Storefront Report: Garage Pizza owner expands into Silver Lake bar scene

Photo courtesy Adi Kancharla

Before opening Garage Pizza in Silver Lake and downtown, Jay Batten was a long-time bartender, working the bars at 4100 and Edendale Grill. On Valentine’s Day, Batten fullfilled the dream of many bartenders by opening his own place, Jay’s Bar in Silver Lake. The bar and gastropbub, featuring polished cement floors and an industrial-style look popular in many bars and restaurants, took over a former Thai restaurant in the same Silver Lake shopping center that is home to Garage Pizza.

Adi Kancharla, who worked bars in Boston as well as at Cole’s in downtown Los Angeles,  is now putting his experience with craft beers and hand-crafted cocktails at work  as general manager of Jay’s Bar. Until a full liquor license is approved, Jay’s Bar is currently serving 15 craft beers on tap and wine by the glass an bottle,  he said.

  “I’m hoping to combine this love of craft beer and classic cocktails to help establish a new bar that has the best of both worlds, with a killer food menu to boot.”

Jay’s Bar
4321 Sunset Blvd.
Silver Lake


  1. I’ve been here a couple times now. The location and hours are great which excuses the just-good-enough food (similarly with Garage Pizza). The menu is better than the food.

  2. In a vacuum, the place sounds fine and dandy. However, Silver Lake and Echo Park have become alcohol central, are way overloaded with too many bars and establishments already — way too many. The last thing we need here is yet another bar.

  3. @Nic: False. The bars / restaurants are a key to attracting new tenants and new homeowners to SL and EP. Rising rents and property value encourage investment by property owners, which leads to spruced-up houses and apartment buildings. New residents support local merchants and, incidentally, increase city and county tax revenue.

    This is a virtuous cycle we should be applauding.

    • What? You’re arguing that inflating prices and pushing everyone out to make way for wealthier people a good goal? And all these wealthy people want is to be drunk?

      • Who is being “forced out” Susan? And how would you “force” someone to do anything against their will?

        It sounds as though you know something I could use to my advantage as a real estate investor. Please enlighten me.

      • It doesn’t push people out if you allow more housing units. It only pushes people out if we prevent apartment buildings from being built across the street.

        • people get pushed out when the rents and property values climb higher than they can afford. no big mystery there. a new bar won’t push anyone out, but then again: that bar probably wouldn’t exist if the rents were still low and the neighborhood sketchy.

          I got priced out of Silverlake in the 90’s (as did most of the arty people I knew at the time). now we all live in Echo Park and people call us newbies and transplants.

  4. What’s a gastrobup?

  5. sailboat jetski

    Great locaish, good food and beer. But I can get every beer they have on tap for at LEAST a dollar cheaper at Mohawk Bend/other bars.

  6. Somebody, please, please just give me a bar where I can get a pint of crap beer for 3 bucks. Better yet, a pitcher of it for 5. Is that too much to ask for? Is it necessary that every bar serve $8 craft beer?

  7. What is the best part about Jay’s new bar are the early evening drunk hipsters who can afford to waste their money on cold oat soup who stand outside smoking and philosophizing. As their smoke rises right into my son’s Tae Kwon Do studio which has been in Silver Lake for 28 years. Grand Master Han’s first Do San was where the outrageously priced Cliff’s Edge is now. Silver Lake has shown itself to push out the “culture” for “money”. So proud of my city. NOT.
    Thanks Jay for more hoodlums and cig smoke outside for our kids to witness especially with your 11am opening hours
    So proud of our city’s “virtuous cycle”.

    • “What is the best part about Jay’s new bar are the early evening drunk hipsters who can afford to waste their money on cold oat soup who stand outside smoking and philosophizing.” – Is this a question?

      I also agree that this city’s deep cultural heritage, as best exemplified by it’s stalwart Tae Kwon Do studios (the anchor of any thriving community), is under attack daily by those greedy entrepreneurs only interested in making a living selling cold oat soup to philosophizing smokers.

      As someone who lived through witnessing hoodlums smoking as a young man, I can deeply sympathize with your children/child (ROCKET?).


      TOTAL BURN!!!!

    • You sound sad. Are you sad? I bet you’re sad.

    • Not Another Neighbor

      I dont think you can put hoodlums and hipsters in the same category.

  8. Zaragoza Jewelry

    Geeez that looks delicious. I’m sooo starving right now, lol. I wish I was in town so I could go there for lunch instead of the crappy Thai place next door…

  9. Some people are claiming that this area is very run down and blighted, it sure does not look like that to me.

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