The Eastsider is getting a makeover

nulookBrace yourself. Change is coming. The Eastsider is going to look different come Monday after the blog adopts a  new look over the weekend. The purpose of the new design, credit goes to Janice Lee of POTG in Cypress Park,  is to improve the organization and presentation of stories, photos  and other content on desktop and mobile versions of the blog.  (The Eastsider also just likes to redecorate every once in a while). The Eastsider will also be rolling out some new features that will be easier to explain once the new design takes hold.

Part of the change will be a new banner or logo that will replace the painting, “Clouds Over Echo Park” by Mary-Austin Klein, that now tops the blog.  That painting will be missed but it  will show up in other ways. The new website banner will feature a bold, chunky and colorful font that will help us better promote The Eastsider in digital, print and t-shirt form.

The switch to the new design is scheduled to take place over a few hours on Sunday, so the blog might be down for a while or behave a bit strangely. We ask your patience as  the new look goes live and we work out any kinks we encounter.  Please report any problems to hello@theEastsiderLA.com.


  1. Eastsider is getting gentrified!

  2. Bring on the complainers!

    I’ve been reading this blog in echo park since ’67 remember when it used to have the painting as the headliner. Now it is all yuppie and orange.

    I wonder what DJ Bento Box thinks of all this?

  3. I like it! Yay!



  5. The new design looks cool but I find it difficult to read compared to the old format especially in the comment section. The indentations are quite askew. Makes me a little dizzy…or is it the hangover?

    • Is the type face too small or hard to read?

      • Maybe it’s the font? When I look at other news oriented web sites, It seems they use more traditional fonts like New Times Roman. I remember vaguely discussing fonts in a business school; how the fonts that contain (I think identified as) “heads and tails” are easier to read for some reason. Perhaps your web designer could give you better insight on this as it’s been quite some time for me! Maybe it’s the column width of the texts? Can’t put my finger on it. Also, previously if you rolled over the “recent comment” section, a bubble would tell you which article it pertained without having to click on the comment and the moniker / email addresses would automatically populate. But again, the design looks great! Congrats to our local blog spot to which we all greatly appreciate!

        • I agree with Beanteam that it’s hard to read. Even on my large screen imac it’s dizzy inducing. I think the font is too heavy for the spacing, especially in the comment section. Look at Beanteam’s last comment, all the letters feel too close together so it takes the eye a while to adjust to it. Maybe choose a font with more breathing room in between the letters?

  6. Please change the font and enlarge it a bit more.
    Plus, I now cannot enlarge the page (zoom in) with my iPad, as was possible before.

  7. I find the color of the text difficult to read when highlighted…it fades around the edges…discourages following it…and I agree that the letters are too close together…and as I look at what I’ve typed, it’s a lighter shade than the “Your email address (etc..”needs to be darker. Thanks

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