Angeleno Heights fixer-upper returns to market after six-month makeover

Before renovation/Redfin

The flippers who purchased this 1905 Angeleno Heights duplex last November have been hard at work renovating and repairing the two-story building at 917 Edgeware Road. Now, the former eyesore fronted by two large columns is dressed up in a a new coat of gray paint with white and red trim.  Quite the change from the before photo. The house was put on the market for $459,000 last September before the current owner purchased it for $522,000 in November.  The approximately 1,900-square-foot property went back up for sale last week for $749,000, according to Redfin.


  1. Now…the one next door please!

  2. Silver Lake resident

    YAY! Kudos to this property owners for RESTORING an historic property instead of tearing it down for a “modern” condo. More of this, please!

    • it’s angelino heights, they could not have done ‘condos’. but yes, it’s good they restored it. would love to see the restoration interior. and know if the prior tenants are still there. ?

      • according to the redfin listing (which is kind of snarky) it is tenant free.

      • Silver Lake resident

        The condo comment was referring more to what USUALLY happens in Silver Lake or Echo Park when a decrepit, but historic, property is bought — old house bulldozed to make way for ugly condos made of concrete.

  3. Wasn’t this place vacant and partially fire damaged?

  4. That’s a gross profit of $227K. So how much did this quickie remodel cost? I wonder just how good a job this was. Couldn’t have been very good. Too bad, because it deserved a more sincere effort at giving this house a new lease on life. The buyer will be dealing with all kinds of problems before he dumps it onto the next unsuspecting buyer during the next real estate bubble. So LA!

    • Your comment is really dumb.

    • You can’t really do a quickie remodel in Angelino Heights. Everything you do has to be approved by the HPOZ.

    • Angelino 90026

      I had a chance to check out the property yesterday & it is completely restored inside. The current owner really took the time to remodel the house the right way (hence 6 month remodel, which is on the long-side). Even has central air now!

  5. This property is worth less than 500K. I don’t know what the owner was thinking when he was buying this. Nothing personal but good luck “flipping” this. He must think he can dump this on some foolish buyer.

    • It looks like a well done rehab.
      The only big drawback to this house is that it has no garage; not even a driveway.

      • How about the only big drawback is the PRICE? I’m very familiar with the area. If someone is qualified for $600-650k, they could get much better for their money in Silverlake or the Grifith area. But this area is sketch, especially for the price- you see the homes and neighbors next door? YIKES!

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