Mt. Washington condo developer heads back to the drawing

Project site

Rendering of Mt. Washington condos. Marmion Way is on the right side of the rendering. Colors and details have yet to be finalized/J.M. Kivotos Architects

But don’t expect big changes. The architect of a proposed six-unit condo project  at Marmion Way and Avenue 45, one of the major gateways to Mt. Washington, presented some updated plans before the board of the Highand Park-Garvanza historic district.  But members of the Highland Park-Garvanza Historic Overlay Zone, which includes the eastern base of Mt. Washington, did not see enough change from previous versions of the project, which would feature two large buildings set atop a parking  garage. They advised project architect Juan Kivotos to return with some new ideas involving windows, landscaping and the decorative trim at the top of the buildings.

Some members of the audience, include a representative from the Mt. Washington Homeowners Alliance, wanted to see more dramatic changes, including reconfiguring the project. But  the only thing the board could do at this point was weigh in on matters of aesthetics, including design, paint colors, exterior finishes and landscaping.


“There has not been enough community involvement to make sure we have good design,” said Justine Leong  Highland Park Heritage Trust.

Avenue 45 view of the condo development. Colors and details have yet to be finalized


  1. How about NO colors for once? You know, like (ahem) Irving Gill might’ve done.

    • Exactly!

      I actually think they were steering the architect wrong by requesting trim on the roofline. Clean, modern, white with maybe a hint of celedon window trim would be more accurate.

      • Cif (sounds like Chief)

        Totally agree. It already looks like it has a cornice which is too much as it is. It’s about what I expected, bland, but not terrible.
        The underground parking ruins the connection this building has to its site, which is too bad, since its a nicely proportioned knoll, a talented architect could have done something interesting with it.

  2. I like two blocks down on Marmion. I think it looks great. Someone yesterday in the comments said that the empty lot with stairs to nowhere looks ‘classy’. Cmon people.

    I wish we could underground the utilities along Marmion.

  3. Why can’t developers design something like the Craftsman style condos in South Pasadena? All this other stuff just looks like ubiquitous modern LA garbage.

  4. I’m glad that this isn’t being built in my backyard.

  5. I’m already thinking about the traffic problems the construction is going to cause at the intersection. Between the lights (which are good) and the right turn (toward Fig) and left turn (ditto) being halted by Gold Line trains the movement of the trucks with the construction materials won’t be fun and where are the workers who will build this thing park? Will the builders make arrangements with Superior to allow the workers to park there?
    While the wall and stairs may be protected I’m sure the property will be built behind a chain link fence which could cause some problems with the bus stop (southbound 83) at that corner. And let’s not forget the crosswalk across Marmion Way could be compromised by the fencing….with the senior housing just up the hill, we need to ensure a safe crosswalk to the store is preserved.

    And let’s not forget the two large trees, one of them close to the street…the architect’s drawing shows a smallish tree and a shrub (Ave 45 side) which ISN’T
    replacing like with like.
    I’m sure there are other people thinking the same things so between MWHA and MWA and other concerned people such concerns will be strongly presented to the developers and pertinent municipal authorities.
    And I only drive by the intersection occasionally. I wonder how the neighbors feel?

  6. I’m a neighbor. I’m fine with it. Construction causes temporary disruption for long term improvement.

  7. I’m a neighbor – not wild about it. Needs to look less like a fish outta water. The color scheme they propose is hideous and doesn’t do the rest of it any favors. Agree with Cif – can’t we come up with anything better? The freaking Jack-in-the-Box compliments its surroundings more effectively.

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