and how was the prosecutor able to differentiate fact from fiction for the jury?

        During the trial, how was it explained that the police from the start were claiming that the female passenger riding with the shooter was not a suspect?

        Police and prosecutors routinely accuse and prosecute everyone riding in a vehicle with a homicide suspect as accessories to murder. How was it that in the shooting of Vasquez-Loma, although the police had little or no information or explanation for the crime at the start – one thing they knew for certain was that the female passenger would not be accused of any crime and no attempt was made to create or release a composite sketch of her?

        Beltran was identified at trial as the shooter by a passenger in Vasquez-Loma’s vehicle. The passenger would have had to look past Vasquez-Loma and out of the truck, then seen inside the other vehicle and past the passenger in order to see the other driver/suspect/ shooter. This was while the vehicles were moving and before daylight. Hardly the conditions for getting a good look at the suspect, but the witness felt certain that the man he remembered seeing for a moment before daylight in a moving vehicle was Beltran.

        This witness is the same person whose recollection was the basis for the creating the police composite sketch.

        Was the police composite sketch provided to the jury?

        How was the prosecution at trial able to explain why the composite sketch of the suspect using the witness information looked so different from Jose Beltran who the same witness identified in court as the shooter?

      • I brought up the initial news report from the day of the shooting because i read that the prosecutor was including as evidence the suspect’s knowledge of the caliber of weapon used to shoot Vasquez-Loma.

        I had read that Detective Carrillo had orchestrated a secret tape recording of a female discussing the crime with Beltran while visiting him in custody in the County Jail.

        I had read that the secret recording contained Beltran making specific reference to the caliber of weapon which only the shooter could know because police had never disclosed that information.

        I referenced the initial news report neither to prove or disprove the caliber, but to show that the topic of caliber had been made a public matter from the start.

        Since you sat through the trial, did the prosecutor introduce as evidence the secret recording of Beltran talking about the caliber of the gun which shot Vasquez-Loma?

        Was any mention made at trial of Detective Carrillo’s claim that police had never publicly revealed the caliber of weapon used in the shooting?

        That is an important matter, because Detective Carrillo’s claim was false:

        Echo Park – Silver Lake Patch

        New Details on Silver Lake Road Rage Suspect

        Police released new details and a sketch of the suspect wanted in the shooting of Juan David Vasquez Loma.
        By Cassandra Morris Email the author August 19, 2011

        Police released a composite sketch of the suspect wanted in the shooting of 20-year-old Juan David Vasquez Loma Friday and revealed more details about the incident.

        Loma was shot in the head shortly after 5 a.m. on Aug. 7 while driving on Silver Lake Boulevard near Scott Place. He was declared brain dead and taken off life support on Aug. 14.

        The suspect is a Hispanic male in his mid-20s with dark hair and dark eyes. Police say the weapon used was a .32 caliber semi-automatic handgun.

  11. Defendant Beltran is no angel. He may truly be a killer who is best kept behind bars.

    But he is also a victim. He got robbed. His original public defender was a smart and hungry tiger. Its a big letdown she wasn’t around to pounce on the prosecution card house and start ripping the shreds off.

    Somehow the defendant got snookered. They took away his tiger and gave him a peacock.

    His new attorney must have studied Marc Geragos on how to snivel and comport to the court as his client’s lifetime gets boxed-up and handed down like kung-pao chicken in a doggie bag.

  12. What is the result of charging this murder as a pared down prosecution of a sole suspect labeled as a “road rage” killing?

    The D.A. gets a win and a dangerous dude is sentenced and taken off the streets.

    It all appears neat and tidy, but there is a big mess swept under the carpet which can result in serious problems.

    The passenger with the shooter should have been charged. If she was truly innocent, the system would have eventually cleared her.

    now she is on the lam because the police and the prosecutor do not have the power alone to grant her lifetime immunity from prosecution. There is no statute on murder, so she is stuck in perpetual uncertainty.

    In addition, any and all others who may have had a role in a plot to murder, or a plot which simply went awry and resulted in unplanned murder, they all now live at risk.

    they are at risk from each other, from any one who could still be charged attempting to silence any other who may have knowledge. a perpetual mess.

    How is streamlined case constructed for prosecution?

    make a sincere effort not to find evidence which contradicts or complicates the open/shut investigation.

    have lady luck deliver your suspect into custody on a fluke right before the city council votes reward offer for information. the reward money can mess up a streamlined investigation – the tips have to get logged in to the reward list. then its much harder for the detective desk to lose any good tips which lead away from the predetermined route.

    make sure not to speak with any 3rd party eyewitness. Stick with the passenger in the shooter’s vehicle and the passengers in victims vehicle – remember, keep it simple stupid.

    a case of road rage in the middle of the night with only 2 cars on the road.

    shooter takes one shot right in front of and across his passenger – bulls-eye!

    3rd party eyewitness screws that up because he saw the passenger duck down and driver shot over her – bang bang bang!

  13. Jose Beltran has been found guilty by the jury and sentenced by the judge. This case is officially closed.
    Crime solved. Suspect caught and convicted.
    Next……but Wait a moment. Do you have a moment to look at what has really happened here? Should you even care?
    Because you did this. We did this.

  14. The police and the prosecutor and the judge derive their authority from you.
    Under our democratic system of government – we have selected them to exercise the authority which belongs to us. We provide them with generous pay and benefits for doing their job — their job which is actually our job.
    If they have cheated in the performance of their job, then the product of their performance is not acceptable.
    Which means that our performance is unacceptable.

  15. I can’t imagine Los Angeles District Attorney Prosecutor Amy Ashjian deriving any professional satisfaction from the conviction she has won of defendant Jose Beltran.

    The District Attorney has standards to uphold and an oath to follow. The citizens and the media need to allow them the breathing room to maintain those principles.

    The District Attorney refused to file charges on Giovanni Ramirez even though pressure from the public and LAPD brass was strong.

    The evidence package submitted by Detective Carrillo and his team did not come up to standards in that case.

    What happened with Jose Beltran?

    Was the gun that Rampart gang officers found under the driver’s seat of Beltran’s car the same gun found in the laundry hamper during the parole check on Giovanni Ramirez at his aunt’s apartment?

    The police should receive no credit for the results of poor and improper practices. The citizens are deluding themselves when they ignore the process in favor of applauding the wished for results.

    The chickens eventually find a roosting place and the foundations of the system eventually rot away.

    Let’s hope that our new District Attorney Jacqueline Lacey gives her full and unqualified support to Prosecutor Ashjian to do what is right now that Jose Beltran has been found guilty and sentenced.

    To the fullest extent permitted by her oath to the court, Ms. Ashjian needs to cooperate with and assist Jose Beltran and his future attorney in preparing an appeal of his conviction based on the gross failure and incompetence of his attorney at trial.

    • You clearly have what seems to be an insider’s knowledge of the proceedings against Jose Beltran, and it’s clear that you feel he was railroaded, or at the very least, that he didn’t receive a proper/fair trial. Have you voiced your concerns to anyone who has actual power to make a difference in the case? Have you spoken out or filed any formal complaints? Your comments make for interesting reading, but I don’t know how effective they are, aside from venting.

    • James of Silverlake

      Well you obvioulsy didn’t do any research for if you had, you would know the truth. The jury made up with members of the community heard the evidence, and clearly know based on those facts that Beltran is GUILTY as charged.

    • Jose Beltran was framed. Whether he is actually innocent or whether he is actually guilty, I don’t know – but it is glaringly obvious that he was framed. He was framed in the most egregious, shameless and despicable manner.

      I am not privy to the insider angle on this case – i am simply paying attention and I don’t like eating horsemeat in my hamburger.

      The residents of Silver Lake secretly love horsemeat. The residents of Silver Lake comprise the most self-centered, self-absorbed, selfish, and pretentious band of bloodthirsty rascist sadists in modern history.

      The residents of Silver Lake don’t really care about David Vasquez -Loma. He is just another wetback who waits their table at El Chavo or brings their late night Garage Pizza when they feel hungry and lazy.

      The residents of Silver Lake are so jaded and self-important that this murder allows an opportunity to gossip their congratulatory fake bravery and fake compassion.

      The residents of Silver Lake support gay marriage initiatives, gender neutral candidates, rent cutting edge Netflix movies, support justice and equal rights in Tibet and Dagestan and Myanmar.

      The residents of Silver Lake define their individual orientation of progressive art-y-nes by which color box of American Spirit cigarettes they prefer.

      In practice, they adore hysterical sensationalism and melodramatic, self-righteous demagoguery.

      They have no qualms signing up for an old fashioned witch hunt or scapegoating. They are wary of facts, comfortable with hyperbole.

      They are eager to end the era of democracy and enter a new age of fascism. They espouse civil rights in theory while attending wine tastings, yet deep down inside they lust for a Mississipi Burning

      The residents of Silver Lake sprinkle their conversations with buzz words of social justice while waiting in line to join a lynch mob of nazi low-rider skinheads modeling their latest thrift store gem Peter Lawford outfit.

      The residents of Silver Lake gobble up the pouty fake compassion and recycled line-up manipulation tactics on display with Detective Carrillo.

      The residents of Silver Lake are beyond any concern for accepting personal responsibility for the violations committed in their name and the crimes committed on their behalf.

      The residents of Silver Lake refuse to ask any questions about the most collossal LAPD blunder in a decade. They insist on remaining blind to disturbing signs of scandalous practices.

      What happened with the original investigation of the opening day 2011 Dodger Stadium Bryan Stowe assault?

      The most widely media publicized individual assault case for the City of Los Angeles and the entire nation in 2011.

      The crime took place within the boundaries covered by LAPD’s Northeast Station – which lobbied hard to keep the assignment, even though a case with such high-profile importance usually is sent to the department’s Robbery/Homicide division.

      Chief Charlie Beck lets Northeast Station have the assignment.
      Full size billboards across town feature composite sketches and offer $100.000/$200,000/$250,000 rewards for information.
      With the full support of Chief Beck, the citizens of L.A. and authorized unlimited overtime – Northeast Station unleashes their operation, Lead Investigator — Detective Jose Carrillo.

      LAPD call a news conference in May 2011 where Chief Beck tearfully announces the arrest of a suspect – parolee Giovanni Ramirez. Beck assures the media that the investigation has captured the right guy and will deliver a winning case.

      As we all eventually discovered , the investigation had delivered the wrong guy.

      About two weeks following the arrest of Giovanni Ramirez for the Bryan Stowe assault, the investigation was reassigned to Robbery/Homicide.

      Robbery/Homicide began the investigation over at square one – eventually arresting Marvin Norwood and Louis Sanchez who are now awaiting trial.

      How did this happen? How could Detective Jose Carrillo and his team perform all those weeks of investigative work which resulted in wrong suspect Giovanni Ramirez, yet Robbery/Homicide was given all the same information and tips which resulted in nabbing the right suspects?

      We don’t know!!!!!

      The people and the press in Los Angeles saw no cause for curiosity or concern. The Board of Police Commissioners don’t want to risk upsetting Chief Beck’s fragile emotions – so nothing more is said or done.

      No effort to determine how and why the original investigation went so unbelievably off-track. The investigation had even conducted line-ups which produced some positive witness identifications on Ramirez. The investigation which was ready to exert its power and clamp down the pincers. The investigation locomotive gaining steam and taking Giovanni Ramirez back to slammer for Dodger Stadium.

      Don’t you residents of Silver Lake and Los Angeles understand what it took to slow down and eventually stop that train taking Ramirez to meet his maker?

      The principles of the investigators and their purity of purpose?

      That sounds good if you still believe in the Easter Bunny.

      Giovanni Ramirez had what most people don’t have. He benefited from the effort of a multi-specialized legal team and top-notch independent investigators.

      You don’t see any importance for ordering an investigation of the Detective Jose Carrillo/Dodger Stadium/Giovanni Ramirez investigation.

      I do. It is incredibly important for us to initiate a sincere effort to determine how the original investigation passed over the right suspects and instead delivered the wrong suspect. Its important because its an undeniable sign of some major systemic problems. The kind of problems which can lead to severe miscarriage of justice, punishment of the innocent, freedom for the guilty, payment of taxpayer money on timesheets submitted by crooked detectives, and eventually taxpayer money spent to settle civil suits for multi-million dollar damages.

      You prefer to call it a little boo-boo, all is forgiven, all is forgotten and just keep moving forward.

      Less than three months after Giovanni Ramirez. the Silver Lake Blvd. Garage Pizza delivery Vasquez-Loma suspect is nabbed and fingered by Detective Jose Carrillo.

      How did Carillo’s operation come to focus on Giovanni Ramirez as the Dodger Stadium assault suspect?

      We were told that a parole officer thought one of his parolees resembled the composite sketch – so he contacted the investigators and suggested that his parolee was the man they wanted.

      How did Detective Jose Carrillo come to focus on Jose Beltran as the Silver Lake Garage Pizza shooting suspect?

      We are told that Rampart Gang Unit officers had arrested Beltran after a traffic stop and later noticed a resemblance to the shooter’s composite sketch which had just been released that same day. The Rampart Gang Officers contacted Detective Carrillo and suggested they might be holding the guy he wanted.

      How was Giovanni Ramirez first brought in to custody?

      Police decided to conduct a parole check at his place of residence, his aunt’s apartment in East Hollywood. A gun was found stashed in a laundry hamper. The gun counted as a technical parole violation, even though it was clean(no fingerprints)

      How was Jose Beltran first brought into custody?

      He was pulled over for a traffic violation and officers found a gun stashed under the seat. This counted as a technical violation, even though the gun was clean (no fingerprints).

      But lets not dig any further, because the case is closed. Jose Beltran is a monster, the judge and jury sealed his fate. The residents of Silver Lake have temporarily satiated their lust for blood and revenge.

      Lets all put on our paper hats that say Justice, have a cold PBR, and light up the American Spirit of our choice – red box, yellow box, orange box, green box, black box – whichever best reflects your personal style. Let’s celebrate this conviction and sentence, and celebrate we don’t have to watch Chief Beck getting all mushy again over this one.

  16. without commenting on the case itself, and zero insdie knowledge,

    Im surprised that one can get 77 to life for second degree murder.

    I was under the impression that 2nd degree is murder in the heat of the moment

    Im sure many of us have thought about shooting someone in response to another persons driving skill, Im just sayin…

  17. Gee, T.T.: “Who convinced defendant Beltran to dump his Public Defender and hire a private attorney to replace her? That was crazy. Beltran threw away a gold nugget and his entire life to buy a worthless private lawyer…” I’m guessing that Mr. Beltran made that decision on his own. That he may have not been the sharpest tool in the shed (though, apparently a homicidal dull tool) is consistent with his shooting someone in the presence of eyewitnesses, for no immediately apparent reason.

    If there was admissible evidence as to all the information which you claim was covered up during the case , how is it that neither the PD, nor Beltran’s private defense counsel breathed a word of it? …and these other third party eyewitnesses, how is it the defense never called ’em? or is EVERYONE in on the conspiracy?

  18. To answer your questions: Because Jose Beltran was framed.

    The police and/or prosecutor not sharing investigative materials with the defense is part of the framing package. So is manipulating witness line-ups. And coercion of witnesses.

    Have you any concept the vulnerability of the two passenger witnesses in this case?

    Who is representing them, who is protecting them from a predator detective coming down hard with coercion? Where are they supposed to file complaints when they need the system to follow its own rules? Who will even believe their word versus the detective.

    These two coworkers in the vehicle with the victim – they are young, minimum wage, limited english, probably undocumented. A crooked detective or prosecutor can threaten these two witnesses in serious and severe ways to effectively coerce their testimony to anything.

    The female passenger in the shooters vehicle is even more vulnerable. If she was riding with the real killer, she should have been charged with something – unless she can prove she was being held hostage against her will.

    In this case, all of the accessories to the plot and the shooting of Vasquez-Loma get to skate-away in exchange for following instructions to frame Jose Beltran as the sole guilty party who commits an unplanned, unprovoked murder.

    You ask why Beltran’s attorney didn’t properly advance his defense? I don’t know, but I am suggesting that he blew it badly enough to base a due process appeal.

    This was a pared down streamlined frame-up job. They would rather base their case entirely on evidence which they can control and manipulate.

    Which means the investigation steers wide and clear of anything which is not a slam-dunk plus.

    But it doesn’t prevent you or me from doing our own research. Where should we take any leads or evidence which could be material?

    You don’t care to explore and identify the forces which brought us Giovanni Ramirez for the Dodger Stadium assault – which tells the police and politicians that you choose to accept and tolerate dysfunctional work, defective work or corrupt work.

    If you won’t lift a finger when faced with the troubling implications behind Giovanni Ramirez – then I can’t identify any other good place except anonymous comments to stick my neck out for doing things the right way.

    The frame-up requires inclusion of evidence which can be controlled and manipulated and exclusion of all other evidence.

    That means violating the guidelines of professional investigative practice.

    A well-constructed, professional case presents evidence which contributes towards guilty verdict. That professional case also shows that investigators pursued all the reasonable alternative suspects and motives and verified they do not apply in the immedeate case.

    Was that done in this case. No! No! No! of course it wasn’t.

    The investigation did not pursue all reasonable alternative suspects and motives. The investigation was predetermined. Take a look at the charade standing naked before your eyes.

    You claim the defendant is an idiot?

    The police and prosecutor are playing you for an idiot. Looks as if they were right.

    What does “road rage” mean?

    “Road rage” is code for “we have been instructed not to conduct a real investigation and we want you to accept this ambiguous meaningless term as substitute for the true motive.”

    Assistant D.A. Ashvanian claims it came out in the trial that Beltran became frustrated and angry when the victims vehicle passed his at the stop sign. Ms. Ashvanian takes us as idiots. Obviously, this jury contained quite a few idiots.

    “Road rage” at 5:00am on a Sunday morning and the streets are empty? “Road rage” when the suspects car isn’t moving and nobody is blocking his way? “Road rage” for driving around the other car not honking, not flashing your lights, not gesturing or speaking anything – not doing anything to disturb or provoke the suspect’s vehicle?

    This isn’t “road rage”.

    This is sitting in your car at 5:00am Sunday morning with a loaded gun in your lap and a hot-bundled trouble-maker lil’ daisy shot-caller handling the phone texts.

    • Jose was no angel I can guarantee you that. I really had high hopes for him. He was a good kid that went down the wrong path. I am sure the death of his father affected him big time. I knew he was going to get in trouble, but I never thought it would come to this. I really do not think he did it. I remember one time we went to buy water at night for his mom, and this boy came up to him with a knife talking some gang stuff (idk much about all that) and he pretty much told him to save it for later because I was there and not involved in all that. A crazy murderer would have not done that.

  19. The two passengers in the truck with Vasquez Loma were paid $50,000 for testifying against defendant Jose Beltran.

    I thought it was illegal to pay a witness for their testimony to identify a suspect at trial.
    Maybe it is illegal, but that didn’t stop the L.A. City Council from blindly accepting and approving the request from LAPD.

    los Angeles City Council File: 11-0010-S41 — “LAPD and the Los Angeles District Attorney believe that the testimony and identification provided by the witnesses were crucial in the arrest and conviction of Jose Beltran. On February 26, 2013 the Board of Police Commissioners approved LAPD’s reccomendation. (to payment of reward offer to the 2 uninjured passengers/victims/witnesses )”

    One way we think of crime reward offers is as an inducement for someone to call in a tip if they recognize a suspect from the composite sketch. In the case of Jose Beltran, the story goes that Rampart Gang Unit officers recognized Beltran from the sketch and called over to detectives working the Vasquez Loma shooting investigation. But the police are excluded from eligibility to collect the reward.

    Obviously thats not sufficient reason to pass up reward money that the City Council is willing to give away no questions asked. The council file contains the payment request forms prepared by Detective Jose Carrillo – the majority of the standard information lines were left blank, no investigation checklist is attached, the space for signature under “reviewed and approved” is left blank. Of course, Chief Beck has initialed the cover sheet, so maybe that’s all that really matters.

    Maybe Vasquez Loma’s passengers are deserving of the reward. I assume it can be difficult for a witness in court to identify a suspect whose appearance is so different than the composite sketch they assisted in producing.

    However, I con’t know if the two passenger/victims have recieved their reward money yet. The City deposits the reward funds in an LAPD Secret Service account and relies on them to disburse it correctly. Maybe the reward money is still lying around Northeast Station or maybe Detective Carrillo hasn’t had time to buy lunch for the two passengers yet.

    Let’s not overlook the crucial role of Officer Breegle and his unnamed colleagues on the Rampart Gang Unit. If not for their keen observation and quick reflexes to make a vehicle stop on Beltran a block from his home and sniff out the fingerprintless gun stashed under his driver’s seat – this crime might still be unsolved.

    I’m still waiting to hear when Rampart Gang Unit are going to issue a Vehicle Code citation to Beltran on the traffic stop and tell us who the gun really belongs to.

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