Car goes up in flames in middle of Silver Lake street

Photo by Silver Lake resident

Firefighters on Wednesday night quickly put out a blaze that charred a vehicle parked in the middle of the 3100 block of Marathon Street in Silver Lake.  “One of the neighbors saw a guy stop the car and run out in the middle of the street,  and then the thing burst into flames,” said the resident who took the photo above.  “It looked like a movie.”  The Eastsider is checking with the LAFD to get more details about the fire, which took place at about 10: 3o p.m. Residents reported that no police ever responded to the scene but an officer at the Rampart Division said this morning there were no reports of criminal activity.


  1. Nothing like a Car-B-Que to bring out the neighbors.

  2. My uncle Carl told me all cars explode after they get old enough, before going to car heaven 🙁

  3. I also called 911. The firemen said the LAPD would be coming because they told them the car was stripped and the driver had fled the scene. As of 6am, the car was still in the middle of the street abandoned! City street workers finally had the car towed at 7am since it was i the way of street repairs. . No LAPD.

  4. Lame that LAPD never showed up after LAFD told them it was a stripped car and that the driver fled the scene. Assuming it was stolen, would have been nice for the police to have come taken a report and informed whoever’s car it was what happened to it. Not to mention getting it towed out of there.

    Crazy that it was just left there in the middle of the street all night until morning. There is construction happening on that stretch of Marathon w/ large city construction trucks staying parked there all night w/ cones (you can see them in the photo) so it is hard to get through that part of Marathon as it is. LAPD fail.

  5. One of the members of the local Neighborhood Watch, Anne, emailed everybody on her mailing list saying that the scene looked like something out of “Kabul” or “Cairo” and attributed the fire – without any substantial backup – to the activity at Los Globos. I understand that there has been reason for alarm with some of the activity happening as a result of After Hours at Los Globos, but sending racist, scare-emails without any real evidence of what’s going on should be another Neighborhood Watch. Many of my neighbors have complained that we receive a barrage of negative, scare emails with a nasty tone about how Silverlake is falling to pieces. It’s angry and misleading.

  6. I wondrr if there is any correlatiomn between the late night gun fire and the car???

  7. Sorry for the delay regarding this reply. I searched officers’ logs for that date and time, and found no one assigned to this incident. That is odd, because I’m certain LAFD would have called regarding these circumstances. I do not have access to all incoming phone calls and public service requests, but our Communications Division does. I will check with their records section to try to get further.

    (213) 484-3400

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