Eastside Property: Echo Park apartment house fetches more than $1 million

Back in early March The Eastsider reported that a 98-year-old apartment house on the southern edge of Echo Park had been put up for sale by a “motivated seller” for $1.28 million, with the listing saying the site could be developed into 23 condos. Two months later  the building that overlooks the downtown skyline and Vista Hermosa Park sold for slightly over asking price at $1.3 million, according to Redfin.

It’s not clear if the new owner has preservation in mind for the  building with  bay windows, balconies and peaked roofs or if condos are coming to the corner of  North Edgeware Road and Colton Street.


  1. Echo Park is northWEST of Downtown L.A., so how is this an “Eastside” house? The Eastside is everything EAST of the river angels. I used to work in Downtown, and I had to drive WEST to go to Echo Park, same as when I’m on the actual Eastside; I have to drive WEST to go to Echo Park. Are you coming from the perspective of someone who lives on the Westside (Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Culver City) when you write this? I thought this blog giving an Eastside perspective. This post gives a false impression that an Eastside home went for $1 million, when, in fact, an Echo Park home in Central Los Angeles (a neighborhood that is currently under gentrification, so it’s not surprising) is what what sold for $1 mill. Look it up: Echo Park is officially classified as Central L.A.

    • Cherie maybe new to this…

      East-sider doesn’t mean east LA. Doesn’t mean east of down town and there is no definitive line or boundary delineating east versus west. The “east side” is used in Angeleno nomenclature as separating from the “west side”. Typically one would most associate West LA, Brentwood, Beverly Hills and West Hollywood with the “west side” While Culver City shares boundaries with some of these cities, it does not have the relative distinction with west sider(s). Similarly, on the east side there are neighboring communities who share borders but not the east side distinction. An example would be China town. While definitely east and surrounded by east side communities, one would not associate China town as the “east side”.

      It’s more about the counter-culture to the west side than it is an area of land with boarders. East LA does contain that counter-culture but so does Silver Lake, Echo Park, Highland Park, Montecito Heights etc…

      Hope this was helpful.

      • Repost for the repost… Sorry Keyless, but you are wrong. East LA contains that counter-culture yes, but Silver Lake does not. Big difference in the communities, don’t you agree? They aren’t the same and shouldn’t be lumped together. I know people like you (out of towners maybe?) will continually say “there is no definitive line” but there is. There’s this little thing called the Los Angeles River. Maybe you’ve heard of it? Historically and presently there is a line.

        There is the East Side and there is the West Side. There is also central Los Angeles and south LA and NELA. Some of the boundaries for these areas of the city are harder to see, but the one defining the Real East Side is one that’s surprisingly clear.

        Sad to say this is a debate that will go on for years and years. What do the current transplants and new residents of Silver Lake and Echo Park call East LA and Boyle Heights? I’m curious.

        • If you don’t agree that the residents in Silver Lake and Echo Park are largely opposite culturally to the west side counterparts, then you will have a difficult time with what I’m explaining. You may also need to look up the term nomenclature to understand my point. But to say I’m wrong is at best very short sided on your part…

          • So what? People that live in downtown can say that they’re culturally opposite of the westside but that doesn’t make it or its residents eastsiders. People living on the eastside would probably argue that their culture is different from that of the westside or the silver lake/echo park area. Hence the never ending posting of comments left on this site from eastside residents stating that SL/EP isn’t the eastside. But like I said before call yourself what you want, we enjoy laughing at it.

        • East LA is different from the eastside, not that hard to figure out.

          • El batman, you are making my point about there being pockets inclusive and excluding east side and west side areas. China town and downtown would be excluded on the east side and culver city on the west. So yes it seems you do understand.
            …and if you enjoy laughing at it, by all means laugh. but keep the tired argument to yourself.

          • Chuck, the people that live on the real eastside of LA, East of the LA River, will continue to laugh and refute your claims. We grew up here, we know what this part of town is called.

            You should take your own advice and keep your tired argument to yourself.

          • You new “Eastsiders” are wrong. I’ve lived in East LA all my life and we’ve always referred to it as the Eastside. Just because this latest waver of gentrifiers want to coop the term doesn’t mean it’s valid. It’s not.

            East LA = Eastside and it always will no matter what anyone else claims. Echo Park is Echo Park, Silverlake is Silverlake, East Hollywood is East Hollywood, Downtown is Downtown.

            It’s lazy newbies who want to throw all these communities into one term. Why? Just because you don’t want to refer to the individual communities by name?

          • Obviously it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been here. We moved to Echo Park when I was 3. It’s all I’ve ever known. I’m comfortable calling this area the “eastside” so I will continue to call it the eastside.

            Why would you care? Stay in your shit box East LA and we’ll stay here on the eastside.

          • haha somebody’s getting upset over the internet… call it whatever you want, that’s what we’re saying. You can call Echo Park and Silver Lake whatever the hell you want, but you’re wrong. Echo Park will always be part of Central L.A.

          • And since you’ve been in Echo Park since you were 3, what year did you start referring to it as the Eastside? What do you call Boyle Heights?

    • Did you know that Echo Park Lake used to be called East Lake? And MacArthur Park West Lake?

      • No Carol, Echo Park was never called Eastlake Park (Lincoln Park since 1917) but it was called Reservoir #4.

    • Feel free to start your own blog and call it anything you want sweetie. Or just lighten up.

    • They’ve debated it a million times, silver lake and echo park people will continue to insist they’re part of the eastside. For us that live east of the river we’ve just stopped fighting, it’s pointless. Let the hipsters and the transplants have their eastside cache/street cred if they insist. It’s not like it really matters, people can call anything whatever they want, it doesn’t make it true.

      • Sorry but “eastside” isn’t east LA. You guys can have that mess.

        • Eastside is EAST of the LA River.

        • East LA = Eastside. BTW, I’ve hung out at Los Feliz, Echo Park, Silverlake, etc and no one ever said they lived on the Eastside if they lived in these communities. The Eastside term being used by newbies in those communities only took place a few years ago by comparison. And guess where these newbies came from? The Westside. It’s no wonder they think it’s the Eastside. It’s not and never will be.

          • Sorry, the name has been co-opted. Why not take issue with the name of this blog?

    • East of La Brea = eastside. Not too hard to figure out. East of the river is East Los Angeles.

      • Wow, just wow at how incredibly ridiculous you are. East of La Brea = Eastside huh? So Hollywood, K Town, West Lake and Downtown are the Eastside. Great news!

  2. Regardless of where it is, it’d be a shame to tear it down.

    • Agreed, I wonder if it still has some original interior woodwork. If they do unfortunately tear it down, I’d like the opportunity to salvage any old windows/doors/mantles/lumber etc.

  3. Look at this, Echo Park may have been referred to as Edendale, before they came up with the name prior to the man shouting across the park and the sound echoed back. The only thing I can see Eastside about Echo Park is the community in Angeleno Heights, anything east of Douglas is east such as E. Kensingotn ave. This is where the victorian homes are at prior to the mapping of the greater Los Angeles area, maybe even prior to the infamous Main St, being the divider of East and West. Now, this I Do know for it is I that dispatched for a number of years. There is nothing East about Echo Park, as for geography; unless you have a beach house and feel we are East of you.

  4. Isn’t there an ordinance for that part of town that requires all houses/buildings to be build in victorian or historical California architecture? I took a tour with the Historic Society of Angelino Heights and I believe that was something they had mentioned…

  5. According to Wiki:
    Communities of East Los Angeles

    Aliso Village
    Atwater Village
    Boyle Heights
    Brooklyn Heights
    “California Stateside”/University Hills
    Cypress Park
    Eagle Rock
    El Sereno
    Glassell Park
    Highland Park
    Lincoln Heights
    Montecito Heights
    Monterey Hills
    Mt. Washington

    • You’re funny! I can’t tell if you’re being serious or not. Are you really using Wikipedia as your source? You do know that literally anyone can add, update, and change those pages, right? The Los Angeles Times has a good resource under the local section called Neighborhoods. Click on Eastside and please share with us what it says. Thanks

      • No need to look. Those communities are east of the LA River. Still, I’m confused how people like yourself cannot seem to see the difference between “the eastside”, which I would call Silverlake, EP and most of the above communities, and East Los Angeles, which I would never call any of those communities except Boyle & Lincoln Heights, El Sereno and East Los Angeles. Simple, right?

        • East LA is in incorporated, it’s not part of LA City it’s LA County. Boyle Heights, Lincoln Park etc are LA City. There’s a difference. Keep trying, I’m getting belly laughs over here.

          • **incorporated was suppose to be unincorporated

          • Good Point, but per another’s request the LA Times includes those other communities in “East Los Angeles”. In any case, I still don’t understand people’s inability to distinguish between “the eastside” and East Los Angeles.

          • East LA includes both incorporated parts of LA and unincorporated parts of LA. Anyone who has ever lived there knows that. It’s common knowledge.

        • The Eastside = East LA. The Eastside has been anything that’s East of the bridges over the LA River. People who live in those areas have always always referred to themselves and where they live as Eastsiders and the Eastside along with East LA. East LA is a subsection of the Eastside.

          As a life long Angeleno, and I’m in my early 50s, I’ve always said I lived on the Eastside whether it’s Boyle Heights, East LA. Even as far East as City of Commerce and Montebello and as far South as Huntington Park or South Gate. On the North side it would be Lincoln Heights or El Serreno.

    • How come that list doesn’t include unincorporated la county or city terrace? Those are the epitomy of east LA their street signs even say east LA. Could it be that Wikipedia a site where any moron can edit its contents failed to include the actual east LA areas but included all of LA city’s eastside neighborhoods. Ha Ha ha. Nice try.

      • You are obviously not a native Los Angeleno. The Eastside has always meant East of the LA River. Crossing any of those bridges over the river meant you were going into the Eastside. And East LA is East of the LA River.

        • Born in City Terrace, own my home in Boyle Heights, my family has roots in BH/CT since the 1940’s, you’re barking up the wrong tree mijo. The eastside of Los Angeles and East LA are not the same thing, one is city and one is county. El Sereno is on the eastside but it’s not in the same as East LA. If I stand at the intersection of Huntington and Eastern you’d on the eastside of LA CITY if you stand on Whittier and Atlantic you’d be in EAST LA. It’s not the same. Just look at the street signs, East LA says EAST LA, Boyle Heights is LA City blue.

  6. I live on this jewel of a tiny street and couldn’t imagine it without this house. It would be heartbreaking if the new buyers were to tear it down to erect yet another nondescript complex.

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