Neighbors withhold blessing to turn Silver Lake church into a hotel

Silver Lake business woman Dana Hollister envisions turning the former Pilgrim Church on Griffith Park Boulevard  into a posh,  boutique hotel, with 26 guest rooms going for $265 (and up) a night; a pool, rooftop garden and places to eat and drink.  “I want to do something that is conservative and appropriate,” Hollister told The Eastsider in 2011 of her plans for the Romanesque-style church.  But many neighbors living near the 83-year-old church see nothing conservative or appropriate about Hollister’s plans. Instead, they are concerned that the former church will be turned into a noisy party palace whose patrons will worsen the already tight supply of street parking. Of particular concern are Hollister’s plans to include four bar areas in the hotel, including a cabana bar next to the pool, a lounge in the former main hall of the church that will be open until 4 a.m. and the conversion of the church choir room into a cocktail bar.

“It goes without saying that such changes to the church would severely impact the quality of life for the residents around the church,” says a petition being circulated by neighbors.  On Wednesday night,  the governing board of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council will take up a motion opposing  Hollister’s plans.

Many neighbors have expressed support for the hotel portion of the project but worry about the crowds and cars that would be attracted to the bars and lounge as well as weddings, banquets and other events. The main lobby lounge, for example, has a capacity for more than 150 people and there will be room for another 100 guests on the roof top garden lounge, which would be open until midnight.

“Beautiful project,” said one resident during a February meeting of the council’s  Urban Design & Preservation Advisory Committee.  “My concern is roof top noise, traffic and hours of operation for the rooftop.”

During a presentation before the committee, Hollister, who owns the nearby Cliff’s Edge restaurant and 4100 bar, and her consultants tried to address neighborhood concerns.  Nearby parking lots would be leased for the use of hotel guests and bar patrons, and the project would take steps to keep noise from bothering residents as well as  hotel customers. “Music will not be played too loud, as it would disturb the guests’ hotel experience,” said Hollister, according to the minutes of the meeting.

But residents, who have collected about 200 signatures on their petition, have continued to put pressure on Hollister and neighborhood leaders to protect the surrounding community.

“We hope that the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council will be supportive of our efforts to makesure that any Conditional Use Permits or Zoning Changes will have the residents’ best intersts in mind, ” says the petition.

The Silver Lake Neighborhood Council is scheduled to meet on Wednesday, April 3 at 7 p.m. at Micheltorena School Auditorium,
1511 Micheltorena St. Click here for an agenda.


  1. If you’ve spent any time at Dana’s restaurant Cliff’s Edge, you’ll know that it’s a serene, lovely environment with great food, and I understand that she will apply the same kind of care to the hotel project. Her hotel project is being unfairly maligned by two neighbors who live across the street from it — they’re not trying to protect Silver Lake, they just care about themselves. They’ve knocked on doors and left mailers at nearby neighbors’ doors, including mine, with hysterical misinformation. Through these two neighbors’ aggressive efforts, SLNC has proposed a motion to oppose the project on Wednesday without even alerting Dana that she could come to the meeting to present her side — it’s a very poor judgment call from a neighborhood council that I had previously thought was fair to the community. I plan to be there to support the project.

    • frances patrick gama

      The main reason for a real church is to serve the people with the gospel an helps. I love this. Ask for volunteers to help when needed. All Gods power to you.

      • Sorry gama, but the god thing is played out. Mere mythology at best.

        Sure, if you want to convert it to a charitable establishment sans the “god and church” theme. Okay I guess, but, why do you think this building is empty now?

        • “Sorry” BEANER. trendy and cynical skepticsim is completely plaaayyyed out. Nothing more annoying (or petty) than mortal know-it-alls denigrating the omniscient. Skepticism with zero imagination makes for a pathetic state of mind and read.

          • First, the name is BEANTEAM, dummy. I know many people (including the Hispanic moderator of this blog) would be wildly offended by your use of the term “beaner” . Second, it isn’t skepticism when you know the facts. Third, more people have been murdered in the name of religion than any other cause.

            I’d rather a hotel than any church (in use or not) any day of the week…

          • “Sorry” BEANIE but I get a pass: I am a “Beaner” proudly raised on beans and who still cooks and eats them right out of a clay pot just like my mom used to make. Meanwhile, you didn’t seem to consider that people of faith (NOT religion) including the “hispanics” whose sensibilities you are apparently so concerned about might also be “wildly offended” by your disparaging remarks about their “god”. I’m no bible-thumping holy-roller or even that religious but faith is very real and sacred for many of us. Btw, pagans were expert and merciless while slaughtering entire peoples long before the religion you appear to resent the most emerged. You might want to consider the historical “FACTS” next time before you decide to get all superior and sophisticated(?) with the rest of us.

          • Oh I get it! Mexicans can call each other beaners and it means nothing. So which is it, are the words offensive or not?

            Didn’t say I was pagan. Not sure where you got that notion but whilst you did, I would be remiss to not tie that into the discussion. The christian religions (or faith as you call it) were born directly from pagan beliefs and rituals. Ironic that you would bring that in as though your brilliant “GOTCHA” moment! Yes, the pagans slaughtered as the christians and the muslums etc. See the connection Mr Beaner?

            If you are ignorant to the facts, I can’t control how much you are offended by them.

            Get your head out of your clay pot and read a book.

        • Hey Beans, nothing is going to destroy God’s church. Egyptians, Romans, NWO not even the trendy will prevail against it. As Jesus said” Not even the gates of Hell will prevail against my Church” God loves people where ever there’s people God will be.

          • Sorry but you are obviously uneducated on this topic. I suggest you do a little research before you regurgitate text from a book written 100’s of years ago where men lived to be 600 and 700 years old.

            “Faith” is not facts…

    • “Hysterical misinformation.”…now who’s being “unfairly maligned”? Try looking up the definition of words you’re trying to use to assassinate your neighbors’ character. You suck!

    • SLNC meetings are not held in secret, they are posted on their site, and Ms Hollister is perfectly aware of when they are if she wants to speak.

      We all know this project is just about profit for a few, not for the betterment of Silver Lake, or the well being of residents. Bars dont help a nighborhood, but a civic center would.

      Most of Hollister’s profit will come from the restaurant/bars. There are already dozens of restaurants and bars on the same block, and within 500 feet of the church location. A hotel is nice if you dont mind paying $300 per night, and the whole thing is a good idea, if it was just not located in the middle of a residential street, where we home owners must already endure the nightmare of being regularly awakened at 3am by drunken idiots carrying on in the street, and where 75% of the homes have no driveways or garages, and the residents must share scarce parking with patrons and employees of dozens of commercial businesses within 500 feet that also do not provide enough parking per ordinance.

      Ms Hollister would not appreciate a party going on every night, 200 feet from her bedroom window, nor being prevented from parking within blocks of her home. So why is it ok to inflict this on others? She CLAIMS to provide 66 parking stalls, but she actually has only a 26 stall valet lot. And as we know, people will take up free street parking first. Even 66 stalls would not sustain 80% occupancy, which is 400 people, expected on weekends and for 4 to 6 special events per month. There is already not enough parking to support the other 11 businesses on the same block, or in the Triangle Plaza, or on Sunset, and the bi-weekly Farmer’s Market, or the apartemnt buildings directly across the street- a 32-unit, a 23-unit, a 7-unit, and two 4-units, that ALL do not have parking lots. And permit parking is not allowed by the city. So WHERE exactly are those 400 additional people going to park?

      But who cares about the people who have to live there, just as long as Hollister and her associates make their millions on another trendy bar.

  2. Parking is the biggest issue she will have to overcome. Unfortunately, I don’t see that happening.
    The alternative? A big useless relic awaiting neglect and tagging…

    • Just because someone lives in an area does not guarantee them parking on a PUBLIC street every day right in front of their home. Sorry.

      • What most people dont realize is that 75% of the residents along Griffith Park Blvd, from Sunset to Landa (3 blocks) do not have driveways or garages. They have no choice but to share scarce parking on the street. Right across the street from the church is a 32 unit apartment, and 23 unit apartment, and 7 unit apartment, all with no provided parking.

    • The property has a large parking lot across the street!

      : )

  3. That’s it! I’m moving to Pasadena.

  4. Hate to break it to you but you live half a block from Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles California.

    • You’re right. Its not on Sunset. And should not be developed as if it were. Its back where the residences are.

    • It seems that all anyone wants to build around here anymore is establishments to serve alcohol until the wee hours of the morning. There are too many places serving alcohol already. The last thing we need is FOUR more bars.

      And mind you, those four bars are not for the mere 26 rooms proposed. That is for the purpose of a nightclub for the public, meaning drawing people there all night. And just two blocks form the gastropub at Sunset and Hyperion. And three blocks from 4100 Bar. How many nightclubs do we need in such a small area!?

      These places are just slipping in at every turn, and with no consideration as to how many are proper in one area. Since when did we decide this is to be just a rowdy party area, not a residential area you might want to live in?

  5. What a stupid idea. I hope she loses. Crowds? Noise? Clogged streets? NO THANKS!!!

  6. I don’t mean to entirely dismiss the neighbors’ concerns, some of which may be valid. Any project should certainly go forward in a respectful manner.

    But one thing I can never understand when a group of NIMBYs tries to oppose a project like this… it seems like the only conceivable use for this sort of vacant property that wouldn’t induce more parking demand is, well, to remain a vacant, neglected eyesore. By opposing these projects on the grounds that they will draw more people to the neighborhood who might want to park, aren’t they implicitly endorsing blight?

  7. The neighborhood council is right to oppose the plan as it is. The proposed bars are a big problem. Just take a look at the 4100 Bar, one of Hollister’s properties. It’s trashy. Fighting and screaming drunks outside the bar until 3:00AM — Hollister must have a deal with the cops — because neighbors have called and complained dozens of times and they never do anything about it. When it was the Detour the cops couldn’t stay away from harassing the patrons, but of course it was a gay bar back then. Why does she need to put 4 bars in the hotel? The rooms will sell out because there is a need for a hotel in this neighborhood. But there are plenty of nearby places for guests to go party. Hollister’s track record with the 4100 deserves scrutiny. Four bars are too much.

  8. WOW. SLNC is totally out of line.
    We NEED a decent hotel in Silver Lake! I find it scandalous that when I have visiting friends or family, I have to send them to Hollywood or downtown to find a place that doesn’t suck. Would you rather have new construction or have something converted? I think it’s a great use for the building. If people are concerned about the noise, then address the noise, but don’t toss the baby out with the bathwater on this one.

    • I agree!! I hope all the people like you who are supportive of this project will show up at the meeting tomorrow night. Unfortunately, one angry bored neighbor has been spreading lies and getting the neighborhood all riled up, From what I can tell, Dana’s people have reached out to the neighborhood many times to work with them and meet their whims and desires .

    • Silver Lake resident

      Yeah, but will your family and friend be able to afford $265+ a night for a hotel room? I know my parents wouldn’t.

      • Yes, as a matter of fact they can. Not for an extended stay, but that’s not the point. There are budget hotel/motels around here, but there’s nothing NICE. We need options for everyone in the community, and yes, as everyone knows, portions of the community have become more upscale. I couldn’t make the meeting last night, but I hope there were some constructive discussions. And no, I’m not a recent “import.” I’ve lived in the same house here for 20+ years.

  9. Dana and her team explained at the last Silver Lake Neighborhood Council meeting on March 13 that in response to neighbors’ concerns they had already removed the plans for a rooftop development from their project. Why does this article today still present the rooftop as a possible concern? It would be nice if the facts were presented accurately. Otherwise, all we have is rumors inflamed by irrational fears. And that’s not a good basis for decision making.

  10. Pure NIMBYism! Dana please work with Zipcar!! From this location patrons of this hotel can reach many of LA’s tourist destinations without a car. NO more paving over paradise!

  11. It is on Griffith Park Boulevard and there is zoning for a reason. Sounds like a decent person doing the development, too.

  12. I think the Hotel is a good idea. These people are just afraid of change. As far as parking, the customers of the hotel/bars are the ones that have to worry. If you live in that area, you already know that finding just one space is nearly impossible. Especially on days when the farmers market is open. I can’t imagine where 150 guests to a wedding would park. Maybe she can buy the 99¢ across the street and turn it into a parking lot.

  13. The church should be razed, and, in its place, a 24-story parking structure should be erected with thick walls. Made mostly of concrete, the structure’s gray surfaces can be adorned by local artists with paint, collage, papier-mache, homemade dyes, gelato, excess hair of pets, and saved “I Voted” stickers. On the roof, a large fire pit can be used for SLNC meetings where any good ideas can be ceremonially burned and any change can be sacrificed. There would be special seating along the perimeter of the roof for those who during meetings just want to chant quietly and continuously about how many years they’ve lived in the neighborhood; there should also be a special room made of recycled plastic bags just for pondering “quorum”. “Chinatown” can be projected on a wall on a continuous, confusing, never-ending, completely unrelated loop. This church to parking could be the ultimate symbol in the SLNC’s fight against “density”. Of course, the building can’t be used until the neighbors hold hands around it and deem it “quirky” enough. Come to Silver Lake. We’ve got Quirky Parking. The sun never sets on Quirky.

    • You are my hero.

    • I don’t understand why people like to demonize the SLNC. They are our neighbors and volunteer a good part of their lives in our interests but in Eastsider comments they always seem to be excoriated as “pro development who approve everything” one day and “pro NIMBY who block everything” the next. Is it fulfilling to poke jibes at volunteers? I have been to many SLNC meetings and have always been impressed by their fairness and patience to listen to all sides. Sorry for the rant but sometimes internet trolling (even clever trolling) just gets to be too much.

      • The poor, victimized SLNC. How dare anyone comment on their record. Sorry, I disagree with your romanticized notion of them fighting for “our” interests. You think they serve the interests of the larger community? I’ve been to many meetings, too. Too many where they allow the unreasonable and the crazy scream at, abuse, and belittle whomever they happen to be opposing at the moment, giving very little time for real discussion. Attend the meetings, read the meeting minutes. Less ambulance chasing of NIMBYs to help form their voice might help their image.

    • Jerry that is hilarious!

      Seriously, though, I wouldn’t want a bunch of bars plunked down next to my house either! It’s a funny section in that it is urban and residential at the same time.

      Silverlake desperately needs a decent hotel and the restoration sounds cool. Concerned residents are in their right to be involved in the plan making, especially when it comes to how they will be directly impacted by noise and parking issues.

      I hope the tourists going there will take cabs or public transportation because as other posters mention they will be SOL getting parking on certain days/hours.

  14. Why are so many city dwellers afraid of progress and development. It’s this kind of paranoia that inhibits any sort of urban revitalization that the people of this community could benefit from. And what are we left with? The vacant “Bates Motel” attracting crime and vagrancy and fenced-off dirt lots in one of the most expensive real estate markets in the nation. Just so we can do another traffic study? I have news for you, there’s going to be a lot of traffic. This is Los Angeles. Our community needs a hotel badly. Who wants their grandmother staying at the fleabag next to the foot clinic? Not me.

    • I had to stay at the hotel by the foot clinic one night and thought it was great. It wasn’t $265 a night great, but the room was clean and life was good.

    • Jerry Malatesta

      Oh, come on. This is Silver Lake. Grandparents staying at fleabag hotels next to foot clinics is “quirky”.

    • Jimmy the Comfort Inn is hardly a flea bag. I stayed there for about a week when our house burned down and the staff took good care of us. We’ve had relatives stay there and while it is definitely not a nice boutique hotel it is adequate.

      But it would be nice to have other choices in the area!

    • Your grand mother can afford $300 a night? That’s the proposed hotel’s rate. There are already several decent hotels within a few miles of this location.

  15. please note: individual members, committees, and/or stakeholders of the SLNC propose motions, and THEN the WHOLE SLNC Governing Board votes on them at monthly meetings. This motion in question HAS NOT been proposed by the entire council. Please make sure to review Wed Night Gov Board agenda here and understand particulars of this motion: http://silverlakenc.org/2013/03/27/governing-board-meeting-4-3-13/

  16. Live across the street, it’s never noisy. I welcome this. That church is an eyesore IMO. Turn the green polka dots into a parking lot, kidding. =)

    • Of course “its never noisy” now, because its vacant. Do you think an open roof bar open til midnite, or drunkards spilling out at 4am (bar closes at inside), will be quiet?

  17. Wasn’t she going to open adorable but totally run down, mid century hotel that’s sitting empty a few blocks west on Sunset? Whatever happened to that plan?

  18. Very nice site in general. (I have no opinion on the conversion of the old church.) But I’m curious to know when Silver Lake became “the Eastside”. If it’s northwest of downtown, it’s — I dunno — the “near Westside” or something like that, but clearly not Eastside.

    Jim C
    more or less native Angeleno in OC

    • I don’t think eastside/westside is in relation to downtown. The line that divides is the 405 if I’m not mistaken.

      • Although I did just find out that this wasn’t always the case, so I stand corrected, but as far as I know, this has been the recent definition.

        • Jerry Malatesta

          As you’re travelling eastward, you’ll notice that things start to gradually . . . slowly . . . seamlessly . . . become “quirky”. That’s how, you’ll know you’ve crossed over. It’s not a mirage . . . that’s grandparents staying at fleabags next to foot clinics.

      • It is La Brea Blvd.

    • can we knock down 4100 and turn it into a parking lot instead?

    • East is a state of mind mannnn! Let yo mind be freeeeee!

  19. In my opinion, this is a great idea.

  20. since the main issue seems to be parking, where exactly did everyone park when this was a functioning church? why is it now an issue? did you complain about them? i’m sure there were a lot more people showing up for mass, than would be staying at a small boutique hotel. i would love to see this building saved AND provide for the east side what we are so sorely laking, somewhere for friends or family to stay. it’s only 26 rooms! get over it. most of the bar space would probably be used by hotel guests , or possibly people in the area they are here visiting. or possibly people who are already in the area having dinner or drinks close by. and, as mentioned above, the rooftop idea had been abandoned.

    • The church held occasional services, usually only early Sundays when most neighbors were not up and running around yet. The proposed hotel would be running 24/7, with at least 3 bars, the main one open til 4am, and the roof bar til midnite every night. Hollister stated she expected 4 to 6 special events per month, with 80% capacity, which is about 400 people. A trendy hot spot is not the same as a quiet church.

  21. I’m all for a hotel, but does it have to be so expensive? I couldn’t recommend that to any of my friends since none of them are rich. Couldn’t the parking issue be taken care of by making the street parking for residents only?

  22. I’m all for converting the building into a hotel, but four bars? I love drinking as much as the next person, so it’s not that, but why would a 26 room hotel need four bars? Sounds like it’s more than just a hotel, and I think that’s the real concern. Also too bad it would be so expensive per night, but I guess that’s neither here nor there.

  23. The actress Anne-Marie Johnson (In The Heat Of The Night, I’m Gonna Git You Sucka) is behind the motion (not the Neighborhood Council) to deny Dana this opportunity to turn this into a functional business. She is a board member and an elected official. She will remind you that she’s been a Silver Lake resident for 50+years and HATES DENSITY. Speak up tomorrow night at the meeting at Micheltorena Elementary if you want this to go through. Surely she’ll have her NIMBY posse in tow.

  24. Everyone agrees, a 26 unit boutique hotel is a wonderful idea. But four bars that serve 400+ people is a nightmare in a residential neighborhood. Can you imagine a Los Globos type nightclub near your home? And the bates motel? Ms. Hollister made her money and dumped it back on the neighbors to deal with. The parking issue has been beat to death. We get it.

  25. Four bars = nightclub. Bad for a residential neighborhood.

    • You “anti-four bars” people are ridiculous to think that just because there are four bars that each one would be packed every night! While I’m sure the hotel owner wished your fantasy would be reality, the idea is clearly unrealistic!

  26. Isn’t this article out of date? At the last SLNC meeting Dana incorporated the peoples concerns; she said that the pool, and its bar, are only for guests of the hotel, the rooftop bar was removed and the hours of the project were reduced to close earlier. If you are interested in having a nice hotel in the in the area, so your relatives don’t need to stay next to a foot clinic, we should all be at the hearing to support the hotel and hear what is actually happening. I will be there.

  27. Think of how many jobs this will create! They’re not having 4 bars, they’re just having four points of sale where their patrons can order… not sure why the SLNC would let a few angry rich people with time on their hands represent a neighborhood that is actually comprised of 75% renters….

    If anyone has noticed, LA does not PRODUCE anything anymore… services are the best thing we have going for some of the 99% of us that don’t own 1 million dollar homes at the top of the hill.

  28. The Silver Lake Neighborhood Council meeting tomorrow is open to everyone who wants to share their thoughts on this project. 1511 Mitcheltorena Street School in the auditorium. The meeting starts at 7:00pm. You can park on Sunset (and feed the meters) or Mitcheltorena, take the number 2 or 4 buss or walk (if you live near the proposed project, the school is within walking distance)

  29. people who support this need to show up. Its always the haters who are the loudest opponents. I live two blocks away and I support this. At least its development and jobs plus any development there would cause increased traffic. Sounds like shes taking steps to secure some parking and the “4 bar” thing is being used as a red herring. Four areas that serve drinks does not mean there will be four full blown nite clubs just that you can get drinks at different areas. Its good for business but I have to say at $265 AND UP… faaaawk that! I will never stay there and would never recommend anybody else to but good luck to her anyway!

  30. Might as well turn the church into a giant salon & cross fit center. Heaven forbid the fact the area needs a decent hotel and establishment like this. Perhaps the neighbors complaining should move to suburbia if you didn’t want to live in a city or happening neighborhood. I’m sure the TGIF in Monrovia is only open until 9pm so there won’t be any late night noise to keep you up and disturbing you from watching Season 13 of The Bachelor.

  31. The rich and saturated are the problem here.
    Shame on them.

  32. You sheep have no clue what’s going on with the church proposal. Go ahead and blame the rich – you realize that Dana Hollister is the richest of them all, right? You know that she lives on the 5 acre mansion in the Silver Lake hills on Micheltorena? While you’re getting drunk and filling your bellies with her mediocre food, she’s laughing all the way to the bank.

    • I fail to understand why some believe that successful people should not be able to spend their money any way they please. Whether it is a 5 acre mansion on Micheltorena, a Lamborghini, or an electric dog polisher why do we spite people for being successful? This isn’t Cuba or North Korea, this is ‘merica. So Dana wants to use her money to build a hotel that will benefit our community, and this is a bad idea because she is “rich”? If having the option to have my out of town guests stay at a nice, local hotel—and getting an overpriced cocktail at a nice restaurant makes me a sheep, then all I have to say is baaa.

      • Do you even know that Dana wants to charge $275 MINIMUM for each room with the top price being $425? Don’t you get it? No one is going to pay even $300 for a room with no view, no service (15 employees on site at all times is what her application lists), BUT, people will pay $15 for 1 drink at the next trendy Dana Hollister project. This is how this business is going to stay afloat… it will be 4 bars and a rip-off hotel. You could stay at the W in West Hollywood for $300 a night and a great view. This isn’t a hotel, this is 4 bars in a fake hotel.

        • This seems to be rather an unfair appraisal of a project that has yet to be developed. A’rip off’, and a ‘fake hotel’.There are plenty of lovely hotels that don’t have views, and in LA the prices that are being talked about, for a nice, classy boutique hotel, in a fashionable neighborhood don’t seem to me to be exorbitant. If you’re talking about opposing a project just because you think it’s too expensive, that’s a little out of bounds. Nobody will be forcing you to go there. It’s already been explained that there won’t be ‘four bars’. And thank you, I’d prefer a nice small boutique hotel over the corporate hell that is the W, with it’s gross Drais nightclub, any day of the week, view or no view. All hotels rely to some extent on additional sales from food and beverages. Why do you think the little bottles in the mini bar at any hotel are so outrageously expensive?
          If you actually listened to what is being proposed, rather than allowing yourself to get whipped up into a lather you might view things a bit more calmly. A healthy, civil dialog is what will enable this planning process to create something that’s an asset to the community.

    • Sheep are people too

  33. Shame on those fully diluted rich people!

  34. Pali Hotel on Melrose has 32 rooms, and it’s SMALL and QUIET. I think people thing this is going to be a bustling business hotel, or the equivalent of a 24-unit apartment building. It really won’t be.

    And since when do PUBLIC streets belong to residents for parking? At the last meeting, one lady suggested shutting down the farmers market, because her guests have to park THREE BLOCKS away. Yeah, let’s shut down the farmer’s market so you don’t have to park in your own garage.

    And the “four bar” business is a non-starter. It simply means there are four locations where they can serve drinks. Dana has explained it oh, twenty times. I’m showing up tonight in support.

  35. Can’t we just band together and help her open that little hotel instead? Its just sitting there rotting….

  36. Brock Harris has a very good point. Pali Hotel is in a similar mixed use neighborhood, with its own traffic problems and is a great addition to the neighborhood. And this project has the potential to be of similar value. Ms. Hollister has had meetings to discuss the project and hear people’s concerns. She’s well aware that the project depends on the support of the neighborhood. She agreed to nix the rooftop lounge, and limit bar hours. The red herring of the ‘four bars’ is being used as a scare tactic. Do you really think she’s stupid enough to think that people would want to stay in a small hotel with four raging bars. Use some common sense. Cliff’s Edge is a good example of the class of project that this will be. Something has to happen at that church. It’s a target for all sorts of unpleasant activity as it stands. Any idea that this is going to be some ‘community theater’ or other is unrealistic. The real estate in that neighborhood is now valuable, thanks to people like Dana, and Gareth of Cafe Stella, and all the business owners that have made it a vibrant, attractive neighborhood. If you’re for a sensible and tasteful development project in this location, you should go and voice your opinion, and counter the rabid hysteria of the NIMBYs.

  37. Not Another Neighbor

    I was sold on ‘pool’

  38. I just don’t understand why a small hotel would need four bars, or areas to serve alcohol – whatever. How would she limit the patronage to only guests? I’ve never heard of a hotel that does that. Usually anyone who’s reasonably well-dressed and can pay their tab is welcome to drink at the bar. I’m all for re-adapting the church into a hotel, but something about her plan doesn’t seem forthright.

  39. Great discussion. But then, that’s what the process is all about. My take is that we’re fortunate to have someone with the imagination and business acumen to be willing to invest (read: risk) her resources to make a buck, improve the neighborhood, and create some jobs – did I read 15? If it’s 15 ‘always there’, or almost always, we’re probably talking ballpark 40 jobs.

    And we’re fortunate to have the much-appreciated volunteers of the SLNC considering input from the affected neighbors and guiding the mitigation by Ms Hollister of valid concerns. I’m hoping this works out. I think it would be a big plus for the area.

  40. My family and I have been involved in the Silver Lake business community for over 30 years. Cliff’s Edge and the library are just two of many improvements that have made this community more inviting, the real estate more valuable during this time. It seems all projects generate at least some controversy, but the kinks get worked out in the process. It’s healthy. Silver Lake will continue to grow and improve, and I’m hopeful that Ms Hollister’s conversion of this site will be a part of that growth, for the benefit of Silver Lake and Los Angeles.

  41. A message to all the feebleminded neighborhood folks on here who refuse to embrace change – get over it! Lose the church and build a hotel. Silverlake needs business and a hotel is a great way to pour money into the city.

    I am so tired of the old farts and the stroller-pushing suburbanites who lament any business that doesn’t close down its doors after 5pm. If you don’t want to live in a community that is alive and kicking with visitors and social life, please move to the Valley. Or Palm Springs.

    • Opposition has nothing to do with ‘feeblemindedness.’ It has to do with nightly drunken noise, particularly as patrons stumble out to their cars parked on the street while residents are trying to sleep, and it also has to do with the 75% of residents along Griffith Park Blvd having no place to park because their homes do not have driveways, garages or lots. NO ONE wants to be woken up by loud drunken behavior, or to have no place to park near their homes. There are is already an oversaturation of bars in the area. Residents dont need MORE of this. Currently, the proposed bar-hotel would regularly draw up to 300 people (& weekly special events), with only about 18 off site parking spaces shared with Cliff’s Edge. This will not begin to solve the potential parking hell for GP blvd residents.

  42. So long as she gets parking I’m all for it. Oh, and provides that parking free so the peeps actually use it instead of clogging the residential free spots ala Cliff’s Edge.

  43. This looks to me to be an absolutely super idea. And given Dana Hollister’s excellent track record in this town, I fully expect an implementation that will be a big plus for the neighborhood and its real estate values. So count me in as a supporter of this project. I’m sure the SLNC will hold her feet to the fire and support this project with appropriate safeguards for the community.

  44. so what happened at the SLNC meeting?

  45. Dana Hollister has been the horror story of Silver Lake. She has done nothing but lead to the destruction if the area’s inherent culture with false lip service about pleasing the locals.

    She is a kin to a land baroness.

  46. To whom it may concern, my name is Rev Mathew Jordan, I have been asking information about the activity and project of transforming the church into a commercial store. I am willing to revive the church and use it as a PLACE OF WORSHIP, I am hospice chaplain and I am looking for a church for my community, to provide spiritual care and bereavement counseling. I wrote several email asking the attention of Ms Dana Hollister but I have not received any information.

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