Another Starbucks maybe brewing on York Boulevard

Photo by C.J. Salgado

If you can’t go very far without stopping for a Starbucks fix then you will like what a Highland Park property owner has in mind for a York Boulevard burger stand.

The owner of the Classic Burger property on the eastern edge of York Boulevard near Figueroa Street is scheduled to appear before the Highland Park neighborhood council on May 16 to discuss his plans to open a drive-thru Starbucks at that location, reports Mt. Washington-Highland Park Patch.   Starbucks already operates a drive-thru outlet only about two miles away on the western end of York Boulevard in Glassell Park,  meaning  York Boulevard would be bookended by Frappuccinos if the chain agreed to opened a store at the Classic Burger location.

The property owner told Patch that no deal has been reached to lease the space to Starbucks, which would be the first in Highland Park, but he is seeking city approval to operate  drive-thru on the property.


  1. As someone who worked at Starbucks for 5 years, and who still gets drinks there often, I think this is a horrible idea. There are plenty of coffee shops within a 2 mile radius of this corner.

    Also, the current burger stand is a classic example of LA life, and while I realize nothing is permanent, replacing it with such an anonymous chain would take away all character from that corner. Maybe Fusion Burger could move in, or some similar local business?

    On the topic of drive thru’s, they should all be banned for encouraging too much idling. Turn off your cars!

  2. my prius doesn’t idle when I’m waiting for my grande frap or my big mac.

  3. This area of Highland Park would be great for a big chain coffee shop like Starbucks. Nearly all the others in the area are about a mile like Cafe de Leche on York or Antigua Bread near the HLP Goldline station. There are other places like at the donut store or 7/11 or gas stations convenient stores to get them, too. The nearest starbucks or coffee bean are about 2 miles away in Eagle Rock, South Pasadena and Pasadena. That is quite far to get a coffee you are familiar with.

  4. We need to support our neighborhood’s mom and pap shop. The chain store are taking business away from small business.

  5. If the mom and pop shops were better I would. But waiting triple the amount of time, to get inconsistent coffee, that isn’t as strong, in a smaller cup, for the same price is the fault of the small business owner.

    Not only that, but the food options are usually not good at the mom and pop places…..generally less healthy, and not as tasty.

    I’m not as familiar with where Starbuck’s gets their coffee, and obviously I rather buy local, but they’re by far from an evil corporation. They employ a lot of people at good wages and have very good benefits.

    If you’re going to complain, complain about all the HORRIFIC fast food joints in this area. Talk about evil.

  6. At the May 16 public meeting, the property owner stated that the current operators of Classic Burger have told him that business has not been good and inferred that they may have to shut down. The last thing this neighborhood needs is another vacant business. Starbucks would be a great, stable addition to the area.

  7. Seriously, I’m the first to want the world to have more character and less big business. I also believe the preservation of old buildings should be taken way more seriously, especially in Los Angeles.

    But, is this burger stand really that special? I mean, is their healthy brand of greasy food really a positive?

    I understand it’s an independently owned business and that’s not to be shrugged off, but if we’re really going to take a stand we should take it against the 4 Jack n The Box’s, Burger King’s, Taco Bells, Domino’s pizza’s, etc. promoting poison, cancer, sugar addiction, and obesity to our children…..all the while exploiting animals workers, and pumping hormone’s, antibiotics, and carcinogens, into their food, while paying shitty wages. Not to mention the havoc they create on the environment all over the world.

    At least Starbuck’s has somewhat of a conscious as a company.

    btw, how the fuck do people go to taco bell with all the amazing mexican food options in this area?

  8. This would be a great addition to that end of York Blvd. Has there been any new regarding this?

    To the nay-sayers, a few comments.
    1. How can you complain about chain stores with the monstrous 99 cent store across the street?
    2. The “Starbucks Effect” would raise property values; the Los Angeles Times ran a story about this a few years back, they mapped neighborhoods and found a correlation to being next to a Starbucks and higher property values (I am sure other variables are involved – but I generally believe this would bolster/stabilize home values in the vicinity).
    3. Regarding complaints of “There’s a Starbucks two miles down the road, just go there”
    A. I have had to drive those two miles for my Starbucks, it sucks. I’d rather be able to walk, and I think that would get a lot of other people out and walking in the neighborhood too, which is a good thing
    B. There really are no good coffee shops in Highland Park/Garvanza. Cafe de Lecher, and Kaldi or Charlie’s (in S. Pasadena) all close way early, like 6pm or 9pm. A good neighborhood coffee shop needs to be open until 11pm. The hipsters coming for. Los Feliz, Silverlake, and Echo Park are accustomed to this. In short, there’s going to be demand for a late night coffee shop, even if it is a chain Starbucks.

    This is just my 3B cents on the matter.

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