Echo Park streets closed as LAPD investigates officer-involved shooting*

Sunset Boulevard closed at Laveta Terrace/Photo by Scott Fajack

Sunset Boulevard and Echo Park Avenue in Echo Park remained shut down this morning more than six hours after a suspected gunman was shot an injured by an officer.  Sunset Boulevard cars, trucks and buses were being diverted to neighborhood side streets as of 7 a.m.  Police and the suspect exchanged gunfire after a brief foot pursuit that began further west on Sunset Boulevard near the Echo nightclub, reports L.A. NowKTLA has posted a cell phone video of the shooting. Click on the link to watch the broadcast.  The suspect is in critical but stable condition, an LAPD spokeswoman said this morning.  No officer was injured during the shooting.

* Update: Streets had been reopened as of 10:30 a.m.

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  • No weapon found at scene of Echo Park officer-involved shooting. The Eastsider

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  1. Still closed as of 8:55 am

  2. Could the initial shots fired have had anything to do with Delilah’s getting tagged during the day sunday by CYZ again… ?


    • i noticed the CYZ tag at around 7am sunday, by the afternoon it had been overwritten with an EXP tag. now both painted over. idiot gangs.

  3. Lesson One: When the Police tell you to put down your gun…put it down
    Cheers to the LAPD

  4. Independent Artist

    This find NO reason to cheer for the L.A.P.D. on this. I happen to know the individual the was shot by “L.A’s Finest”. The individual doesn’t make the best decisions in the world and has a history of run ins with the P.D., but i know him pretty well to know he was not armed with any type of fire arm what so ever. He spends most his day pan handling to support his alcoholism, so i really don’t think he has enough money to purchase a fire arm. I also understand that these officers put their lives on the line to “protect and serve” but i also know they go through the proper training. I just don’t agree with the way the situation was handled. The North East Division also know the “suspect” well enough to know that he was unarmed. Truth Always Come To Light!!!!

    • So…you didn’t watch the video where the cameraman and witness states that the dude opened fire on police. If you’re shooting guns in my neighborhood, I want you gone, don’t really care how. Too many families up in here.

      • oldman-police admit no weapon was found on or near him, watch the latest news. He was running because he was scared and raised his hands because that is what you do when you surrender. This man was just a down and out old timer, yeah he may have a history with the PD but ALL of it is non-violent (mostly open containers/alcohol related). The only danger this guy may be is to himself. I know him well and have NEVER seen him start a fight, get loud, or carry a weapon. If he dies, this is murder in my opinion. We need to hold officers accountable for their violence. They shot an unarmed man running away with his hands up in plain sight. He went out to buy a burritio one blk from his house with his wife, and never made it home. And I say this as a father, business owner, taxpayer, community member, and his friend.

  5. Just when you thought it was safe to purchase a home for $922, 000 ……..

  6. Let’s continue to whine about gentrification though!

  7. This was definitely caused by gentrification.

  8. i am so frightened now to live in this neighborhood. Things are getting worse everyday in Echo Park.

  9. hahaha! i was born and raised in echo park. i finally moved out in september 2012 and guess where i moved to? east los angeles….the place we were warned as kids not to go or we’d get beat up or shot by the gangs. well, i am very happy here. it is peaceful and so many wonderful places to visit. full of character and beautiful art. the people are friendly and respectful. i should’ve move here years ago! no meth heads or drunks on the corners and the gold line right down the street, which in my opinion, is the best method of transportation los angeles has come up with, even better than the red line. i do not miss echo park.

  10. I respect the police but I don’t have the luxury of trusting them. I’m also sick and tired of hearing police boast/whine about “risking their lives”. Isn’t that an accepted hazard of the profession? Isn’t it made perfectly clear to recruits when they sign-up for the job? Isn’t that preCISEly what they’ve been hired, specially trained, and armed for? To take a bullet if need be for innocent bystanders? Nonetheless and despite carrying a gun, handcuffs, a taser, a baton, pepper spray, specialized training, and able to rely on K-9, helicopter, and patrol car support, they are obsessed with surviving their shifts at all costs and don’t hesitate to shoot first at anything that simply spooks them putting the lives of every innocent bystander in danger. I can do that for free and with NO “state-of-the art specialized” training or back-up, i.e., what’s the real difference between “L.A.’s finest” and pedestrian Me? What’s more disturbing is that if it turns out this guy wasn’t armed and was simply raising his hands in surrender, prejudiced a**h***s like the “oldman” will clam-up and say nothing on behalf of the innocent individual who was assaulted by the cops.

    • The same be said for a piece of sh!t gangster or a wannabe that may get shot. That’s part of the job they signed up for. Isn’t that preCISEly what they’ve been hired, specially trained, and armed for?

      • “The same be said for a piece of sh!t gangster or a wannabe that may get shot” and how is that relevant to the topic of this article? Btw, your direct and disturbing comparison between the police and “piece of sh!t gangsters” reveals that you agree with the LAPD’s harshest critics. I don’t but insist that the paid and trained individuals authorized to carry firearms in my neighborhood be held STRICTLY accountable or Every Single shooting incident. Perhaps then they would actually risk the life that they consistently demand credit for and innocent and even not so innocent civilians will be spared the death penalty for spooking a cop.

        • I dont side with the lapd ive been fucked with by gangsters and cops equally. All my point was that untill all the info comes out we need to not jump to conclusions on either side. You comments seemed to fully make the guy a saint with out really knowing what happened that hight. As good of a person he could have been you still dont know what he may have done that night. Im not saying he did anything to deserve what happened but only a few really n-know what happened

          • He wasn’t armed and was shot six times. Considering the LAPD’s notoriety in these situations, what more do I need to know? Bolting in panic and then raising your hands in surrender is NOT a capital offense. Nor is holding or pulling up your pants to prevent them from falling. Nor is turning your back and running. Nor should waving anything less than lethal than a gun be. If it’s happened once it’s happened 100s of times in this city. No more excuses or apologies and a whole lot more accountability and reform. The LAPD’s come a long way but then I see them spooked to gunfire by a panicky civilian and I realize they’ve still got a long way to go and if you’ve ever truly been “fucked” with by cops, you know you are NOT immune to their trigger-happy impulses and THAT’s the source of my outrage.

  11. Cops gangsters I just cant tell the difference these days??

    • the lack of even sheepish contrition (never mind remorse) for Echo Rider’s obvious error is just another example of the “oh well. just the hazards of being a civilian in the big city” response we always get from apologists for “law and order”. All too willing to sacrifice fairness and justice for the sake of “law and order”. It’s the source of impunity by law enforcement in certain communities including NELA.

  12. He was unarmed and his name is David. I know him and I know him well. You folks can say all the negative things you want, but if he pulls through you tax dollars are going to pay him good. May be he’ll buy a house next to you.

  13. is he the tall skinny guy with the cap who hangs out on echo park ave between montana and sunset lot of nights?

    and ps it is fucking annoying that i can’t read these comments without activating an ad.

  14. is he the tall skinny guy with the cap who hangs out on echo park ave between montana and sunset (by house of spirits) lots of nights?

  15. All this hate has to stop. I know David His wife his family
    Who do you think you are to Judge?. So self righteous. Someday you too shall be judged an i pray the memory of your words come to haunt you all very soon.

    • The problem in our society: Not enough judging. F*** You for thinking you can tell me not to judge. How dare you! Call me self righteous? You need to look in the mirror and ask yourself why you are such a hypocrite…

      I will judge and shame people for making bad choices because as a society WE have to pay for them. So if someone feels shamed because of my judging, GOOD FOR SOCIETY!!

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