$7 chocolate bars anyone? Gourmet sweets shop sets up an Echo Park Avenue outpost*

Former Delilah Bakery prepares to reopen as Valerie Confections.

Valerie Confections, a maker of high-end chocolates and sweets that operates a store on First Street at Beverly Boulevard,  has taken over the former Delilah Bakery in Echo Park. Valerie Confections, operated by Valerie and Stan Weightman, Jr, plan to sell pastries, sandwiches and salads along with chocolates at the Echo Park Avenue shop, reports Angeleno magazine.  The magazine did not say what exactly Valerie Confections, which is also opening an outlet in the Grand Central Market downtown, will be selling in Echo Park. Valerie Gordon declined to provide information when approached by The Eastsider earlier this month.

However,  a check  on the company’s website reveals some gourmet chocolates and treats, from $7 chocolate bars to $20 bags of granola snacks and $50 boxes of chocolates. But the menu for the Grand Central store also shows some lower prices options, including $3 scones, $5 seasonal fruit galletes, $7 bowls of chili and $8 Caesar salads.

The company got its start with a line of chocolate covered toffees, which brought “toffees to a new level,” according to an L.A. Times story.

*  Correction: A previous headline of this story said Valerie Confections was from the Westside. That’s wrong. Their existing shop is in the Historic Filipinotown area.


  1. I would pay $8 for a caesar salad but i wouldn’t pay $8 for a CESAR salad.

  2. If i’m reading this right, they’re replacing the failed concept with an identical but differently named concept?

    • no. valerie confections has been around for years, has amazing quality product and is not a failed concept. i am thrilled they are coming to echo park!

  3. I think they were located in Filipinotown/Virgil Village, which isn’t exactly the Westside.

  4. Valerie Gordon ” declined to provide information ..”
    GRRRREEEEEAAAAATTTTTT start to a neighborhood joint.
    Be secretive and exclusive as opposed to just telling their neighbors what they have to look forward to .
    I wont be going here .I decline to give you my money.

    • And I’m sure they’re *terribly* disappointed to lose you!

      Looking forward to this establishments and I’m glad they’re taking their time making the decisions as to what they’ll be offering our community. Maybe they’re trying to get a better feel for the street before they commit to a menu.

      • “Maybe they’re trying to get a better feel for the street before they commit to a menu.”

        Then why didn’t she just say that? I agree that declining to talk about it at all (to a very well-read and loved blog that covers the exact neighborhood she’s moving to) seems a bit rude and snobby; and I actually like Valerie Confections and have visited the First St. location and their stand at the Hollywood Farmer’s Mkt. Would it hurt just to make a statement rather than snubbing The Eastsider completely?

        • Amway and EseEse, Ben’s pretty on track with his comment. Jesus stopped by unexpectedly while we were painting, and we just weren’t yet ready to announce that we had taken over the space. We’re still working on the menu and refining the concept, but it’s much more concrete now than it had been. Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

    • maybe a small company with a successful track record wanted to wait until everything was in order, like permits etc. prior to announcing they are opening. as it is, the food blogs are already all over this. valerie confections in echo park is a big deal. welcome to EP , never mind amway. 🙂

  5. if the breakfast and lunch offerings/prices are similar to their downtown menu, then this will be a great addition. they’re probably still working on the menu/offerings, which is why there’s little info. Let them open and give them a chance before crying ‘boycott’. Not worried about $7 chocolate when Cookbook already has it for $9.

    • really?, the concept is pretty different from downtown, but the pastry offerings will be similar. We’ll be stocking a small selection of our chocolates, but that won’t be the main focus.

  6. 2old4technology

    Aw heck. I’ve been driving by every day with mounting excitement anticipating a welcoming neighborhood eatery of some kind. I used to stop at Delilah’s every morning for coffee and occasionally pick up a sweet treat and walk the dog down for a sandwich and cupcake on most weekends. This shop doesn’t seem like one that will fit into the rotation too often. Hope I’m wrong.

    • sounds good to me.


      “the EP spot will be more of an extension of what they’re already doing at their farmer’s market stands and shop near Silver Lake. That means sweet and savory pastries, cakes, jams, chocolates, sandwiches and salads, all made with local seasonal ingredients, plus locally roasted coffee and a huge focus on tea.”

    • 2old4technology – I think you’ll be really happy to stop by on your morning walk – please say hi when you do.

      • 2old4technology

        Stan, I like how you’re representing here. As a 30 year resident I appreciate the hospitality. Echo Park has always been a community, not just people living side by side in anonymity. Looks like your establishment will fit in just fine.

        • 2old4technology – Thanks! We have a lot of friends in the neighborhood, and are very excited to be joining the community. Please introduce yourself when you come in, with a handle like “2old4technology”, I’ll definitely remember you!

  7. EchoParkNewbie

    Welcome to the neighborhood.. looking forward to to trying out your stuff. hope you can also offer some lower price point products as well to have a little something for everyone in the neighborhood.. maybe a couple of riffs on some select Mexican pastries and other food/bev forth as a nod to current EP population but still keeping the prices only slightly higher than their authentic counterparts down the street… “echocolate” there a free brand name on me ;>p cheers and break an .. egg?

    • No need to sugarcoat this place, bigotry at its finest. If we need a panderia we will go down the avenue where it is more affordable, enjoy your new stop!

    • @EchoParkNewbie , just wondering if you would recommend that a new store who sells inexpensive food also offer more expensive foods to have a little something in the neighborhood for everyone?

  8. Barbecue! I talked to the guy there, and he said they are also going to do Artisanal Barbecue! I’m so psyched!

  9. Found more info on the menu and concept- sounds like more of a tea time focus-


  10. Okay, tell me again? Great panaderia round the corner on Glendale/Scott, and chocklit bars 3/$3 @ Walgreens. These trustfund hipsters have too much loose cash, ridiculous prices. Bah.

  11. HAHAHA this is exactly what the previous post, wondering who was moving in, predicted!!

  12. That’s what is wrong with you cry babies’! We eat snicker’s and chew bubble licious, I really wonder if your life expectancy is longer than your counterparts, because you can afford fine chocolate. The thing that really gets me is my friends old lady that buys cheap beer from Trader Joe’s and think she is getting some exquisite stuff. You guys crack me up. Let us come back down to earth, really people!

    • Yes, although there is not stats on life expectancy it is a well known fact that finer chocolate will make you smarter than those who eat Snickers and Bubblicious. Its also a fact that those who buy beer at Trader Joes are smarter than people who mock their purchases. Also, it is also a fact that you will reply to this comment because you are a slave to your own stupid fingers.

      • …of course I am gonna reply to this, because if I didn’t you would be hitting me with some type of reverse psychology to deter me from otherwise. I guess if I could afford fine chocolate, I would be as smart as you with all your facts. Where do you get all your facts from? Let me guess the internet, like that commercial of that girl who found her French model boy friend on the internet. Oh will your finer chocolate increase your love life as well, like an an aphrodisiac? You are silly Gata Face!

        • So your trying to put people down for working hard and making more money? Being able to spend it on expensive chocolate or beer shouldn’t matter to you. Your problem is you probably watch to much tv and not enough time working. Get a job so you can spend some money and stop complaining about what other people can buy and you cant.

      • KittenFace is back!!!!

  13. You have it all wrong, I am not going to work no time soon. I am going to kick back on Obama care, and enjoy my Pbast Blue Ribbon from the H and H liquor store, and enjoy the opening of the new park. Look, and really I am not in a hurry to go back to work anytime soon. Especially, to provide a service for snobs’ like yourself. I can’t go for that, no can do I. I really don’t care what you selfish people do with your money, but maybe you should consider the ones a little more unfortuante and put something more affordable for working class families’.

    • Scholaris, Can you please have a someone with a higher IQ translate your comments before you post so the civilized world can understand what you are saying? Thank you in advance for your help with this matter.

  14. well valerie confections makes these chocolate skulls– hopefully still, they were awesome


  15. I’m excited to see Valerie moving to our neighborhood. I’ve been a fan of theirs for years. They are a small local company, who employ a lot of people and support local farmers. They’ve been at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market for years and their products are amazing. I think it will be a great place for a quick bite or special treat. If you think it’s too expensive, there are plenty of other options around. Thankfully we live in America!

  16. Eastsiders! I thought this would be something we could all be into- a small eastside based artisan company who uses high quality local ingredients, and pays their employees a fair wage- that’s great! Maybe this won’t be an affordable every day hangout, but I’m all for it. I mean, come on, we all love the Fix where a cafe au lait costs $5.50! I say welcome to the neighborhood.

  17. scholars…por Que te pones a ligdar con pendejos…. Just boycott what you dont like.
    Most of the Latino community does that already.
    I stopped shopping Echo Park long ago.
    You don’t respect me maybe they ll respect our money purchasing power. Ya sabes Que estos se huntan momas para Dar data a neaustras vidas no les des inportancia Que no vale la pena .

    • While my name is BEAN, I don’t speak Spanish. But I do recognize “pendejos” in your comment.

      And you will call us racist.

      By all means, boycott the “white” stores. You think they are here to cater to you?

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