Cal State L.A. evacuated after bomb threat *

calstateThe students and staff of Cal State L.A. have been ordered to leave the El Sereno campus immediately in the wake of an apparent bomb threat. “The campus is being evacuated due to an emergency,” according to a posting on the college’s Twitter feed.   The warnings have also been issued over campus loud speakers and on the Cal State L.A. Facebook page. Campus officials decided to close the school at noon and ordered the evacuation after a phone caller said a bomb would explode in two hours, according to L.A. Now.

The mass evacuation has tied up traffic in the school parking lots and nearby streets, according to postings on Twitter and Facebook. The  California Highway Patrol has also closed the Eastern Avenue offramp   of the 10 Freeway.

Scenes from Cal State L.A. Evacuation

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This evacuation process is horrible Half the school is now in the parking lots of #calstatela if something were to happen it wouldnt be goodSharon Martinez
CSULA being evacuated! #csula #calstatela #evacuation #notcool #shitisreal #notmoving @seannereyes… instagram.com/p/YQiQw6y2Ps/Laurent Goze
Helicopters, K-9 units, bomb squat and a chaos from cars trying to evacuate #Csula #Evacuation pic.twitter.com/KCtuZDcSGnJessica Soto
Okay kinda freaking out over here. Traffics not moving & I’m stuck in an under ground parking ! #calstatelaMichelle ✨
This car was at school yo #csula #calstatela @CalStateLA pic.twitter.com/7uN0hA63oyjorge ruvalcaba
It’s pretty crazy what’s going on at Calstatela cause nobody knows what’s going on and I was on class :/ Hope everyone is ok!Ivonne Alejandra Martinez
Traffic jam and emergency vehicles, CSULA Campus during bomb threat evacuation, 4/18/13esotouric
CSULA is closed. The scariest thing was seeing the K9 unit and a bomb squad car driving in as I walked away. :(Viviana China

* Update: No bomb was found and the search was completed at 2:30 p.m. but the campus has remained closed, according to Associated Press.


  1. Massive traffic jams as students and staff try to leave campus via the narrow ring road. Emergency vehicles having to force their way thru. A mess. Anyone still on campus should leave their car and walk to the nearest major off campus street.


    Silver Lake Yesterday – Now here, Come on!

  3. I hadn’t realized how much of a security risk it is that one of our major universities is so car-dependent! USC and UCLA have easier means to get large number of people out quickly, and as we continue to reform our transportation system, it’s important to take into account how it will affect people’s abilities to evacuate places if it becomes actually necessary.

    Anyway, I seriously hope they catch whoever perpetrated this cruel hoax (and I hope it really was a hoax!)

    • On the Cal State LA campus is a Metrolink train station and several bus stops that transit the 10. Unfortunately, the systems don’t link with where the students live in a usable way so most people drive cars to campus.

      The police COULD HAVE made the evacuation work better by directing traffic onto the major freeways adjacent to campus but they clearly had no plan or way of doing it in a way that makes sense. This school is adjacent to two large highways.. Evacuating people from the campus should be a no brainer.

      • Spot on, Adam. West side, SG Valley and IE commuters can get in and out of CalStateLA easier than those of us who live nearby. No easy way to Lincoln Heights, Eagle Rock, etc.

        Kudos to the students who hopped out of their cars and started directing traffic–smoothed things out and made it work.

  4. In my opinion, the scariest thing is reading the students’ spelling and grammatical errors in their tweets. “… bomb squat …” “… a chaos from cars …” “… I was on class …” Yowza! It seems that many of Cal State L.A.’s students must have “bombed” in English 101.

    • You don’t think the typos could have anything to do with typing on mobile devices while trapped in a mass vehicular exodus, fleeing a campus rattled from a bomb threat that came on the heels of deadly explosions in Boston, MA and West, TX?

    • James:

      There is no need for all these ellipses when incorporating quoted material. Back to the books for you!


      • I wanted to avoid placing commas within the quotation marks, which didn’t feel correct, and since I only needed portions of each sentence, I thought ellipses would be appropriate. How would you have written those quotes?

  5. Sounds like someone had an exam he wasn’t ready to take!

    …oldest trick in the book.

  6. At the least, maybe “… CSULA … ” will have done a bit of planning next time.

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