Wi-Fi and shorter restroom lines coming to Dodger Stadium this season

Photo by Scott Fajack

The Dodgers today announced a long list of stadium improvements that fans can expect on opening day, including two that will address some long-standing complaints: a lack of Wi-Fi and restrooms. Fans will be able to surf the Internet on their phones, tablets and mobile devices via a  “state-of-the-art Wi-Fi network and cellular antenna system” that is being installed during the off season.  “The ability of fans and media covering games at Dodger Stadium to communicate will improve as a result of the new Wi-Fi and cellular antenna system that is being installed as part of a partnership with Major League Baseball Advanced Media,” said a team press release.

Meanwhile,  on the restroom front, the team will expand and renovate restrooms on the Loge, Reserve and Upper Reserve levels and in the Pavilions area.  The expanded restrooms means “an average increase in fixtures of 62 per cent for women and 32 per cent for men,” said the Dodgers.

If Dodger fans still find themselves stuck in a long restroom line, at least now they can use that stadium Wi-Fi to pass the time.

Click here for more Dodger Stadium restroom improvements, new bullpen overlooks, video screens and retail store.


  1. how about lowering the ridiculous food prices?

  2. Food prices there do suck, BUT they do allow you to bring in pretty much any food you want.

  3. This is fantastic news. Now I’ll be able to download streaming media while I download streaming media.

  4. Wi fi? So why go to a game if your going to be googling stuff! Ridiculous!

    • The wifi and cellular antenna systems are going to be very useful within the stadium. For one, the cellular antenna is going to actually allow people to communicate with the outside world while in the stadium. Reception was horrible during games, I couldn’t send a simple text message sometimes let alone make a phone call. Wi-fi helps baseball geeks who are having baseball related discussions during games and want to look up stats, replays, etc.

  5. Get some good BBQ going. Knockwurst, Bockwurst, Bratwurst, spicy Kielbasa style Hot Dogs with gourmet condiments. Thats some good sports watching food like when your at home with your crew watching a sporting event. Jodi Maronis didn’t quite cut it (The Weiner Factory – Sherman Oaks had a good format). GO DODGERS! Can’t wait to get deep into the post season.

  6. Go Blue! Any plans on making it more accessible to walk/bike and roll to games from Sunset Blvd? It’s pretty clear right now the access to the stadium is set up for cars only – went to a game last summer with a friend in a wheelchair and walked up from my apt in EP – he had to roll in the streets once we turned onto stadium way and up into the stadium.

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