Midnight visit to an Echo Park taco truck ends with a burst of police gunfire*

David Martinez aka “Dizzy”

David Martinez returned to Echo Park  last week after spending a few days in jail, and he was hungry.  That’s why Martinez and his wife, Gina Benavidez, and his sister were ordering tacos at about midnight from the taco truck at  Logan Street near Sunset Boulevard when an LAPD squad car raced down Sunset Boulevard. Soon after 47-year-old Martinez, also known as Dizzy, was running down the street, recalls Benavidez. Then multiple shots rang out as her husband was struck by police bullets near the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Echo Park Avenue.  The LAPD said officers opened fire on Martinez  because it appeared that he was pointing a weapon at them. But the gun that Martinez was allegedly holding in his hand on March 19 was never found.

This coming Saturday, March 30, Benavidez and her family and friends are planning to hold a noontime press conference and vigil near the scene of the shooting to provide more details about the incident and speak out against the Rampart Division officers.

“I’m still in shock,” said Benavidez in a telephone interview today before she went to visit Martinez at County-USC Medical Center, where he was undergoing another round of surgery.  “I cannot sleep at night.”

The LAPD has so far provided only minimal information about the shooting as it conducts a use-of-force investigation. The Eastsider has contacted the Force Investigation Division to get a response to Benavidez’ version of events of the shooting, which was reported at about 12:20 a.m. on Tuesday, March 19.

Martinez had been in jail for a few days on an open-container violation when he was released Monday, March  18 only a few hours before the shooting, Benavidez said. “He got out Monday. He came home and went for tacos,” Benavidez said. “We never got the tacos.”

After the shots rang out, Benavidez, 41, and her sister-in-law ran in the direction of the gunfire as “bullets flew over our heads,” she said.  But the officers stopped the women from approaching Martinez, who had been shot on the right side of the head, his left arm and right leg, Benavidez said.

“We could not get anywhere near the crime scene,” she said. “We had to wait on the corner of Montana and Echo Park.”

Benavidez said her husband has suffered from emotional problems but has denied that he was armed. “It’s not fair,” she said.

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* Correction: A previous version of this story said described the woman with Benavidez and her sister. That’s wrong. It was Benavidez’ sister-in-law.


  1. your conscience @ ep

    Dizzy Dave, is gonna own you haters!

    • LAPD fired 14 bullets and only 3 hit Dizzy. That leaves 11 bullets traveling through the air, aimlessly looking for another target.

      Dizzy runs from the LAPD, turns back at them, raises his hand with nothing in it.

      Although both parties are total savages compared to most of us, one of these parties scares me more than the other. The LAPD is a poorly trained killing machine with a horrible track record in our neighborhood. Dizzy is a local drunkard who cant seem to grow up. If you step to the LAPD, like Dizzy did, you will get gunned down. If you step to Dizzy you can push him over like a little girl.

      What should scare us all the most are those 11 bullets that missed and could have found their way into another body. And this my fellow posters is what will haunt the LAPD.

  2. I don’t condone the actions of the LAPD here but I’m curious to why he was in jail. You don’t go to jail for “a few days” for being caught outside with a beer. What’s this guys real record? Again, I’m not siding with the LAPD here. Their actions here are disgusting. I just don’t like how this article is painting Mr. Martinez as your everyday average fan of tacos.

    • was gonna say. Jail for a beer seems seems extreme!

      • Seriously! That first sentence could just have easily have read “David Martinez returned to Echo Park last week after spending a few days in Hawaii.”

        • But, he wasnt in Hawaii, he was in “jail”

          • No ____, Sherlock. So what is the point? You think he escaped from jail? You think he might have been armed and dangerous even though no gun was found on his body? What is it?

    • Your question is irrelevant and reeks of prejudice. The LAPD were not looking for Martinez for any outstanding violations nor is running from the police a capitol offense. You are correct when you describe their actions as “disgusting” but you are obviously trying really hard to justify those same disgusting actions by provoking prejudice against the victim. Would you also question the character of a rape victim with a loose reputation? Blaming the victim is no less disgusting than the trigger-happy impulses of LAPD officers who shot an unarmed civilian.

      • THANK YOU PROCOPIO!!!!!!!

      • I’m not judging anyone but The Eastsider itself for misrepresenting someone in what seems to be an attempt at saving face. Your comment is correct but it should’ve been posted before mine and expressed toward The Eastsider, not me.

  3. Well, there is clearly a lot we don’t know yet about this incident. And Mr. Dizzy sounds like he may be a knuckle-head. (Nobody goes to jail for an “open container” unless they have a long criminal history.) Nonetheless, even knuckle-heads deserve to have their rights respected by LAPD when going about their business. Knuckle-heads don’t deserve to be shot just because he may or may not be a knucklehead. And, hey, maybe he is NOT a knuckle-head, maybe he went to jail for open container because he got a really nasty judge, on a nasty day. We just don’t know.

  4. I saw this happen outside my window, about 4 cops with guns drawn yelled at him to get on the ground, he didnt get down, he ran away from them then turned around and pointed something at the cops. So they shot him. This guy is an idiot for running away from 4 armed cops screaming for him to get down, then suddenly turning around and pointing something at them. Now I see a shrine saying fuck the police etc. People are dumb, this guy is dumb, lesson learned.

    • Well said He-man. If he would have done what the cops told him to do, he wouldnt be in this situation. Duhhhh

    • You should contact the LAPD. Without real eye witnesses like you, this case could be hard for the officers to solve.

      If your statement is true, then it appears the officers acted correctly.

      If you don’t contact the LAPD, then this suspect or his family will sue the city ( perhaps win) , further depleting the resources to crime stricken areas.

      • If the LAPD wins, I get the feeling that this will make the department think that it is OK to go Wild Wild West on people for the smallest incident. Not cool!

        If the family sues, then it will be another expensive lessoned learned for the department and hopefully will shed some more light on the ongoing EXCESSIVE force by the police department.

        Hey, did the Dorner reward get distributed to the people who called in? Even if I lived around that area and was around the time of this incident, I don’t think I want to help the LAPD out with any information after that shady move!

      • He will sue and win anyways

    • I had no idea being dumb or perhaps mentally disabled was grounds for summary execution without trial.

    • How many times does it have to be officially confirmed that Martinez was UNARMED for some of you apologists to stop citing the “pointing something” lie? Talk about dedication to remaining dumb(?!).

      • yeah no shit! Does that mean if you’re driving and a police squad car puts the lights and sirens on you, tells you to to pull over and if you don’t pull over immediately, can they start shooting at you?

        Come on people, it’s a week later, the dude got shot in the head NO WEAPON FOUND yet! The same people who are making insensitive comments about this man’s condition based on his appearance, ethnicity, and or past police record, are the same people who are ruining this neighborhood with their subtle racist bullshit.

        • The answer to your question is no; if you’re driving away from the police they can’t shoot at you, because you don’t pose a threat. But if you turn your car around and drive directly toward them, then you pose a threat.

      • Not Another Neighbor

        A cell phone would be ‘un armed’ as would any other object that is not a weapon. Therefore it is completely legit to describe him as ‘pointing something’ whilst being unarmed. You are dumb.

      • Porcupine, you really are dumb. He doesn’t have to be a bad person to have made a bad decision. He just happens to be a bad person.

    • Your a liar, your window really there is no apt. Window in view and if you say store window it 12:20C.mon man get real. Y sound like that other so called witness “carlos”. Said he seen him fire first. prejudice racist Liars that help the cops get away with these crimes.

      • The liar is you for talking out of your ___, drive down that intersection and look up for once you’ll see nothing but apartment windows.

  5. Don’t run from the cops. Why? They’ll either beat you up or shoot you.

    • And they are right to do so.

      • Running from the police isn’t a good choice. To cavalierly say the police are automatically and absolutely right to fire their weapons out on a public common thoroughfare just because someone runs isn’t such good choice either.

      • WRONG. Just once I would like to see evidence of the “special training” our officers apparently receive to subdue suspects. Shooting as the first option is NOT evidence of sophisticated training, courage, character, or a willingness “to risk their lives in the line of duty”. On the contrary. It’s evidence of a conspicuous disdain for the life of anybody not wearing a badge.

        • Not Another Neighbor

          Shooting obviously wasnt the first option seeing as they hailed the suspect and commanded him to ‘stop’ and ‘get on the ground’.

        • I bet if you were in their shoes- cops in a city teeming with armed mental cases
          you would shoot too.
          What do all the commenters here expect, for the cops to wait & find out what he’s pointing at them? In most instances that would mean death for them.

          • Yes. That is precisely what I expect. For officers to risk their lives in the line of duty and in this case it would’ve meant no risk to life for everyone involved or anyone in the vicinity. Otherwise, the contrary is true. Get it?

  6. The video is on Youtube.
    Not sure what he was holding but it definitely looked like he had something.

    He did not comply. He did turn suddenly and he did have “something” dark in his hand that could have been a weapon.

    Also a neighbor told me that his daughter and niece, both about 12, had to duck into a shop to avoid this guy one day. He was following them and being kind of weird so they got scared.

    The LAPD makes a lot of bad calls but this one wasnt one of them.

    • I saw the video too. It is very low quality, so much so that you can’t really tell much, not even if he had raised his arm and pointed something. All you see is him running away and then suddenly turning around and starting to run back. Odd. But you can’t tell, even if you freeze frame, whether he raised his arm and certainly not if he was holding anything in his hand.

      All the info I have seen on this tells me that Dizzy absolutely did not deserve this — and I find the comments that he did to be ugly and repugnant.

      At the same time, his sudden turning around and running back toward the police certainly was odd and at minimum confusing to the police. Dizzy’s very name suggests his thinking is not always the clearest — and that turn and return run to the police was not well considered. He might not have been any threat, but in the haste of the moment, there is room for police to make a snap decision to shoot someone charging toward them if they thought he had something in his hands, and maybe it was a gun. (There has been mention of a cell phone in his hands.)

      Still, the police have the burden of responsibility for the situation they create when they come racing into a scene, scaring the hell out of people. Yes, it was their job to race to the scene of a reported crime, which they say was a report of a man with a gun. But they still are responsible for the fear they might create when a pack of them come racing in and slam on the brakes and jump out of the car — and focus on YOU, as they apparently did with Dizzy, and point their guns at you.

      The guy freaked. And, in confusion and bad choice, he ran. Why he suddenly turned and RAN back — odd, but in his confusion and since we now know there was no gun for him to point, I have to think he felt he should not run from the police, and so was going back — stupidly at the pace he already was going. He still was confused, and instead of stopping, he turned and ran back to them, which only served to now freak them out.

      To my mind, how the police approached is a key factor here every bit as much as Dizzy suddenly turning and running back. And, the police were the ones responsible for the situation, and thus everything that ensued. How they handled that situation upon arrival, screaming in, jumping out and apparently immediately going at Dizzy and with their guns drawn and pointing at him, most certainly is why Dizzy freaked and ran. I don’t think I would have freaked and run — I simply would have had a heart attack and died on the spot. But we have no reporting on the details of what the police did upon arrive and how scarily they arrived.

      Dizzy absolutely did not deserve this. And the police are the ones who created this situation, making them the ones liable. Still, Dizzy’s freaked turn around and run back toward them freaked the police. I understand the freaked wrong decision by Dizzy to turn around and run back, but his unfortunate mistake would make that shooting not a criminal act. But that is still going to cost the city a LOT of money in a payout. He was shot in the head — might very well be in need of tons of lifelong medical attention no different than Gabrielle Giffords. And, Dizzy did not deserve this.

  7. now your just milking it ES.

  8. Oh, he got tacos, alright.
    Lead tacos.

  9. Just saw some guy taking down the shrine on the corner. He didn’t seem to be working for the city or anyone in particular. No uniform, just regular clothing. He was breaking it down super casually and just putting it into a shopping cart. This was around 6:40pm today.

  10. I see the people who are against the victim are trying their hardest to make the victim look bad. You can all make fun of the taco incident all you want. When the truth is proven tacos galore will be on me. Maybe that will give you a big smile. IT WILL BE PROVEN THAT THIS WAS POOR TRAINING ON RAMPART POLICE DEPARTMENT. THE VICTIM WAS SUPPOSEDLY HOLDING A GUN AND FIRED AT THE POLICE FIRST. IF SO, WHAT GUN?? WHAT TYPE OF GUN?? WHERE IS THE GUN?? HOW COME NOTHING WAS EVER MENTIONED AGAIN OF THIS SO- CALLED GUN?? BECAUSE THERE NEVER WAS ONE!! GET IT!!??

    • I agree and I think it’s really scary that some of our neighbors are finewith these cops’ actions. They can slice it however they want, but I get the feeling that most of the people defending LAPD aren’t cool with a multicultural Echo Park. Yet, another tragedy…..

    • Not if I’m on the jury. Not if anyone on the jury has eyes…

  11. compassionisrational

    This makes me sad .David has been close to death many times. I hope this doesnt get him .I would hate for it to be at the hands of the cops . Cops yelling at you with guns ,its fight flight or freeze . it is not a choice it is a reaction . he flew . my prayers are going out for him.

  12. your conscience @ ep

    Just imagine if everyone condones these actions? Then you are feeding into the problem and therefore you make yourselves vulnerable; although, it may seem that this is all fine and dandy! Next time this could really be you and yours’…And then what? My goodness, people are gonna be very ignorant, especially with the police dictating your program as if they are genuine gustapo, or something…This is serious, Rampart screwed up again….

  13. http://ktla.com/2013/03/19/armed-suspect-shot-by-police-in-echo-park/#axzz2OENzgUTP

    If you can stand the thirty second commercial on the video.

    If Rampart had more training he would be dead instead of wounded.

    The guy still fled when asked to stop. He did turn suddenly. Eyewitnesses on the scene say he shot at them. Not sure why this is even a debate. Its called empirical evidence.

    • your conscience @ ep

      Well, I sure think there is gonna be a good attorney on this case! Dude, people like you are so naïve…Even the ones that recorded the cell phone video wanted to believe that this was some robery type shootout, because it was all over reacted…The truth is he didn’t have a gun, so therefore, Dave wins! Hands down How can you justify shooting a man in the face with some high velocity 9mm… What about shooting to disarm? Oh, my I forgot he didn’t have anything… I don’t know what state you came from but, it seems you just fell off the turnip truck…

      • In Los Angeles, police never “Shoot to disarm”. Maybe you got that idea from watching movies.

        • your conscience @ ep

          Oh, this isn’t a movie, an unarmed man got shot multiple times! One even in the face…

          • Not Another Neighbor

            Side of the head actually. Did you read the article?

          • your conscience @ ep

            The bullet in his face, is probab ly the one in his head. As for movies and believing everthing you read, I think I am gonna go visit him personally! This town has a lot of racism, why don’t you guys show your true selves and get rid of all undiserables like, Nazi Germany! What about the old tattooed white man that I was terrified of when I was a kid in the 70’s, maybe they should have shot him in the face too!

      • Umm, not sure if you are referring to me in this reply.”Turnip Truck?”

        I deal with the word as it is not as I want it to be.

        This guy had a long history of problems with the law and absolutely knew not to run. He wasnt some teenage kid scared cause he had a joint in his pocket.

        As mentioned before the LAPD does a lot of things wrong. From what I can see this wasnt one of them.

        I dont think you have ever been a life threatening situation or even in a car accident. Things done play out the way you think they will. Anyone who thinks they will “shoot to disarm” is someone who will come out on the wrong end of a gun fight.

        • Oh and dont even start calling people racists and talking about Nazi Germany.
          No one has brought up race in this and sounds to me like you are the one being racists.
          You have no idea what race anyone is on here.

  14. To Getting2-U – I have had three firearms pulled on me. I can tell you this about the guns.

    One was a rifle, or maybe a shotgun.
    One was a handgun. Maybe a revolver.
    One was a gun.

    The thing they had in common was a barrel pointed at me.

    What type of gun is an odd question to ask ofsomeone who is staring at the barrel of a gun.
    It’s the type that is pointed at you and might kill you. Thats what type it is.

  15. This guy is an idiot I was cashing my check at the b of a once and he started screaming this is a Robbery when he was in line what and idiot. Another time I saw him and his group of loosers at the bus stop drinking. I don’t feel sorry for him at all. He should had stopped when the cops told him and not run! And I am sure he pretended to have a gun. Idiot!

  16. If everyone was armed and able to return fire I wonder if the LAPD would still be so kill crazy.

    Food for thought.

    Meanwhile, another dead member of the community, and no chance for justice.

    My prayers are with the family.

  17. This was racial profiling and rampart is going to have to pay the big bucks. Your tax dollars at work.

    • Wrong, no racial profiling. he should have followed police orders. if you have nothing to hide, why turn around and point something to uniform officers. Get real.

      • Rampart Division’s Do not watch TV and Movie list
        Due to a few cowboys in the division, I think Rampart should be forbidden to watch the following:
        1) Southland
        2) Training Day
        3) Cops
        4) Colors

  18. I’ll never understand why people are so quick to defend the LAPD, particularly in situations where they’ve clearly acted in error, such as this. I think Echo Park could be tellingly divided between those who feel safe around the police, and those who don’t. I don’t. And I imagine many others don’t.

    • I don’t feel safe around ANYONE who is pointing a gun at me. It doesn’t matter if they are the police or anyone else — anyone pointing a gun at me is a seriously dangerous person about to kill me. When someone is pointing a gun at you, you do whatever you have to do to stay alive — and in that scary split second of terror, you might not make the best decision about that, as Dizzy did not. But Dizzy is not the one who created this situation. And he didn’t do anything to deserve it.

      Still, the scariest thing about this is to realize that we have people walking free out there are to so severely dangerous as to be cheering about this shooting. Those are the most dangerous people.

  19. I’m shocked at how ignorant some people can be. This guy just got out of jail for obviously breaking the law. It’s a fact that he has a criminal record and all he does is hang around the neighborhood and pan handle for beer money and act like a fool. He gets stopped by police and instead of complying, he takes off running and makes a sudden move back towards police. I’m amazed at how quickly people attack the police for doing their job. I bet all of you “Dizzy” supporters would be singing a different tune (why didn’t LAPD do something about this guy sooner, his record clearly states he’s a danger to the community) if he committed a crime against one of you. Open your eyes and realize that people like this aren’t “innocent victims”. I grew up in the neighborhood and the same guys who were up to no good years ago, are still hanging out in front of the liquor stores up to no good! People like “Dizzy” need to grow up and start having self accountability. Now I’m sure he’ll sue the city and we’ll all pay for him to sit on his couch and drink beer for the rest of his life. Pathethic.

  20. Did the cops not charge their Tazers? What’s wrong with pepper spray??

    • They thought he had a gun.

      Don’t bring a knife (or a tazer) to a gun fight.

      • No gun. They searched little crack and crevy, and no gun anywhere. He never had a gun.

        • Did I say he had a gun, you tard? I said they thought he had a gun. His combined actions caused them to shoot. And if he was suspected to have a gun, they would not pull out the tazer. Learn to read before you post your dumb comments.

          • KEYLESS CHUCK and you must learn that a term like “tard” is super offensive. My son has down syndrome , and your comment is awfully dumb and ignorant . You should think before you post.

          • fissness, I think Keyless Chuck was asking if Henry was tired, but in a Southern accent.

          • I’m sure that if your son has downs syndrome he is not the one being offended for his lack of comprehension would prevent this. Thus, the one being offended is you on his behalf. Being offended on behalf of someone else is a dangerously precarious place to be.

            It is up to you how much power you give to a WORD!

      • They were WRONG and did bring along tasers and pepper spray for the sole purpose of subduing unruly suspects. What happened? Again!?

  21. Not Another Neighbor

    1. David is unkillable.
    2. He’s going to be rich.
    3. Some rookie cops are going to get suspended or transferred
    4. The end.

  22. @shocked ” I grew up in the neighborhood and the same guys who were up to no good years ago”

    10 years in this neighborhood does not mean you grew up here, dude…

    And I hope the family does sue the city! What about the triggerhappy cops that shot those cleaning ladies car during the Dorner manhunt???……

    Shock just because you hide behind your computer screen all day and night doesn’t mean real, poorly trained, trigger happy police officers don’t exist. I hope cops draw guns on you next time someone places a noise complaint on you.

  23. @ schocked

    “I grew up in the neighborhood and the same guys who were up to no good years ago, are still hanging out in front of the liquor stores up to no good!”

    So what makes these people who are hanging out in front of the liquor store over the people who hang out at change, FIX Coffee or any of the other shops on Echo Park?

    How do you know they are up to no good just because they are hanging out in front of the liquor store? Have you seen any illegal activity? Or is it because these people have a different skin color, maybe sport a different clothing style? You need to be really careful in what you THINK you see and what you ACTUALLY see.. Please…help make Echo Park a TOLERANT, ACCEPTING, MULTICULTURAL COMMUNITY, and spare me with your BS sideways comments dude…

    • Not Another Neighbor

      I like this

    • There is a big difference between hanging out at a coffee shop that has tables and chairs set up to accommodate its patrons, and hanging out in front of a liquor store violating the open container laws.

      • Although it may seem different it is the same–these gourmet coffee shops, boutiques, and bars push out and relocate communities that have lived in EP for generations. Gentrification is as (if not more) belligerent as open containers and borrachos on the sidewalk. The rising price of living in historical communities is something that needs to be regulated, fixed, or bridged. I was forcibly removed from my home in the neighborhood where my mother grew up in, and there are hundreds of long-time residents being pushed out all the time. The difference is that there is no difference, just that gentrification is legal. The tool of the oppressor is ALWAYS legal and justified.

        • @bornonlucretia: you can’t get pushed out if you own a place. Go live somewhere you can afford to buy, and get some security in your life.

          I used to live in a sweet place by the beach after graduating college. Rents started rising so fast, I had to leave. I decided then that I would buy my own place so I could control my own destiny.

          It has nothing to do with oppressors, The Man, the system. It has everything to do with putting yourself in situations that give you the control you desire.

        • How were you forcibly removed? I’m just curious, because all multi-family dwellings with three or more units built before 1978 are subject to rent control. Was it a single family house?

    • I am tolerant, accepting, and appreciative of our multicultural community.

      I am not tolerant, accepting, or appreciative of vagrants, panhandlers, or those who blatantly break the law and litter in our neighborhood.

      I am pretty sure there are two different conversations happening on this thread.

      The first is whether or not it was OK that the police shot him, the second being whether or not “Dizzy” is a valued member of our community. Once answer is debatable while the other has a pretty clear answer.

      • Who are you to judge whether David was a valuable member of our community anyway? He has a wife and kids. His wife is really sweet actually. Tough as nails but sweet and I like her being a part of Echo Park. So be respectful of his family please.

    • @Your Vecino: being intolerant of people who are intolerant to folks wearing, say gang-like clothing styles, itself is intolerant. Just accept the fact that people looking like gang-bangers, whether they are or aren’t, make some people uncomfortable. Be tolerant of other viewpoints. Help make this world more tolerant, by being tolerant yourself.

      • define gang like-clothing @ true freedom

        I hate wearing tight clothes so does wearing 2 extra waist sizes define my style as “gangster” if I decide to wear dickies or carhartt one day that may be a bit baggy, does that make my style “gangster”? Will wearing dodger gear and hanging out with my hispanic bald friends before a dodger game in front of my place make me a “gangster”?

        I’d like to know an exact description of who these, alcoholics it seems like more than thugs, that you have a problem with. Thanks man

  24. Let’s face it: between gangs, “I’ve lived here since 1776” people, hipsters, gentrifiers, “white people”, Dodger fans…. Echo Park is a real downer.

  25. The idea that this guy loiters and panhandles and drinks beer and therefore had it coming to him is mindboggling. Cops shot a guy in the head who had no weapon. These are the same cops who shot up a truck that barely resembled Chrsistopher Dorner’s truck and in fact contained two women delivering newspapers. Cops this all of the time, and for the most part they don’t do it to white people.

    • your conscience @ ep

      Maybe they should, so they can get some attitude adjustments… And feel what we feel…I bet they will have a whole different outlook, then they won’t be justifying all this madness! It ain’t no fun when the rabbit has the gun.

      • Oh there you are again being a racist jerk.
        You are clearly a racist and not anyones conscience. Grow up.

        • your conscience @ ep

          I am not racist, I just dance with wolves…Just because you are white doesn’t mean you are right…I was trying to make a point, not trying to hurt your lillipad. Maybe I should get shot in the face also, for being such a rebel towards your kind!

  26. No one deserves to die, especially by the cops–this is a classic case of fight or flight, and in this case David flew away from the guns and oppression. It wasn’t a conscious decision for him to run away, it was instinct. I grew up on the street where this guy used to kick it. My dad used to talk to him and his homies. They were never malicious to the neighborhood, this guy loves and respects his barrio, and now he’s being practically slayed on its sidewalks–the only sympathetic ground in this city. People who believe he deserved to die should be questioning their kindness, next time you’re caught up in a gun battle, I hope someone doesn’t tell you that your sorry ass deserved to rot and die.

  27. Holy cow.. those posters making this into some racial thing, something that has anything to do with “whitey” etc.. have some serious issues with themselves. Funny thing, is that they come off sounding even more racist then the people they accuse.


    • your conscience @ ep

      True Freedom, This shouldn’t be a racial situation at all, but when people are making comments like, it is time to take out the trash…What kind of messages are you all trying to put out there? Or are all the uncompassionate remarks coming from his loved ones or raza, who are they coming from? Realistically, there are even some old school white people that don’t even like what is going on around here, but those are the ones that have been in this community long enough to embrace, all the diversity we have here…Stay here long enough and you may be seasoned, with our richness…Until then, it is what it is…

      • “What kind of messages are you all trying to put out there?”

        Who’s “you all”? I’m me. You are you. Other posters are themselves. There’s no group. There’s no “you all”. We don’t meet in some secret society and wear hoods and plot our messages to “put out there”.

        Could it be that trash is defined by the way one leads their life and not by ethnicity? I grew up partially in a trailer park in the rural south (all white). I know trash comes in all colors. I know decent comes in all colors (and socio-economic strata).

        It’s way too simplistic (and convenient) to label everything you don’t like as being driven by racial motives. It’s way too simplistic to lump everyone into coarse buckets defined by skin color. It’s time to get a little more sophisticated with your thinking.

  28. So many of the comments on this board confirm what longtime residents suspect and/or know about our new “neighbors” and how they feel about the rest of us. It’s also the strongest argument for the continued existence of “gangs” that also claim to be protecting their neighborhood from threatening elements. After all, why should we be the only ones who fear walking the streets of our own community at night? I don’t fear an LAPD patrol car simply driving by but when one happens to slow down to ask me about anything, I get a chill up my spine. Despite being a college graduate who can afford to live in the area, I also happen to resemble a “regular suspect” (i.e., non-white), which is cause for suspicion between sundown and sun-up in most neighborhoods of N.E.L.A. I would like to add that there are plenty of good and even excellent LAPD officers serving the community with the professional integrity and selfless dedication that we expect from them. I only wish they would also dedicate themselves to ridding their department of those trigger-happy pigs who share the same paranoia and prejudices of some posters on this thread. I shouldn’t fear officers a lot more than gang members whenever I decide to risk walking my dog at night or decide to grab a few tacos in my own neighborhood.

    • You are exactly right. Us white people don’t like brown, black or yellow people. Heck, I don’t even like other white people.

      Seriously, people of “color” think they get harassed by the cops BECAUSE of their color when the truth is we ALL (yes that means whitey too) get harassed because “asshole is color blind”. (insert self-riotous snort here)

      If you go around thinking people don’t like you for whatever reason, people will treat you differently because of how you act when you think everyone doesn’t like you. Sort of a self fulfilling prophecy.

  29. Those who “protect” the law should not be above the law either. If I were to mistakenly shoot someone who I thought had a gun, but actually didn’t, I would most likely spend time in jail. The fact that a piece of metal pinned onto a shirt prevents this from happening to a certain group of people is unacceptable.

    All those stray bullets that are flying through the air, fired from a LAPD gun or from another idiot in other instances outside of this case, is one of the scariest things about this. The fact that some people solely want to blame the person shot is far more frightening however.

  30. When in Echo Park I never see the sheer number of White People imagined on this blog.

  31. I’m not sure what is more offensive: the hypocritical call for others to be more tolerant of different multicultural groups while concurrently bashing them in a totally non-tolerant manner, OR the idea that MY culture is all about hanging out in front of liquor stores, drinking in public, and otherwise being pretty immature and lame.

    • your conscience @ ep

      People like this one, cast judgment…If he’s not white, he’s pretty ignorant! And you wonder why they call you whitey! You guys are funny…I am gonna have to have me a good beer and get back to you, my adversaries…

  32. Have any body in here have been assault with one of this gang members, the violence they use, no respect to life and for what,, for a stupid phone or wallet, look at PACH, echo park/silver lake, they have pictures of him doing graffiti , and you can see he’s name on the glass,

  33. Look!! simple,,, if you tell a 7 year old there’s no Christmas will think you don’t love him, or if you say to a church member, that there’s no GOD, he will think of you as evil, AND when you tell your community that gangs are a good citizen you will have people on you ,,,

  34. your conscience @ ep

    These dudes are turning red already. I want you to cry over the internet , and apologize to Dizzy Dave and his family. For being so bias, and for all your bigotry! Well, if you have tattoos’ and you look like a gang member, then you are not worthy to breath? Forget you and your out of state minds’. Look, how would you like it if I moved to your hometown and cast judgment on you? You would be crying more than you are right now in our native land! Gang banging isn’t gonna stop for you…It is our life style, so suck it up and get use to this or don’t move next to us… This is our life style…Just keep crossing the street when you see me…That will determine if you are friend or foe…Trying to turn this into Silverlake isn’t gonna work…When they get tired of it and burn out the hip in Echo Park, you will return to your mamas and daddys, crying about how you didn’t even make it in L.A… What really strikes me funny is when the cops are giving you the ticket and I roll by low and slow getting bump on…America can be beautiful, hugh…House of Spirits, got to love it!

    • The funny thing, is that it’s the gang bangers who are too weak to make it in LA… Thats why they bang. Anyway, good luck to you, internet tough guy. I’m gonna go hang in the jacuzzi for a bit. The one I own.. From working a real job. Nighty.

      • your conscience @ ep

        Anyway’s, I guess it’s good night and if you need any chemicals such as, meratic acid and chlorine,or some kind of pool techincian…Let us know big shot, enjoy your jacuzzi, because I am gonna enjoy mine right here in the Elysian of the Echo…Oh, and don’t forget the Parque!

      • Blame is closely associated with labeling theory, in that when intentional actors act out to continuously blame an individual for nonexistent psychological traits, and for nonexistent variables, the actors aim to induce irrational guilt at an unconscious level, It is a propaganda tactic, to use receptive blaming behaviors, innuendos, and hyperbole in order to assign negative status to normative humans, When innocent people are blame fraudulently for nonexistent psychological states and nonexistent behaviors, and there is no qualifying deviance for the blaming behaviors, the intention is to create a negative valuation of innocent humans to induce fear, by using fear mongering, blaming in the form of Demonization has been used by government for centuries to influence public perceptions of various other governments, to induce feelings of nationalism in the public, blame can be utilized to objectify people, groups, and nations, which can typically negatively influence the intended subjects of propaganda, compromising their objectivity, blame is utilized as a social control technique,,,

  35. I’m craving some tacos now.

  36. Oh my god people … regardless of whether he had a gun or not, you DO NOT run at police with their weapons drawn, yelling at you to get down.

    I’m sorry but count me in the group expressing he brought this on himself. Sad, but true. That said, I hope he makes a speedy recovery and considers this a lesson learned. Education is expensive kids.


    • I don’t think this shooting was justified, but don’t call this man innocent, just because you know this man dosent make him an innocent person, or you just don’t know what the word innocent means

  38. This video also shows a police shooting in the parking lot of a Carl’s Jr. near East L.A. College. This man was walking around with a stick/axe of some sort and breaking out windows, and when he walked out of the restaurant, the police ordered him down, then sprayed him in the face with pepper spray. That didn’t work. When he turned and reared up to swing at the officer, they fired. And I think most people would say they were justified in doing so; they feared for their own safety.


  39. No justice, No peace! What we need is an earth quake or a RIOT. that will send them running for there states that they came from. Fu@k Rampart please leave our neighborhood alone.

  40. Echo Park Resident

    Evil catches up with Evil…. Meaning, This Echo Park Gang member got what was eventually coming. He tags his gang & name on city & private properties carelessly destroying our community for his low life gang & his own amusement. When are these gang members going to learn that evil will always end them, whether it comes by the hands of the GREAT LAPD or other low life gang members. No one has even cared to comment on the fact that there were innocent people surrounding the incident that could have ended thier life tragically. Not to mention his girlfriend that could have also ended up shot…not that she even cares… because what good woman that cares about herself would even date gang affiliated men. Well at least Echo Park can wake up to its beauty for a couple of days without the looks of his nasty tags on bus benches & city walls that my tax dollar pays to get cleaned every month. LaMuerte to all Gangs!!!

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