Echo Park gas station turned parking lot has new owner

New gas station owner Jafar Rashid

New gas station owner Jafar Rashid

If you have been parking your car in the abandoned Magic Gas station in Echo Park, get ready to find a new parking space.  The  gas station that has in recent years seen several owners come and go has once again found a new proprietor, Jafar Rashid, who owns four other gas station in Los Angeles.  After a year-long struggle to take control of Magic Gas – aka Echo Fuels – from the previous owner, Rashid said he is now the owner of the property and the station that closed without warning in September and was soon used by residents and shoppers as a community parking lot.  This week, a crew of workers began gutting the interior of the station, which Rashid said he hopes to have reopened by the end of March. Will it still be called Magic Gas?

Rashid said he’s not sure, saying he would like the station to operate under the Chevron brand.  He also said he would like to get involved supporting community groups. “The community is very nice,” he said. “People are very friendly.”

Meanwhile,  until the station reopens, Rashid said motorists can feel free to continue to park on the property. “It doesn’t bother me.”


  1. Not Another Neighbor

    Super awesome.

  2. Sweet! I’ll be happy to have it back, there were a couple of times I almost ran out of gas trying to get over Baxter to the Arco on Glendale (I’m basically glad he’s providing a solution to my poor planning 😉 )

  3. if he’s smart he’ll sell a few overnight parking permits for hours when they’re not open.

  4. Welcome Jafar Rashid! It will be great to have someone who knows how to run a gas station taking care of Magic Gas.

  5. yeah, and please con’t steal credit cards, like your predecessor….

    thank you

  6. Fricken funny as all hell to see all the hipsters take advantage of private property and turn it in to a parking lot !
    Vegan , vegetarian , animal protector, rent gougers , etc…. so on and so forth .
    All for a cause , BUT I can park here whenever the hell I want !

    • Haha! What a hoot! You should get into comedy!

    • I think theres some teenagers hanging out on Glendale Blvd you should be shaking your fist at.

    • Hey you’se kids, get off my lawn! Manhole always pays a premium to park his car wherever he goes, just because it’s the right thingo do.

    • Manhile, did you happen to read the part where the owner said he doesn’t mind people parking there until his business opens?

      Maybe you should switch to decaf.

    • Hipsters and whiteys and vegans, OH MY!!! Hipsters and whiteys and vegans, OH MY!!!….

      • people hate on the hipsters cause they themselves are old and uncool. you sound like your parents (“that music is just noise!)! me thinks thou dost protest too much! let the kids be.

        • Yeah , just take advantage of shit because you can right ?
          Yes , and when the gas station is back in service , and you want to shop at the stores , you are going to have to park and WALK anyway < oh the humanity !

    • Well, it certainly points to the fact that there isn’t enough parking for the businesses and apartments near that intersection, AND, I gotta wonder why in the world does it bother anybody that someone parks their car on an empty lot so they can spend time and money in the neighborhood?

    • Get an education. Seriously, you are clueless and it is hurting your soul.

    • Not Another Neighbor

      what a bizarre thing to get upset about

  7. Ooooh, please don’t lose the Magic!

  8. I used to look forward to opening up my daily eastsider email but lately it appears that the focus of the eastsider has changed. front page stories are now always about a lost dog or a found cat. I have a dog myself and have love for all of god’s creatures but I thought the eastsider was always much more than just that. how can I help? I have the time. i live on the eastside in unincorporated east LA. sign me a concerned reader.

    • This is about Magic Gas. There does seem to be more lost and found pets right now.
      There are plenty of other articles. If something doesn’t interest me I don’t read it.

    • What is your complaint exactly? That these stories are taking up space on the internet, pushing other, more important stories off the internet?

  9. Please keep it “Magic,” Jafar. You don’t need a big corporate brand as long as you treat your customers well.

    • If it were only that simple to run a profitable business. From what I understand, gas stations are a very low-margin business – most gas-station operators make more money from their mini-marts and car washes, similar to a movie house that makes more profit from sodas and popcorn -and the independent gas stations probably don’t get as good a deal on the wholesale price of gas. The owner already purchased a gas station in a residential area that doesn’t get a ton of traffic; I would imagine that he has a solid reason why he’d prefer to get a big-name company behind him.

      • The fact that this gas station is situated in a neighborhood where is little cross-town traffic should be all the more reason to not need a brand name. The clientele will tend to be comprised of repeat customers — the people who live in the neighborhood — and the reputation of the individual station will be much more important than a corporate tag of some oil giant.

        Since the location would make it more of a community gas station — and since so many people in the community love the historic “Magic Gas” name — why change it? I realize that it’s entirely possible for independents and chain stations to get their gas from the same refineries, but personally, if this station becomes a Chevron it’s going to make me want to avoid it, considering all the horrible things the company has done around the world.


        • I have boycotted Unocal 76 for the last 15+ years for similar reasons; they were accused of colluding with the Myanmar government to run a gas pipeline through the country and abused lots of villagers along the path. (I think it was called the Yadana Pipeline.) However, I’m pretty sure that all the biggies operate in the same manner, and the independents feed into the same system and, as you acknowledge, probably purchase from the same refineries. In my mind, buying gas from an independent station isn’t the same thing as frequenting a local coffeehouse that purchases only “fair-trade” beans from Central American cooperatives; I don’t think there’s such a thing as “fair-trade” oil. The whole industry, one might say, has blood on its hands.

        • Magic Gas is NOT a historic name.
          The real historic name is the original Lerners !
          Only the newbies think Magic Gas is historic.

          • you talking 1920? the crazy part is that I googled Lerners in EP (I wanted to hear more), and the only entries I found were the 4 or 5 different threads on the Eastsider where you call people newbies for saying Magic Gas instead of Lerners. that’s crazy my friend, you are going to give yourself an aneurism.

          • Yes Michael, and the folks who grew up here like you did not are supposed to forget all the awesome memories and businesses that our parents owned and or patronized ? You are a fool .
            Do you forget all the wonderful memories where you grew up ?
            Get a grip !

          • Yeah , you have to GOOGLE shit about Echo Park because you didnt grow up here and have no great childhood memories here that you have to google it !
            PATHETIC !

          • point is that many people have lived in the neighborhood for like 20 years and don’t remember Lerners (they remember Magic Gas). You giving them grief about it is exactly the same thing you’re complaining about. you’re taking away someone else’s memory. my point was that you shouldn’t give people a hard time who have different memories than you. you’re making a career out of it.

            FWIW: I have lived in the neighborhood longer than most of the local kids have been alive.

        • My debit card has been hijacked by Chevron several times and I don’t even buy gas there!!! Luckily my bank has investigated has said there are people hacking into accounts that cannot be found. This is why I will never go to a Chevron.

    • Echo Park Devil's Advocate

      If I were him, I’d ditch “Magic” moniker. I wouldn’t want to start a local business using the name associated with credit card thieves. I hope he is successful, and if that means it’s a Chevron, then so be it.

      • Not Another Neighbor

        Man, using google is so pathetic. So are iphones, sneakers, the internet, domestic air travel and EVERYTHING else since 1920.

  10. who do you think that the mom and pop stations get their gas from. i used to watch the Arco truck fill up the pumps at magic gas all the time. i think you need to ride a bike if you want to opt out of this particular form of evil.

  11. I have really missed having a gas station!
    and I love the name Magic Gas, but Mr. Rashid can call it whatever he wants. I’ll be happy when it opens.

  12. If they will not keep Magic Gas they should come up with another cool name that is not chevron.



  15. From a friend: Having lived in EP and environs 25 + years – I remember when it when called ‘Magic Gas” but nicknamed “Murder Gas” after years of shootings and gunfight deaths at a nearby bar – Soku Soku (?). It might’ve been Lerner’s before that, but the name ain’t new.

  16. This man is incredibly nice he helped me one time when i was running out of gas and i left my wallet home. But I heard he sold the gas station.

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