Teenager killed in Highland Park shooting

Police are searching for two suspects in the  fatal shooting of a 16-year-old male in Highland Park Saturday night in what homicide detectives believe is a gang-related killing.  The 16-year-old was pronounced dead at the scene after being shot multiple times in the 100 block of  North Avenue 51 near Figueroa Street, said Sgt. Robert Alaniz with the Northeast Division.  Gang unit officers who were in the area heard gun shots at about 8:45 p.m. and found the victim in front of 119 N. Avenue 51.  Two suspects described as male Latinos fled on the foot and left the scene in a dark-colored, mid-sized vehicle, Alaniz said.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call Northeast homicide detectives at (323) 344-5744.


  1. My daughter knew this boy from school, she said at first she was a little afraid of him, but as she got to know him, she thought he was one of the sweetest boys….”he was always joking around, making us laugh, loving life”….. I cant imagine what his mother must be going through.

  2. Maybe the “hlp” tattoo on his back scared your daughter. Just saying.

    • Is he really in a better place? Do gamgbangers who terrorize the community belong in heaven? He will have I answer to god now. My guess these gamgbangers will end up with lucifer. At least it wasn’t an innocent person was not killed.

  3. This is why that section of figueroa should be avoided.

  4. While Northeast continues to explode with new investments and businesses, and while definite progress has been made to suppress and arrest the worst elements of gang activity in this area, we need continuity in continuing to fight the remaining bits and pieces of gang conduct that periodically rears its ugly head. Just like this case, it is youngsters who don’t know what they are doing.

    When I think of the current Council District 1 campaign, I think Jose Gardea, who has helped numerous communities in Los Angeles to organize to get gang injunctions, is the candidate who can best address the remaining work needed to rid us of these punk gangs. While Gil Cedillo has been a tireless advocate of the Dream Act at the state legislature to legalize, that legislative work does not and cannot translate into the skills needed to effectively address the scourge of gang activities.

    • The police have done as much as they can do to reduce the gang problem. It is now time for the community to step up and do the rest. The message should be: focus on education, do not have children until you can afford them, be self sufficient etc…

      There will never be enough police to eradicate this behavior. People must learn to police themselves by instilling values that move a society forward.

  5. I live two blocks from that stretch. That is the 4th murder in that area since June.
    I’m hearing sirens as I type this.

    Only 16. Probably killed over absolutely nothing. What a waste.

    And it’s a damn shame that bike lane proposals get more attention on this site than a senseless murder.


    • HLP, I just bought a house in that same area (two blocks North of Figueroa on 52). How concerned should I be about this sort of gang activity?

      • Yes, you should be very concerned. Be friendly with everybody and try not to walk around too late.
        If you have kids then that is a different story. It’s going to take economic growth to change the community.

      • If you live north of York, garvanza, occidental college area or waking distance to the york corridor you will be fine. I would be more cautious if you are near fig and monte vista. That area is kinda late to the gentrification party.

        • Thanks everyone for replying. I’m definitely close to the area described, although after looking at the map, not as close as I thought. Would love to hear other’s insight on the neighborhood, still

          • The neighborhood is not as bad as everyone makes it seem. If you’re not into gang banging or any sort of thing like that, then you should be fine. I have lived in Lincoln Heights for about 10 years and I always walk through highland park, el sereno, and other neighborhoods that other people would avoid. Just mind your own business, don’t look at anyone with a menacing face, and avoid the streets after 10:00 p.m unless you’re in a vehicle. I have gang-banging friends, and I myself don’t do that but after all is said and done, they’re like ordinary people who need guidance.

          • Thanks Resident. Definitely helped calm the nerves of a new home buyer.

    • rest in peace kapps aka gonzalo

  6. This is for my son; who is deeply sadden by the loss of his friend but this should be a lesson learned to all you youngmen out there gangs are not they way I hope they get the sobs who did this. My thoughts and prayers GOD BLESS for his family

  7. When I worked at Las Padrinos Juvenile Hall in Downey, I used to be so amazed when I would witness how these kids actually feel like they live in a war zone.Other gang members are their ‘enemies’, and some of them feel next to nothing about killing them. For absolutely NO reason, sometimes as little as a perceived act of ‘disrespect’, or some long-forgotten grudge or need for revenge. Heartbreaking I would think for their families, but then gang culture transcends generations, so maybe its considered an honorable and understandable way for a 16 year old to leave the planet. RIP

  8. he was such a great friend, as said, Before meeting him I was a bit scared to approach someone like him and called them a friend, but i don’t regret it. He was nothing but a down to earth person, making the whole class laugh, being there when someone needed him , no matter what he was . He was such a smart guy , he was just influenced by the wrong people . People only judge others by what they look like , But you don’t know what they have really been through or there story. I live right around the corner where this happened, I walked right by the block & wondered, Damm not again, I wonder what happened now . & coming home to see the news, broke me .
    May he rest in peace . Gone but never forgotten .

  9. This one of his friends and neighbor this so heartbreaking for me and my family. He was a nice young man he didn’t deserve to die like this. But at least he is in a way better place c: R.I.P ♥

  10. I went to school with him i was scared to talk to him but after i met him because of my friends he was a funny always made me laugh and we hang out in the same group sometime that was in my freshman year when i met him i cant believe he is gone.
    R.I.P Kapps!

  11. Obviously gang related, he got what most “gangsters” want, u live by the gun u die by it too. I was standing on that corner in front of my house with my bro that night, got shot multiple times, third gun shooting ive had to witness on this block and for what? wata shame it is we Latinos killing each other for no reason when r parents/ancestors nearly killed each other by bringing us into this land for a prosperous future, and this is how we gotta go..

  12. That was my frend he died in front of me nd another friend sadly we were foig to a party and we didnt make it

  13. i live in the apt right above where he was shot all i know is my children were in the house and these guys opened fire in front of my home my youngest daughter was playing in the living room near my balcony my heart goes out to his family and friends i hope they catch the bastards who would open fire in front of an apartment complex!!!

  14. This was one of my good friends since middle school. He didn’t deserve this my prayers go out to him n his family may he REST IN PEaCe

  15. “He was such a nice guy” tell that to the people he has robbed, or the people that got their car stolen that he was driving. Maybe he should of been home and followed his probation conditions and not be out past 6pm..

    • it’s terrible that this happened. I don’t like gangs (at all), but imagine if you were a little kid in a gang neighborhood. say you start to get bullied. what are you going to do to protect yourself? maybe join a gang? the kid was 16 and most kids at that age aren’t really able to think in terms of the big picture.

      i guess my point is that we shouldn’t be so quick to judge (especially when based on conjecture). not to mention: he’s dead. gone. family and friends torn apart and grieving. a kid who cannot undo his mistakes or grow up and see the light. judging him will not help anything. the whole thing sucks all the way around.

  16. Education is what we need in areas like this. Highland Park, and other countless neighborhoods like it, need parents, families, and friends that pass down good lessons. It’s really sad when kids think the gang life is the only thing they have to look up to. They need positive role models. All of this gentrification, house flipping, and new business $$ is happening blocks away, yet so many who are still from this neighborhood are stuck in that same old vicious cycle.

  17. He’s dead, so keep your ignorant comments to yourself.
    let him rest now. My heart goes out to his parents. RIP GONZALO.

  18. This was my cousin,
    was. My Baby Cousin.
    He was not a bad kid. Sure he made his own mistakes
    but he was in the process of fixing his life for the better.
    i grew up with him now i live by Detroit.
    If i was there this probably wouldn’t happen.
    But, Please Don’t judge my Family. -Erik J Morales.
    Rest in peace. Gonzalo Ernesto Lopez

  19. I can honestly say that I knew this young man very well. He was trying to better his life! I saw him purposely avoid conflicts numerous time because of what his mother meant to him. His mother moved him out of HP in search of a better life for him. he was not perfect by any means but he had a good heart, was a bit goofy and left his impact on all the staff and students at his most recent placement…”Gonza” may you rest in peace Student Athlete Lopez..

  20. I didn’t know him so i aint going to judge, but from my understanding gangsters have to “put in work” for there “hood” and part of that “work” is shooting at the enemy’s, tagging, robbing things like that right? Well this kid was a gangster right?
    Did the people he robbed, shot at, beat up deserve it? Did the peoples walls he vandalize deserve it? I aint saying his death was justified but being a gangster has its consequences even if you are trying to leave that life and better yourself. I don’t know if he was this innocent kid like all the comments are pointing out to be, i aint trying to disrespect him or judge him, just pointing out that gangster life will catch up with you and it did with him….

  21. Rest in peace KAPPSSSSS ! <3

  22. North_east times

    Everyone in the hood knows this spike in violence is because of the full fledge gang war between hlp gang and dogtown gang. A DT gang member was killed right accross the street from this incident about a year ago. Detectives really are clueless what going down in hlp. R.I.P youngster

  23. NorthEastNative

    I don’t know this guy. I wont go far ny saying he deserves it like some of you on here. Let him rest peacefully. A young man lost his life. You’ll never know his families pain. I can tell just by reading on here that some of you are clueless. Just because he was a gang member doesn’t mean he’s out there comminting robberies ,rape and murder. You have to remember that to some of these kids, there really isn’t an option for them, they are surrounded by that. The ppl that were with him weren’t all gang members. They were neighborhood kids all hanging out. One just happened to a be an actual gang member. Not all gang members commit crimes, a few of them actually avoid conflicts and only use violence when necessary, that’s a fact. Ill trust a gang member more than a regular joe out there. A lof of these guys live by codes (not all but most), respect is big to them, you leave them alone theyll leave you alone, especially Latino and Asian gangs. North East LA has always had a huge gang problem dating back to the 70’s. There was a huge Asian gang presence there also back in the 80’s to the 90’s and i remember all them, Latino gangs and Asian gang, either allied with one another or rivaled one another but respect was thing they embraced. They are respectful.

  24. NorthEastNative

    All im saying is dont judge a book by its cover. Gangsters now a days need proper guidance. They need to be steered in the right direction. Back then there was a few cops who actually gave a crap about these bangers, genuine cops who took the time to get to know these gang members from Cypress Park, Aves, Rockwood, Highland Park, MP13, DogTown etc. He came at them with an open mind, not with his gun and thats why a lot of gang members respected guys like Camacho from Crash etc. Cops now are shoot first ask questions later.

  25. He was a good homie in middle school I didn’t knoe he die in till 6 months ago let him RIP an god bless his family those

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