Echo Park’s Chicken Corner blogger finds a new roost*

Chicken Corner May 2011

Writer and Echo Park resident Jenny Burman began sharing her observations and stories about her neighborhood more than five years ago in Chicken Corner, a blog hosted on L.A. Observed. But now after calling Echo Park home since 1995, Burman is headed east to Cincinnati, Ohio, where her husband, author R.J. Smith, is now a Senior Editor at Cincinnati magazine  In one of her first  blog posts, Burman explained what Chicken Corner was named after:

Chicken Corner is the name of a place that does and does not exist, which puts it right in league with a web site that’s all about a neighborhood. Technically, Chicken Corner sits at Echo Park Avenue and Delta Street, across from the Magic Gas gas station and Morton Avenue. For generations, this crossroads has been one of the nerve centers of the neighborhood. It has been a gang hangout, a drug market, an art gallery scene and now a fashion/indie rock scene, as well as a place where a lot of families have lived. Not everyone in the area knows or accepts the name Chicken Corner.

It’s not clear what’s going to happen to Chicken Corner but it remains archived on the L.A. Observed site.

* Update: Burman says she will probably post a few photos before officially saying goodbye.  L.A. Observed


  1. Jenny Burman NOT in Echo Park? Wow, the times they are a changin’. Best of luck to Jenny and her wonderful family!!!

  2. Bon voyage, ex-neighbors — we shared a house, me downstairs, them upstairs on Sargent Pl. a few years back — I was a noisy neighbor.

    I wish them all the very best.

  3. “Chicken Corner” is named after my wife paid a local artist to paint a mural of a chicken on the corner.

  4. Things won’t be the same without Jenny and her keen observations of EP!
    We will miss you Jenny.

  5. Did her chickens make the move with her? Used to enjoy the stories about them. Best wishes in your new locale…if you start a blog there, don’t forget to let us know via LAObserved…Or The Eastsider…

  6. Awwww! I will miss CHicken Corner!

  7. good luck jenny!

  8. I used to occupy a shop on that block and thought it was named that because artist Aaron Donovan, who was part owner of art space Delirium Tremens (occupied space near the market) was asked to paint the Chicken mural on the corner. I suppose it may have already been nicknamed that.
    Aaron gave me all the huge rough draft paintings of his Mural ideas. Many massive beautiful chicken paintings, and when I moved away from Echo Park I went to the Chango owners and figured they might like to have them…since its their cafe’s corner. They never even put them up for an art show or anything. Considering some of the shows that were hosted there, Aaron’s work would’ve been a highlight.

  9. Chicken Corner was Chicken Corner long before Chango opened up and someone painted a tribute mural to the Chickens that lived on the vacant lot next to the retirement home and the now demolished Delta Bungalow…….

    I remember the goat that used to bray as he looked over his pens fencing……when we would have fundraiser yard sales on the lot for the Animal Alliance……The Chicken came first in this case, not the mural!


  10. “It has been a gang hangout, a drug market, an art gallery scene and now a fashion/indie rock scene”

    Fashion/indie rock scene?
    the whole block closes by 5PM.

  11. @cp007, Chango destroyed the mural that was painted by Aaron Donovan (they put a window where the mural was). http://www.echoparknow.com/2010/05/07/flashback-fridays-chicken-corner/

  12. I am a long time Echo Park resident. I have lived here in the same house for 116 years, but I keep that close to my vest. My longevity is due to drinking my own urine at least three times per week as per a seminar I took at Grace Simons Lodge, ne’ Comrades’ Corner back in 1947.

    Anyway, the Chicken Corner was named such by Jim Morrison in 1968. He refers to the corner in his song, “Love Street” about a “place where the creatures meet”…the song was written as an ode to his lover of the time, a famous rock and roll lady whose name I can’t reveal. She worked and lived near Delta Street. You newbies get the history so mixed up so often.

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