Storefront Report: Former Silver Lake vegan restaurant looking for a new tenant


Photo from LoopNet.com

What happened to Cru? The small vegan Silver Lake restaurant overlooking Polka Dot plaza closed abruptly last fall, with its furniture and equipment still packed into the storefront. As former Cru patrons remain in the dark about the closure, the Griffith Park Boulevard space has been put up for lease. The LoopNet.com listing for the  750-square-feet of restaurant plays up the neighborhood’s hipster credentials:

Anyone who wants to rent in the hottest, hippest neighborhood in the country, here’s your chance!

How much will it cost to be part of the hottest, hippest neighborhood in the country? $3,000 a month.


  1. This is why chain businesses dominate so many neighborhoods. Who else can afford these ridiculous rents !

    • that’s really not high rent for high traffic restaurant space. There are places in silverlake over 7/ft with no parking as well.

  2. I hope to see a business that knows how to take advantage of the plaza space. The ideal tenant would be a cafe with many more tables and chairs for the plaza that also activates the space at night, hosting jazz shows and creating a fun, outdoor dancing scene.

    • No! That plaza space is NOT supposed to be a free gift of city land to the restaurants. Its supposed to be a park for use by everyone.

      And I am highly offended that the other restaurant there, Morning, Night, etc., has commandeered the tables that were supposed to be all around the plaza for anyone to sit in and moved them all to immediately in front of their door, which gets occupied by their customers, leaving the rest of the street there just a vacant concrete wasteland. This have been hijacked as free space and free tables for the restaurant, and for course, paid for and maintained by the city.

      Its not the polka dot plaza, its the polka dot wasteland.

      • Henry you dont know what you are talking about;
        The city originally offered up the Green Chairs/Tables/Umbrellas to split three ways between Mornings Nights, Cru and United Bakery on condition that they maintain them. But Cru declined the offer, so Mornings Nights ended up having to maitain two thirds of the Chair/Table/Umbrella sets. Cru even made sure that their patrons know that they had nothing to do with the Table sets by not serving food to people sitting in them. That is why two thirds of the tables are in front of Mornings Nights, one third is in front of United Bakery and none were never in front if Cru.
        Mabey you should have kindly ask the owners of their respective businesses before assuming and opening your big mouth?

  3. Crazy rent. You really have to have a popular chi-chi restaurant to afford that. Or yes, a chain.

  4. It’s a really small restaurant, the kitchen takes up probably half the 750 sq. feet. Could be difficult to make that rent. Too bad it’s gone, it had excellent food!

  5. FrameMonsterMike

    wow. i barely opened my frameshop on the other side of the river. looks like a great place for one in the future. taking notes.

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