Vandals leave their mark on Echo Park Avenue

Residents who live on on the southern tip of Echo Park Avenue awoke on Sunday morning to find a large amount of tagging and broken glass. Vandals sprayed gold and red spray across garage doors and retaining walls.  Even the Cathedral Center of St. Paul and the Echo Park Recreation Center were hit  over night.  Most of the damage appeared to take place in the 700 block of Echo Park Avenue, where the window of one car had bee smashed in but it’s not clear if it was the work of the same vandals.  Said one resident. “What a mess.” Remember to call 311 to get the tagging cleaned up.

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  1. Smash, dash, and shitty tags.

  2. Yeah. Delilah’s got hit too, right before the fumigation tent was set up. Some taggers are more respectful than others …

  3. Tagging is out of control right now. All over the neighborhood west of the lake.

  4. There was also about 5-7 shots fired Saturday night around 2-2:30am in the Mohawk/Reservoir area. It definitely sounded like two guns returning fire on each other. Followed by screeching tires.

  5. I see these kids everyday. They’re mostly teenagers walking around with backpacks. If you follow one long enough, you’ll see them tag. I recently saw a couple of kids on the corner of Alvarado / Sunset pull thick markers out of their front hoodie pockets and tag a telephone pole as a police officer drove by. I tried flagging the officer but he didn’t see me. There’s no one calling attention to this and they’re ridiculously obvious. To my fellow neighbors who care about this neighborhood, be vigilant and keep an eye out. Call the police anytime you see suspicious activity, and get the graffiti removed immediately. We won’t stand for this lack of respect for our streets. Time for change is now.

  6. Unfortunately, anyone who lives north of sunset on EP avenue is also used to repainting street-facing walls a few times a week.

    In recent news (referenced in the commend above) for those north of sunset, The Crazies (see CYZ tags) gang from across Glendale Blvd came and tagged Delilah’s, which the Echo Park Gang (see EXP tags) would typically claim as their turf. South of Sunset is largely yet another gang, not typically CYZ or EXP.

    So in retaliation EXP feels the need to tag excessively in their own area to reiterate their ownership of the neighborhood… fyi notice the word LISTO on the tags lately? This Mexican is pretty sure that word means ready… for a shootout? Rad. Who knows.

    Check out the new fences they put up in front of the future Blackbird development site, at the end of Preston Ave, which were like fresh canvas for EXP.

    That’s my potentially inaccurate but observant view of the situation.

    FYI, it’s pretty easy to catch these guys tagging. The poor brown building at the corner of Ewing and Echo Park Ave is tagged pretty much every night, as are the abandoned houses up on Preston. Just hide some cops in a parked car… not that difficult. Get up on this LAPD… I know you can do more than write stop-sign tickets in the neighborhood. Oh and FYI, there are EXP members all up and down Echo Park ave, who call one another when cops are driving up the street. So much for being sneaky.

  7. what about all the EXP tags that covered echo park north of sunset? peoples houses, stores, etc… and why were all of EXP gathered at Delta and Echo Park blocking traffic and drinking in the middle of Echo Park (with their shirts off so you could see their EXP ink). hope nothing happens.

    • hi Michael – I live on that corner and asked them, it was some photo shoot for some “cholla” pinup magazine.. not sure if there was another motive, but they were taking group photos in front of their lowriders (5 cars and maybe 20-30 people including a few kids and some parent looking types), it was festive almost like reunion or something; all in all peaceful, but I’m sure not “permitted” (completely blocked Delta). Lasted maybe a couple of hours and they went on their merry way..

  8. I’ve heard that tagging a church can change graffiti from felony prosecution to a hate-crime prosecution. Would that apply to the tag on the church above?

  9. The tags in these photos are pure vandalism and not turf or gang-related. In fact, the very same gang members described in these posts are obliged to severely punish any tagger they catch tagging on their turf. The taggers know this and maintain a general degree of anonymity that insulates them from retaliation. However, the growing intensity of the gang-related tags is troubling. It reflects a stubborn animosity between the two groups that claim Echo Park and Silverlake as their respective turfs. There is no underestimating just how effective immediately painting over antagonistic grafitti has been in defusing these rivalries. It’s a primary factor that made gentrification of these once grittier urban varrios possible. Before then, the challenges and insults would remain visible for days, weeks, and sometimes even months or years depending on the location. Constant reminders that kept the rivalries hot and volatile.

  10. How about public horsewhipping of these fools? Flogging? Caning?

    They would definitely think twice.

    Oh, and thanks to the parents for doing such a wonderful job of raising these kids. The rest of us have to pay for your shitty parenting.

  11. Communicating, it’s the one expression of human emotion everyone understands; unfortunately, this form of communicating belongs to the souls of people whom don’t accept the formal (possibly; foreign) format of communicating.

  12. Hahahaha eCho park once again embarassed by taggers all up in there neighborhood pure weenys that aint about nothing but talk and show n all u guys are scared of them hahaha and listo haha please that lil preak aint nobody and aint ready for nothing but running hes mouth

    • People used to be ashamed for being ignorant. Now it seems some wear it proudly as a badge of honor!

      You are mistaken to think we are scared of you with your little can of spray paint, Sonny. What we are scared of, is you having the ability to procreate!

  13. Mayberry Loco- Thanks for taking time out from your English studies to comment.

    Yes, it would be nice if the police were on top of the situation, but unfortunately there usually has to be a murder before that happens- and even then, after the hoopla dies down, the cops disappear only to be seen occasionally cruising down EP Ave. As a longtime resident. I’ve seen it happen over and over again.
    If we want a safe neighborhood, we ALL need to hound the police constantly for a steady presence in the neighborhood, not just when a murder takes place. Bug the city council office relentlessly and keep the police non-emergency number handy. If more than five calls come in reporting guys walking down the street tagging– they have to respond!

  14. with all the cell phones/cameras around, you’d think someone would photograph these twits in action and send them or post them to the appropriate sources. There are budding paparazzis all over the place.

  15. Once again, this is an example of gratuitous vandalism NOT homicidal gang activity. It’s this type of knee-jerk ignorance and prejudice that makes an increased police presence a sinister and counter-productive prospect. It would only increase the pool of “suspects” to include innocent civilians who fit the general profile, i.e., young and not-so-young Latino males. Moreover, it would in no way begin to address the problem of tagger-vandals who come in all colors and persuasions. We need to stop defaulting to tried and failed practices and innovate new strategies to address urban blight and violence. Diligent and unrelenting anti-grafitti programs are a step in the right direction but without competitive alternatives (which is what tagging is all about), these youngsters will continue “competing” on the largest canvas available to them: the entire county of Los Angeles.

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