“Dog Killer” flyer believed to be hoax

A black and white flyer titled “Dog Killer Alert”  has stirred up concern among pet owners with news that at least five dogs in the Atwater, Los Feliz and Silver Lake area have been slaughtered since late February,  with several found in backyards with  notes warning about “nuisance barking and public excrement.”  But officials with Los Angeles Police Department and Los Angeles Animal Services  said it looks like the flyer, which has appeared  in Griffith Park and has been distributed by email and on  Reddit Los Angeles,  is a hoax.

“There is no indication that any pets in the [Northeast Area]  have been slaughtered, and there are no reports to substantiate anything of the sort,” said Patrica Sandoval, head of detectives with the Northeast Division. ” I would advise that this is simply a hoax.”

Brenda Barnette, head of Animal Services, said her department has not received any reports of dogs being slaughtered in the area.


  1. Looks like something an exPETA rogue agent would do…

  2. I view this as a direct threat to people who are perceived as not picking up after their dogs. To me this “Hoax” is nearly as scary as if it were true. It’s not just that the person who put these up should find something productive to do with their time. This person needs counseling immediately. Sad.

  3. Glendale Eastsider

    Thanks Eastsider for following up on this.

    This will put many of us at ease.

    Thank you.

    • Yes, thank goodness those of us who are dog “owners” yet have absolutely no control over our animal’s barking and toilet habits can now sleep comfortably at night.


      Again, I’d have zero problem if this flyer were true.

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  4. Oddly enough, I’d have zero problem with this if it were true.

  5. Obviously there is some disgruntled homeowner who is tired of cleaning the poop left by the dogs of bad owners from their lawns or listening to untrained dogs bark incessantly and thought they would take care of the matter by just scaring the poop out of everyone. Arf.

    • The LA city council passed an ordinance enforced through animal control that fines dog owners for nuisance barking.

  6. DJ Bento Box REALLY wants us to know he’s totally cool with people killing dogs.

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