Goodbye beige, hello purple

If you are a fan of purple and green, then you will love the colors being spread across a pair of beige-colored Echo Park apartments buildings today (Ooops. Forgot to mention a bit of orange under the eaves).  One of the painters said they might also be adding some yellow as well.  Better get out the sunglasses after this paint job is done.

Update: And now for the reveal. Looking more blue than purple but still quite an eye-catcher.

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  1. Noooooooooooooo! WTF?

  2. I dunno, I kinda like it…

  3. I like it, too. Eastside periwinkle!

  4. if you live in the building, it’ll be easy to tell your friends how to find you…

    “take a right and i’m in the building that looks like barney. you cant miss it”

  5. better than the boring tan that previously afflicted it

  6. is The Joker the new owner??

  7. Maybe we could transplant it right into the center of Pershing Square, as it would fit right in with the “80’s Easter Basket” look!

  8. If they paint the rocks, its WAR!

  9. Anything better than that clearance sale beige color! Purple/blue are not really my aesthetics but these images may change my mind…..

  10. Waterloo St. just north of Montana, west side of the street?

  11. Add yellow and you’ll have a Mardi Gras themed decor…bring your own beads.
    I don’t have to live across the street from it, but I like it.

  12. This should make the property values soar…

  13. There has got to be something more noteworthy going on around the Eastside than this post…

    • wow salvi, you took the time to type that instead of just moving on and finding many posts on here that could satiate whatever your particular noteworthy itch happens to be.

  14. Please give an updated photo when it’s completed, Eastsider. Can’t wait!

  15. I think it’s fabulous and totally suits the neighborhood. More please.

  16. The Joker’s investing in income property.

  17. Did anyone else read “Mr. Pine’s Purple House” as a kid? I begged my mom to paint our house purple (by the looks of things, I’m lucky she said no)

  18. why is it impossible for apartment owners to paint all 4 sides of a building? it’s a crazy Echo Park phenomenon: paint the front, leave the sides and back alone. check out the church across the street from this building, or the blue and orange striped place up echo park.

  19. Looks like crap. Bright colors may “work” south of the border in some hot pueblo in an arid area, or in a tropical domain where there are sudden rainstorms. But in an urban setting? Looks like a really cheap liquor store to me. Thre coulda been something way better than the beige that is still exciting, yet no jarring on the eyes. Take a idae into Pasadena’s better areas, take pictures of what’s really cool there and makes simple buildings like this look good, come back to Echo Park, and just do it.
    And I would guess some slovenly-beard stroking type-with granny glasses and an affected style akin to an assistant prof of philosphy 101 will defend this “beautiful work” as being “authentic, organic, sincere…with a nod towards the Modrian elements found in mid century architecture..a breakthrough in rehab through color sensitivity and excitement.”


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