Found: Siamese-like cat turns up in Echo Park backyard*

SiameseSubmitted by Susan

This beautiful kitten/cat showed up in my backyard.  She has a yellow collar with small white pearls on it, but no tag.  She’s very sweet.  All of the feral male cats have been following her around, so I think she may not be fixed.  I’m going to take her to my vet on Sat to see if she has a micro chip.  Does anyone recognize this cat?

She’s received her first vaccinations and will be getting spayed March 5th.  They checked to see if she had a microChip, and she didn’t.  I already have two cats (that were feral but have since become friendly).

* Update: “I have found someone to adopt the cat so she will be going to a good home. “


  1. Why do people put collars on their pets but WITHOUT tags? Isn’t the tag the whole point?

  2. Thank you for getting her spayed! If more cats were spayed, we’d see fewer posts on this forum. That would be idea.

  3. You didn’t wait very long before giving up someone’s pet to another person! That is RUDE. Accidents happen. Who knows whether or not someone is looking for their kitty that you gave away!

    • If someone lost a pet they love dearly, they’d be posting lost pet notifications and scouring local blogs/lost pet sites from the start. I’ve been there. If the owner hasn’t come across a found posting for their cat yet, it doesn’t seem like they’re looking very hard. I’m glad that this cat has found a good home.

      • EC, how do you know the owners hadn’t been posting around and looking on sites? How do you know they didn’t post up signs in their neighborhood and go door to door? I think it’s irresponsible to assume the owners of lost pets aren’t doing their best to look for their animal. Maybe the cat wandered out of its usual area and was far out of the owner’s search radius?

        It sounds like the “finder” of this poor kitty didn’t look around herself to see if someone was missing a similar cat.

    • I think this “finder” worked to find the owner, and then was incredibly responsible about having the cat spayed and finding her a good home. Come on, after a week the owner would be posting signs and looking.

  4. To Horrible and Still not cool. I did look around to see if someone posted a sign on the poles in my neighborhood and I also visited pet stores to see if anyone posted a sign there. The cat had been hanging out at my house for over a week, and from the state of it’s looks it seemed to have been gone from it’s home for a while. She was ver y thin and dirty. It’s not nice to assume that a person who pays for a spay and vaccinations of a cat that’s not even hers, isn’t trying hard enough. Also, my friend who took the cat, knew that if the owner emailed me, that I would get the cat back for the original owner. I’m not a malicious or irresponsible person regarding other people’s lost pets.

    I don’t appreciate being called rude by someone who doesn’t even know me or assume that I didn’t look around. It’s rude to attack someone personally on a website.

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