Dodger Stadium neighbors prepare for the return of baseball season

Expect Elysian Park to be jammed with pre-game tailgate parties on opening day.

Residents of Echo Park and Solano Canyon have been warned about traffic congestion and street closures. Extra dumpsters have been dropped off in Elysian Park to handle a mountain of trash.  Sunset Boulevard bars are stocking up on extra booze.  What’s going on?  Just the traditional preparations for the Dodger season and home opening game on Monday, which happens to be April Fools’ Day (let the jokes begin).  The neighbors will get an idea of what to expect tonight, when the stadium hosts a pre-season game against the Angels.


  1. season ticket holder

    I’m not liking the negative undertones of this post. Trying to spread Opening Day fear. It’s an amazing tradition for baseball fans around the world.

    • Totally agree with you. What’s all this talk of “preparation” and “warnings” for? They’re making it sound like there’s an imminent attack for EP. That stadium and team is part of this neighborhood!

      • Oh there is an imminent attack on opening day. Like locus, the assault of fans descends on the neighborhood early in the morning. Their illegal drinking in Elysian Park starts by 7 AM. Traffic becomes complete gridlock in the park and surrounding streets. Littering is prolific even though there are extra trash bins provided. The surrounding neighborhoods become the urinals of the lazy and obnoxious fans. By the end of opening day Echo Park / Elysian Park is trashed. So warnings about opening day are justified. Thank you Eastsider!!!!

  2. Not Another Neighbor

    I wish the owners would start sending out the free tickets for residents again. It made the pain of traffic so much easier to handle knowing we could actually go and catch a game for our troubles.

  3. Crybaby neighbors should just move then. Tired of this constant bitching.

    When you moved into a neighborhood with a major stadium down the street, you thought nothing would happen and crowds wouldn’t go to games there?!


    • Bernie, Bernie, Bernie…you sound so ignorant when you write like that. What you fail to understand is that many of us have been neighbors to the stadium for 20+ years. I, and many other neighbors, were cognizant of who the “big” neighbor was in the area and we’ve coexisted with them. It wasn’t until the last 7 years or so, at least in my neighborhood, that opening day became horrific.

      The Dodgers became particularly bad neighbors when the carpetbaggers bought the stadium and used them as a personal ATM. When the new ownership took over late last year and dropped the parking rate back down to a reasonable price, it really took a toll off the surrounding neighborhoods in terms of partying and fans taking up precious parking spaces. I am hopeful that the new owners will continue to move the team in the right direction and continue to repair the relationship with their neighbors, too.

      • With you all the way, EP grl! It was a little like Dante’s Inferno there for a couple of ugly years…. although it was sort of entertaining watching one of the party busses full of drunks realize after it was too late that the bus was too big and too long to navigate onto Sunset from one of our steeper streets, burned out its brakes and plowed (slowly) into a truck full of more drunks….. and the cops had to walk to it because of the traffic! Yikes!

  4. Going tonight with my dad and have my season tickets ready for friends and real estate clients…

  5. your conscience @ ep

    New residence are even crying about opening day at Dodger Stadium…20 years, is a drop in the bucket compared to how long some have been here. You would have really been crying, when they use to race on stadium way and call it speedway. Oh, I forgot about the cruising in academy rd…Another ignorant comment I guess hugh?

    • Any post which calls out people for “crying” is ignorant.

      • your conscience @ ep

        Ant calling someone ignorant is just as bad, if not worse depending on who you are referring to. Ignorance is bliss, I am sure all of us are lacking knowledge in some areas! You are oh so knowledable, what good is it?

    • …”been here longer” argument is tired and worthless.

      • And “I’ve been here 10 years so I know” is eye-rolling absurdity. Besides, why even cite residency if not to piggy-back off of the “been here longer” argument? A lesson in reading comprehension appears to be in order . . . Orrr a dramatic change of residence to somewhere NOT next door to a stadium and private business.

  6. A new season, ahhhhh Got to Love the Dodgers!!!!That’s why I live in EP….. GOOOOOOOOOOO Doooooooooodgggggggggggeeeeerrrrrrsssssss! And if you not a Fan you should have selected an differnent area of LA to live in……….

    • “And if you not a Fan you should have selected an differnent area of LA to live in……….”

      Funny, I think that’s what they said to the people who were living in Chavez Ravine.

  7. season ticket holder

    We drove by Elysian Park on our way home tonight and it was full of trash. It was everywhere, the trash cans overflowing, the street scattered with loose pieces of trash, and plenty of white people around so I don’t want to hear any complaining that brown people are the ones causing the littering problem.

    • It always gets trashed on holidays.

    • why in the world would you make that comment? the article was about baseball season and you decided to just pop in out of the blue and make some inflammatory racial remarks? troll

      • season ticket holder

        If you didn’t happen to notice the video in this post features a Mexican band playing loudly…I didn’t just pop out of nowhere as you think. The racial undertones have been loud and clear since the beginning.

        • you know the guy who does this blog is Mexican right? I am also Latin. I still think your comment was unsolicited.

  8. Dodgers, Vin Scully, Dodger Stadium. Hit em hard Blue Crew. Make a run for the Series.

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