Year ends with Los Feliz homicide

losfelizA 33-year-old Las Vegas man died after being shot Sunday night near Prospect Studios in the Franklin Hills section of Los Feliz. The victim, identified as John S. Lee, was taken to a hospital in critical condition after being found shot in the 4200 block of Russell Avenue at about 9:15 p.m. on Dec. 30 , said Senior Lead Officer Al Polehonki with the Northeast Division. Lee, who was found near his vehicle, died at a hospital one day later on New Year’s Eve. Detectives have not determined a motive for the killing, Polehonki said. Anyone with information about Lee and the shooting are asked to contact Northeast Division homicide detectives at (323) 344-5744.


  1. man, i am sorry to hear about this. seems like an odd place for a shooting. i wonder what the rest of the story is?

  2. Talmadge Resident

    I live in this neighborhood. Would really like for the LAPD to update us on whether or not this was targeted or random. The area is really, really safe usually — mostly families. The homes are million dollar residences. Things like this do not happen here on a regular basis.

    • So what if it is in “million dollar residences” .
      Violence is not acceptable in any neighborhood.
      Peace should not be exclusive to “million dollar residences” .
      Ridiculous .

      • People do a lot of sleazy things to be able to afford “million dollar residences.” Maybe your neighborhood deserves as much violence as the rest of LA’s neighborhoods.

        • Are you guys on here just to argue? He just wants to know if he can feel safe in his neighborhood. Stupid…

          • Since when is a statement asking for peace in all neighborhoods an argument ?

            We all want to feel safe and have the right to be safe anywhere , regardless of economics.
            That is the argument

      • Krusty klown, your lack of diplomatic skeews shows you got no friends. So what if it is the case. Are you a Euro with them quotes?

        • Exactly Klapper. You are criticizing him for wanting to feel safe in his neighborhood. He never said other people shouldn’t. You are on here to incite an argument.

  3. There was an article in the LAist. Police are asking for tips or witnesses to call. Maybe it wasn’t a suicide after all.

  4. RegularJosephine

    It definitely was NOT a suicide (approx. 5 shots fired), the victim is unknown to those asked on the street and it is a safe neighborhood, million dollar homes and apartment dwellers combined. Violence can happen anywhere – random victim or random location. Without any input from the police, my gut says not random victim, random location.

  5. The fact that there has yet to be any update on the details of this murder is really quite pathetic. The area where this man was killed is indeed a nice quiet residential street, however it still is considered LA Mirada gang territory. I guess part of the beauty of Los Angeles is having demographics of wealthy and poor living side by side, but this area in particular is especially interesting because it has some of the most expensive houses in the area, while also being home to one of the oldest and most prominent gangs in the neighborhood. If this was gang related, it should be stated as such, and if not, then Northeast or Rampart should really get on the ball and figure out what happened on that corner and who killed this man. It doesn’t matter if this is a nice area, LMLS has called these hills and surrounding streets home for multiple generations. LAPD knows that, and has some work to do. and if they DO know something, they should let the public know.

    • La mirada gang is a weak gang. Just a bunch of wannabe thugs who wouldn’t last a day in a black gang area. I doubt they were involved.

  6. I live on the street where he was shot and i see the candles and flowers everyday when i walk out. So sad God bless his family and his girlfriend. I met her while she was lighting up candles. This area never has shooting or its really not dangerous. I heard the gun shots and did want to step outside with my bf but we planned not to Thank God i didnt see him in that situation! Anyway be safe everyone and i hope the killer suffers in jail!

  7. I saw this on LAtimes. I wonder if it was a car theft or brake in gone bad but then again 5 shots, sounds like intent rather than a theifs self defense. Looking at the crime map, car break ins and thefts are common in the area.

  8. it’s been two months since this happened, has there been any progress in this investigation? this site is one of only a couple places to actually even cover this homicide, and the radio silence on this front suggests the police are hitting a wall on this one. maybe there could be a followup from those on the case?

  9. How about now? Can we get any details now? Has anyone heard anything?

  10. One year and no follow up stories, not even to say that the murder remains unsolved and there are no leads. So what gives? Can we get even a single terse update?

  11. Is there any update on this murder? I knew this man in elementary school!

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