The connection between Northeast L.A. crime and real estate

Photos from Northeast Division (left) and Diana Parkouse/Flickr

In announcing his upcoming departure from the Northeast Division on Monday night, Capt. William Murphy, who is being promoted  to commander,  referred to the  Northeast L.A. housing market as a beneficiary of reduced crime during his watch, according to Patch. The story about Murphy’s departure said:

He noted that he leaves the division at a time when three Northeast Division neighborhoods–Highland Park, Eagle Rock and Glassell Park–are listed among Redfin’s top ten markets. “You don’t get that kind of action in the real estate market unless people feel safe,” he said.

Maybe the LAPD crime maps will start displaying recent home sales as well as burglaries from motor vehicles.


  1. Unfortunately, crime has been spiking up in the last year. Maybe it’s time for another massive gang crackdown.

  2. I’d love to say the LAPD has been responsible for the increase in home values… but given that they can’t even control the tiny little gang in EP.. not likely.

  3. Also, now that I’ve subscribed to the email alers from crimemapper, I am BLOWN AWAY at how many armed robberies take place in echo park and silverlake..in populated areas it’s almost nightly…Car thefts are also surprisingly high.

    • I don’t get e-mail alerts, but from looking at the crime maps on the LAPD’s web site, it seems like there’s always a lot of crime along Sunset. Two blocks away, much less so. I had not been aware of how much it was concentrated.

  4. I appreciate that Captain Murphy thinks bigger picture about his job – what police work means and how it affects the community. No wonder he was so well respected without and promoted within.

  5. PLEASE. He should thank gentrification his promotion

  6. Gentrification and another more sinister but rarely acknowledge dynamic have been the primary causes for safer communities throughout Los Angeles. Both have combined to increase the presence of less-disposable residents and decrease attention from law enforcement. I must grudgingly concede that it’s not a result of improved educational, employment, or recreational opportunities. Those have actually decreased but I anticipate will improve with the establishment of a more prosperous and less-tolerant demographic.

  7. I live in Highland Park and I don’t feel safe. I don’t buy Capt. Murphy’s reasoning about the housing market here.

  8. The gangs are not dead but have gone underground. They deal with burglary, drugs, robbery, and sometimes murder. My cousin used to teach at Nightingale Middle School and she says drugs and new gang membership is prevalent in the school. I’ve had my license plates stolen and my cousin has had her car grille stolen and broken into.

    Home pries have gone up because people need to be closer to the city and the Westside is full.

    Cops mostly live in Simi Valley,Torrance, Santa Clarita Orange County and outside the city.

  9. We have property in both Highland Park and Glassell Park. I feel this area has a long way to go before residents will feel “safe”. The constant graffiti makes the continuing gang infestation all too obvious. I second the call for a repeat of the massive gang raids of a couple years ago. That was just the tip of the iceberg, but certainly a step in the right direction.

    • How many massive gang crackdowns and iceberg tips does it take to whittle down an iceberg? Otherwise, those “crackdowns” are as old as dirt and proven to be INeffective over the long-term. When will we ever resort to true ingenuity and common sense to address this uniquely American phenomena? After all, we all KNOW it’s not due to an abundance of education, investment, and opportunity. Once we finally stop spinning our wheels with the deficit strategies (i.e., what we want to see less of or eliminated altogether) and balance it out with incentives and sustained investment, we’ll finally melt down the iceberg and create a positive change in our communities but if we must purge, I would begin with the iceberg-chipping specialists who never fail to inspire ongoing and multi-generational defiance.

    • You can’t only do one strategy. All of them have to work in tandem – raids, better education, etc.

  10. At least it’s a step. A home is where a person is supposed to feel safe.

  11. Yeah, more like his watch was a beneficiary of the booming housing market.

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