Shopper & Diner Report: Coffee now brewing at Echo Park’s Tierra Mia; work underway on Sonny’s Hideaway in Highland Park; MILK coming to Silver Lake?

The new Tierra Mia Coffee officially began pouring horchata lattes and serving Tres Leches muffins on Thursday in the former Downbeat Cafe in Echo Park. In the newly remodeled Alvarado Street storefront,  baristas dressed in black shirts and ties take orders for coffee drinks as well as single cups of coffee made using the pour-over method. That means you will have to wait a bit longer for your cup  but results in the “best flavor,” said owner Ulysses Romero, the 35-year-old owner of the Tierra Mia, which now operates six coffee houses.

In other Shopper & Diner news:

  • The revolving door of restaurants is preparing to turn once again in the former Marty’s/Cafe Lobos/HPK space on York Boulevard.  Derek Lyons is preparing to open Sonny’s Hideaway in the Highland Park building, reports Patch.  Lyons, who purchased the building, is planning to serve “comfort food” in a newly remodeled space.
  • The new owners of Little Joy will be reopening the former Echo Park hipster dive bar today, a few days earlier than planned, according to Echo Park Now. Expect new drinks, bar and bathrooms.
  • Will Silver Lake get MILK?  Eater L.A. spreading rumors about that MILK, ice creamery and bakery on Beverly Boulevard, is preparing to open a second location on Silver Lake Boulevard.


  1. The correct spelling is horchata.

  2. When did drip suddenly become pour over?

    • it’s on a cup by cup basis. it doesn’t drip then sit on a burner for hours. small distinction, but drip/pour over is delicious.

      • Pour overs are great. I’ve drank coffee all my life in this is probably the best way to make coffee for one’s self at home.

        I usually get my fix at Fix, but it would be nice to have a closer place like this since Fix is deep into Elysian Valley.

        The reality (and great thing) about pourover, however, is that you can learn to make the same cup at home with the right kettle and cone. Which is what I do most of the time.

        I end up going to coffee shops for macchiatos and cappuccinos mostly — b/c if you can make me a great tasting drink with a high-end $20,000 machine then I’ll concede my $3-4.

  3. Taza Taza Taza! Sorry but im already in love with Taza Cafe just around the corner on sunset.

  4. Wasn’t the name of this coffeehouse going to be “Echo Lake” or something similar?

    • Yeah, remember thinking it was a dumb name. Did they close already and this is a new one?

      • The name of the old place was changed to Echo Lake Coffee Co. It was in tribute to Echo Park Lake and to show that it was local and not a chain. But that was kind of a mouthful so they dropped “Park” from the name. There seem to be more existing businesses being bought than additional new businesses coming into the neighborhood.

      • Yeah, “Echo Lake” has already come and gone. I’m surprised, it seemed like they put a lot of work into that space.

        • That quickly? They couldn’t have been there more than four or five months. It’s gotta be hard to compete with the Starbucks just down the block (in Lucy’s Laundromat), which has lots of parking. The folks who plop down with their laptops in the independent coffeehouses probably aren’t all that profitable.

  5. So glad Tierra Mia is coming to EP! I know this place from my Huntington Park days and it’s great to see them growing.

  6. I miss the downbeat cafe so much.

    Suuuch a cool spot.

  7. Just tasted their coffee and it is very good! I don’t think Starbucks will be a problem as Tierra Mia’s coffee blows theirs away and who wants to support a corporation anyway? Isn’t there a movement to support small businesses, not corporations, that Echo Park is embracing?

    • can’t wait to swing by and try it. hopefully they will do okay: I always went to downbeat/echo lake to get coffee while working as I would rather spend locally than at the Starbucks across the street.

    • I’d love to see some of the independent coffeehouses (the few that are left in the city) gear themselves toward morning commuters, rather than just neighborhood folks who stop and linger. (Look at the number of people who stop into the Starbucks at Lucy’s from 7 A.M. to 9 A.M. on their way to work – an incredible volume of people line up there.)

      Tierra Mia could also advertise to the folks at the Dream Center; I’ve seen lots of tourist-looking folks lined up at the Starbucks, and I was told they were Dream Center people. Also, they could leave some coupons at the new-ish school just behind Lucy’s. (Just my two cents; since they have six locations, I’m guessing they have a handle on marketing.)

  8. This place SUCKS! $3 is the least expensive coffee you can get – and thats a small…and it takes 5-10 min just to get a regular coffee. The place looks great, but is a total disaster. They seriously had 7 people working there and it took 10 minutes to get a regular coffee. $3 for a small coffee? Are you kidding me?

    • Sounds like the going rate these days .. not sure why you’re freaking out about it. Starbucks is what, $1.75 for a cup of their burner coffee? Your cup is made to order at a place like this, using nicer beans, in an independently run shop.

    • If you can’t tell the difference between that a Starbucks, just get Starbucks! It’s nice to have a choice.

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