Storefront Report: Yes, yet another record store opens in Highland Park *

Never enough vinyl. Photo courtesy Dan Cook

Dan Cook is well aware that Highland Park is already home to several vinyl record stores. But that did not scare him away from moving his  Gimme Gimme Records  out of its  New York City location and plunking it into a York Boulevard storefront.  Cook said the proximity of other Highland Park vinyl shops – Mount Analog and Wombleton – is actually good for business.

“I think that having a concentration of record stores in one area is attractive and convenient to customers,” said Cook, who operated his store in New York’s East Village for 18 years.  “Each store has it’s own strengths and interests, and I think that we are pretty complimentary to each other. I saw this happen to my shop in NYC. Someone opened a shop across the street from me, and I was initially worried that it might take away business. But things actually got better.”


Photo courtesy Dan Cook

The 46-year-old former New Yorker had been running his East Village store by remote in recent years after he and his wife moved to Highland Park.

“I was running the NYC store from Highland Park for about two years,” said Cook.  “I would go on Skype and look at the record collections that people brought in to the shop to sell. My guys working at the shop would flip through the piles in front of the camera and then tell me the condition. We priced the records that way too. I was like a disembodied presence over there – customers started to call me ‘Max Headroom.’  It was kinda great, I could see everyone coming and going in their giant winter coats with wool hats and gloves, and I’d be in a t-shirt and shorts.”

But Cook decided to close his East Village store after a sharp rent increase and move his operation to Los Angeles.  After looking at several locations, he settled on a small, vacant free-standing building  in the 4600 block of York Boulevard that once housed a real estate agent and accounting firm.  The West Coast home of Gimme Gimme Records is painted a bright blue and showcases his stock of between 15,000 to 20,000 records ranging from Rock n Roll and Jazz to Hip Hop and Disco. Prices range from $1 to $250, with most of the records selling in the $5-$25 range, Cook said.

Highland Park is certainly not the East Village but there is certainly a lot going on, Cook said.  “It’s also a great mix of all types of people …  less homogenized than some neighborhoods – it kinda reminds me of how  NYC used to be when I first moved there in the early 90’s.”

Cook will be holding a grand opening party for Gimme Gimme Records on Saturday, Jan. 12 at 4 p.m.

* Correction: An earlier version of this story said Mono Records is located in Highland Park. That’s wrong. It’s in Echo Park.


  1. Why do you title the article with “Yes, yet another record store…”? Seems unnecessarily hostile to someone trying to establish a business, and one of a nature that many people appreciate.

  2. Mono records is in Echo Park, not Highland Park….

    Unless there is another Mono I don’t know about?

  3. Could he take those terrible wrought iron bars off the front of the store? Makes it look like record shopping in jail. Not at all welcoming or inviting.

  4. Great shop. Picked up some cool records at decent prices last week. Good luck to ya Gimme Gimme

  5. I stopped by last week briefly and they have a good selection and fair prices. I picked up a Dexter Gordon record from the new arrivals bin for $10 which was right behind a Einsturzende Neubauten LP, my kind of place! Definitely a nice addition to the area and the owner seem like a nice guy too.

  6. Good store. Wrought iron fence has been painted orange today. Looks good.

    If you are driving west down York, at what point are you in Glassell Park?

  7. Somebody is gonna buy that Howard Tate lp and be psyched.

  8. OMG He’s got the Nilsson poster on the wall. why did I ever leave LA.

  9. I agree – having more than one record store in the same vicinity gives me MORE of a reason to go there! This place is great btw – happened to see it while driving by and stopped in. Great selection – found a few records I wanted within 5 minutes.

  10. This is amazing news. I remember visiting Gimme Gimme in NYC, the store was great and the owner was super helpful.

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