One injured in Echo Park shooting*

LAPD squad cars at Echo Park Avenue and Sunset Boulevard

Police have sealed off the blocks around Echo Park Avenue and Sunset Boulevard after an early morning shooting left one person injured, according to an officer at the scene. No other information was immediately available but one resident who lives near the intersection said the shooting that took place at about 12:20 a.m. sounded like a “pack of fire crackers” going off.  Another person said that it appeared that officers had been involved in the shooting but that could not be confirmed.

Officers could be seen inspecting the northeast corner of Echo Park and Sunset next to the Walgreens parking lot.  The watch commander at the Rampart Division could not be reached to provide further information.

* Update: Sunset and Echo Park remained closed more than six hour after the shooting. The Eastsider

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  1. I hope a mecho died

  2. I hope a mecho died

    • Yeah, because he is your “enemy” because he’s in a different “gang”!

      I hope you realize how dumb this gang bullshit is soon. The rest of us are waiting but running out of patience…

    • All you need is a badge and gun, deputy no badge! I guess we know what team you are on, old rampart vato! I even though the mayberry side had more decency than to do some stuff like that…I guess you are on that level, no schooling, on that kid stuff…Academy roads over the hill here, and if you like that get down go join them, and you might be part of the scandal…You are a shame to your own raza…pick up your marbles punk…

      • Is that supposed to be English? What are you even trying to say?

      • I got my marbles here hanging mechoxpunk ant u aint shit just like the rest of the mechos on your side all you do is make scenes and get all histerical like a lame that you are old fart piece of dogg sh**

  3. Was waiting for news of this…was within a block when it happened. Shots fired indeed sounded like fireworks, cops responded within 1 minute…immediately closed off entire parking lot and sunset (between logan & echo park ave)- still are redirecting buses through logan @ 2am

  4. Was waiting for news of this…was within a block when it happened. Shots fired indeed sounded like fireworks, cops responded within 1 minute…immediately closed off entire parking lot and sunset (between logan & echo park ave)- still are redirecting buses through logan @ 2am

  5. Heard a round of about five shots last night followed by three in Lincoln Heights, between ave 33 and ave 35 at approximately 730 pm. Helicopter and cops arrived within 10 mins and stationed cops up and down Pasadena ave. Not sure if anyone was arrested.

  6. Still love the fact that a couple weeks ago there was 6-8 shots exchanged outside my window at around 2am (Reservoir/Mohawk area). I watched the car screech away. My neighbors son was playing with some of the casings he found the next afternoon. Not a single squad car showed up. I guess someone has to die to get LAPD to care?

    • hb..did you call the police to report the shots? Not fair to complain about a lack of police response if no one bothered to call the police and let them know.

    • I’m no LAPD fan boy by any means but did anyone actually call the police after the incident you speak of? I’m under the impression that your neighborhood five-o won’t generally respond to backhanded blog comments as opposed to an actual phone call.

  7. Hope he is ok

  8. There is something soriouly something wrong and corrupt with the LAPD I have watched the video clip taken from the guys cell phone online and clearly The suspect did not open fire. I can see that he was simply trying to avoid himself from getting shot. I feel so deeply sorry for the family of the Suspect.y prayers go out to His family.

  9. yes you can see it on the asphalt on the police side on the right bottom corner

  10. We too know the victim, and yes I used the word victim intentionally-he was unarmed. My connection with the “suspect” has nothing to do with any neighborhood or gang affiliation. I am a business owner, parent, community member, taxpayer, and his friend. I can’t deny he made many bad choices as a young person but he is not active or hurtful in any way and, if anything, he is truely ONLY harmful to himself. We all know he has his demons and struggles with substance & alcohol issues but that is not license to shoot, especially in the head/chest/+. I am pissed off. This is not what we pay our officers to do. Gang violence is real I am not minimizing that treat or the damage done to our home and families. But I did not see any gun in his hand and I know he doesn’t have one. This is part of the daily over reaching and power grabbing of the officers. I see them harass him as well as other people in the neighborhood. For those of you who want want to leave self-righteous comments, go for it…let’s just hope you don’t ever need a second a chance one of these days. And he was running because he was scared b/c the cops are always messing with him and I’m sure he was loaded…but again, that is poor judgement on his part- not a reason for LAPD to shoot to kill…even if you do have tattoos and live in the neighborhood…if you know him you know this to be true.

    • Always seems the “innocent and reformed” gang members get shot by the police…

      You are not “just like me”.

      • BeanTeam I am for peace, community, family, power to our people and for all people. I do not want my kids to grow up raised by gangs or running from gangs. I am proud of my culture and love my city. Born and bred in East LA. But this was Bullshit. He was an old on/off again junkie and alcoholic…had more heart and character than most people I know. And as often as I would see him I have never seen him start a fight, get loud, or carry a weapon. He was an old down and out dude who didn’t cause anyone harm…if you are for police shooting people in the head while they are running away unarmed, then I guess we are not alike.

        • Unless the video I saw was doctored; I saw him turn and raise his arms towards the cops as someone would if they were pointing a gun. It’s not clear if he was in fact was armed, however if he was unarmed, that move is clearly provocative enough for a police officer to take the action they did.

          Understandably you are in defense of your friend, but from an outside perspective looking at only the facts, I support the police and their actions here.

          • Watch the news, the officers admit no weapon was found on or near him. He was raising his hands because isn’t that what you are supposed to do when u surrender? The cops need to be held to higher standards and protocols…are you saying they should NOT be held accountable for shooting an unarmed man running with his hands clearly visible AND admit no weapon was recovered? He was out one blk from his house buying a burrito with his wife. I am in defense for him and all of us.

          • Yes, you are supposed to raise your hands, not point them at officers. Also not supposed to run away when they are asking you to stop.

            Officers are human, they are trained to defend themselves and have to make the decision to shoot someone in a split second. I’m saying that based on what I saw, the police were forced into this situation by the suspect FLEEING and then turning and pointing his hands at them. The preponderance of liability is with the suspect not the police.

            By the way, do you REALLY think police officers WANT to shoot and kill someone especially if they are unarmed or innocent? What do you think that does to them and their careers? The amount of scrutiny from the force and the investigation not to mention the psychological effects!

            Bottom line is 99.9999% of people don’t get shot by the police now why do you think that is? You still think it is all the fault of the police? Nope.

  11. BeanTeam sounds like a cop to me????

  12. BeanTeam sounds like a cop to me????

  13. No, not a cop. Just tired of the police always getting the blame is situations like this when it could have been totally avoided with cooperation .

    • From a guy that doesnt have any criminal history or who is a police officer everyone involved looks like a savage idiot.

  14. Oh yeah, definitely a cop.

  15. Beanteam I am not anti-police. But I am anti-police brutality (and in fact many innocent people have been murdered by police did you already forget about the Kelly Thomas case or the more recent Kimani Gray killing…these are not isolated events it has been ongoing). This is not kindergarten – just because someone is uncooperative or more accurately scared-is not justification for a shoot to kill. Wake up before this happens to someone you know. Or at least have an open mind that there exists the possibility that the PD has made mistakes that they need to be held accountable for. This man was not in a gang, he was a neighborhood drunk. And altho not person of the year, certainly he did not deserve to be gunned down. He was a mellow dude with very little to his name. And to everyone else with any heart and critical thinking skills please send healing thoughts the victims way. Peace and positivity.

    • Not isolated events? No, that is exactly what they are. Isolated. Which helps to make my point.

      Put ALL the factors in on this case. 1) this guy has a history with the police (in your own words -not person of the year) which would put the police on edge 2) he ran away when they asked him to stop which is also a message you don’t want to send. We don’t know what he said to the cops before he fled. Could he have said something like “i have a gun”? Perhaps. 3) When he turns and lifts his hands towards the police as though he has a gun well…

      I hear what you are saying -It’s completely unjust and the cops were wrong. I’m telling you that given all of the known circumstances; if I were on the jury, I’d favor the cops and the action they took. And when you talk about “holding the police accountable” it smells like a money grabbing opportunity. And who does a lawsuit punish? Not the cops, the taxpayer.

      • Police being held accountable is much more than a law suit. But I’m not surprised that that is how you see things. You seem extremely concrete it’s no surprise you favor the cops in this situation. So how would YOU punish the cops who shot an unarmed man multiple times including in the head? The police aren’t even charging him with anything…but you feel they have the right to shoot him? You must be some serious badge bunny. For someone who is so concerned with $$ and the taxpayers who do u think is gonna foot the bill for his extending stay at the hospital curtesy of LAPD? And for someone who doesn’t know the victim you sure made up an elaborate sequence of events…you should be out writing screenplays and gracing the planet with your charm and wit…instead of on your keyboard.

        • I wouldn’t punish the police. That’s just it. Given the circumstances, I don’t think they did anything wrong.
          I appreciate the compliments on my writing. I agree with you! I would encourage you to leave the drunks and losers of the neighborhood alone. It seams with your inability to think logically and without emotion you would serve yourself better by not getting involved with these situations or people who have a higher propensity for police activity. While it’s very simple to ME, YOU can’t even grasp the basics…

          Good luck!

          • Actually it was the police in this situation who had the propensity for violence. But you’re right, I should the losers (YOU) alone…I’m out.

  16. Here is link confirming he was unarmed…which those of us who knew him already knew …


  17. mission impossible

    K so you all saw the video, hummmm well I got news for you critersizers who are against the victim. I SAW WHAT HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!! It stayed in my mind. Every day since this hapened. Its been seven days now, cant get that horrific scene out of my head. The truth shall be set!!!!!!!!!!!!! The video didnt show everything. I was there, I seen it all. “DIZZY IS A VICTIM OF A VICIOUS CRIME” GOD KNOWS HE IS!!!!” GET THAT THROUGH YOUR HATING IMATURE HEADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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