Scenes from the Echo Park Art Walk

Photos by Martha Benedict

The sidewalks of Echo Park Avenue and nearby streets were lively this afternoon as the Echo Park Art Walk attracted fans of art and crafts as well as music and performance. And for those in search of a deal and a meal, there were merchant specials and food trucks, too.  Martha Benedict took photos during the early part of walk, which continues until 6 p.m.



  1. worst art walk ever. last year was sweet this year nothing at all. coudln;t even tell anything was going on. Poor job by all!

  2. why so grumpy pat? gimme a smile, pussycat

  3. Suck it, pat. Eat a fat one.

  4. Agreed. The art walk this year was little more than just a walk. Aside from a few tacky drawings of devils on the sidewalks three was nothing to see here. Weak.

  5. Stop, you had me at “NUT MYLK.”

  6. I thought this one was better than the last, of course I stay up the avenue and noticed that there was no police harassing to much. I had it my way, good job Echo Park. As a whole we did good this year…

  7. WORST ARTWALK EVER. Although the yard with the overturned wheelchair was great.

  8. I really enjoyed it. Great job to all the organizers. Looking forward to next year!

  9. The best art walks were in the late 90’s and early 2000’s when there were ACTUAL art galleries on E/P avenue ……….

  10. Yeah, miss the galleries.

  11. It takes a volunteer force to put an art walk together. I suggest if you don’t like how the art walk turned out, you step up and volunteer to create a better one. As a former organizer of EP art walks, I was always amazed at folks that complained about out art walks, but never offered to help out. Most of us did the organizing on weekends and week nights after work for the betterment of the community. Just regular folks putting in the time to create something good. Get involved if you don’t like something. Negative comments do nothing to build community.

    • fair enough. I am sorry to anyone whom I offended. I value any contribution anybody gave towards creating the art walk.

  12. All I saw on sunset was indie boutiques and hair salons. Echo park does not need anymore hair salons or indie boutiques. I never see anyone shopping in those overpriced places anyway.
    This art walk was embarrassing. I guess bougie bohemians don’t really make art they just buy it on the Westside.

  13. It would be really nice if all businesses that want to be involved make a point of displaying art from local artists. Even if it were hanging a few paintings on their walls above what they are selling. (I know some businesses did just this but not all). It would be win-win for both artist and business because it would bring people in to their store/boutique/restaurant etc to see the art but also be able to see/buy the shop’s wares. It is so hard for an artist to actually get gallery representation that this would be nice for more local artists being able to show their stuff to the public. And no, I’m not an artist looking for gallery representation, I’d just like to see more art on an art walk.

  14. Why not change the name? Call it a Crafts Walk or a Chalk Walk or a Gentrifiers Walk or Echo Park Party or something….. Art Walk makes it sounds like some form of torture. I’m up for a block party, just don’t weigh it down with unfullfilable expectations.

  15. Or critically incorrect walk! Yes, I do think they should change the name and make it more of a ,Echo Park Festivity Walk. More bands, more food, and where’s the tap for the draft? I guess it can always get better right?

  16. I personally spent about 3 hours doing a huge chalk drawing in front of Villainy General Store, where the always excellent proprietors, Erich & Ellen, offered up cookies, water and wine. I also distributed 13 different original 6″ x 6″ pieces of my own work within a few blocks of the store as part of an art scavenger hunt. On the back of each piece it gave information and hash tags to post pictures of the work and entitled whomever found the piece (to have as their very own for free) a discount at the store. As far as I know, no one has posted a single image or claimed a discount at Villainy. It just seems to me that there isn’t a lot of interaction, enthusiasm or attention being paid to the event, despite the efforts of volunteers, artists and certain stores to make it happen. Conversely, if you go to the Friday art hop in nearby Highland Park, for example, there’s much more participation and a livelier atmosphere all around.

  17. I believe every vary is entitled to their own opinion, but will be more positive if we contribute to make it better, cleaner, in my opinion by the Echo Park Ave was great, I was not able to visit the Sunset Blvd, because we were pretty busy. I love the Art Walk, hopefully every year will be better and have more people involved and work with the business and the community.

  18. What happened to artwalks and festivals uniting people from all walks of life? I’m surprised that some of you are actually sympathizing with some of the organizers of this event that are commenting. Do you really think they have real “locals” in mind when they organize these events?

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