New palm trees and irrigation system in the works for Elysian Park

Palms have become infected with deadly Fusarium wilt fungus

Plans  to replace  Elysian Park’s ailing Avenue of the Palms and an equally troubled irrigation system are scheduled to be discussed at a community meeting tonight.  The stately rows of Canary Island Date Palms near Stadium Way and Scott Avenue have become infected with a deadly fungus that is killing off the century-old trees.  Crews will begin removing some of the dead palms later this year and replacing them with new trees, under plan spearheaded by the Citizens Committee To Save Elysian Park.

Meanwhile, plans are also underway to replace the leaky irrigation system across much of the approximately 600-acre park and allow it to tap into recycled water that will be delivered to the park by the L.A. Department of Water and Power through a new network of pumps, pipes and storage tanks (the park’s irrigation system will still be able to distribute potable water as well).

How is all this going to work? Details will be provided at tonight’s meeting, hosted by the city’s Recreation and Parks Department and the Citizens Committee To Save Elysian Park, that will begin at 6 p.m. at Grace E. Simons Lodge, 1025 Elysian Park Drive, in Elysian Park.

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  1. Top 5 Comments So You Don’t Have to Leave One
    1. $$$$$
    2. If the city would have not neglected these for so long this would not have happened.
    3. Barlow Hospital blah blah blah
    4. Native trees rule, non-natives can go suck it.
    5. KittenFace can go suck it.

  2. How do you join the Citizens Committee To Save Elysian Park?

  3. I agree with Kitten Face- natives do rule! If the City and the people really want to preserve open space and restore it, then plant oaks, sycamores, or some other native trees. If palm trees are planted at least go with CA native palms (it is not like we have a shortage of palm trees in Los Angeles).

  4. Please save these trees, they are a huge part of Elysian/Downtown/LA history.

  5. Last time I heard this topic discussed, another species of palm was being discussed. If they’re not the same species, why even bother?

    I love the late 19th century/early 20th century Los Angeles that Canary Island palms evoke. But they are now reaching the end of their natural life. So, why not do something that speaks to our time? Say, a row of sycamores?

  6. Put something so therefore this is not barren. Elysian, I remember when somebody set them on fire. Actually, maybe they should plant some new trees, just not ones that will mess up the ride when we are posted at the park!

  7. L.A. without palm trees is not L.A.!!!

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