Echo Park pre-hipster artifact up for sale

Chicken Corner t-shirt for sale/Ebay

The crossroads of Echo Park Avenue, Delta Street and Morton Avenue was known to many residents as Chicken Corner, a reference to the barnyard animals to be found at the former empty lot now occupied by condos. The chicken theme spread to a chicken mural on the side of what’s now Chango Coffee and later inspired the name of a neighborhood blog. Soon after Chicken Corner t-shirts began appearing around the neighborhood (Confession: The publisher of The Eastsider once ran a gallery that sold those shirts).

It’s been several years since those Chicken Corner t-shirts have been made. But if you want to replace your faded, torn or discarded Chicken corner t-shirt, one Eastsider reader found a used version on ebay.

The ebay listing for the t-shirt included such references as “Echo Park shirt,” “Chicken corner,” “hipster, “rooster” and “indie-boho.”

How much for this relic of Echo Park’s pre-hipster period? $12.99



  1. I would rather have Pollo, than fake townhomes! Those things are gonna luck ugly in a couple of years whether or not, if someone defiles that place. The front doors are even right on the avenue, no person of middle class is gonna want to live there long. Sounds like this will come back around. See you soon, old school Delta ST. When you get tired of the hip Echo Park some will still be here!

    • No they are not! We are going to live there happily, and make the neighborhood nice and clean and kick all you dispicable people out of here. Gentrify and clean up, that way no undesirables come back.


        So, someone (I suspect scholaris aka procipio) is posting comments under my moniker – BEANTEAM. Not sure what the motivation is, perhaps he’s sooo incredibly bored that he has to have both sides of the conversation? Don’t know. It’s awfully sad and pathetic. Your fake arguments aren’t even interesting. I mean if you are going to make shit up, go wild my man!

        Really dumb and pathetic.

  2. Can’t we all just get along?

  3. EchoParkNewbie

    The hipster and gentrifying hater thing is so misplaced… we just wanna home and a neighborhood with character and a place that has an identity and is safe sound and has character.. I’m hoping to make EP my long term and and maybe even permanent home…

    Living here at the new townhomes on delta and echo since Oct and loving it. Echo Park is such a wonderful interesting urban neighborhood. In the short time I’ve been here I’ve seen student and professional film shoots on delta, a group of Chollos, Cholitas and their families take Delta over for a reunion and photo shoot for a magazine (complete with custom tricked up low riders), the Echo Park Art walk where chalk art was done alll up and down the side walk in front of 36 on Echo.. on some nights I sit on my balcony to hear the band at the church rehearsing, on other nights some guy up the hill is singing opera, or the neighbor is playing ranchera music… (let alone the Rollings Stones at the Echo Plex). my neighbors in the townhomes are doctors, entertainment professionals including choreographers, backstage folks, internet product developers ..people who work long hours in complex demanding careers.

    I hope we can retain the mix of incomes/ethnicity/backgrounds… i love watching the sidewalks filled with elderly Chinese couples followed by pink haired art students walking dogs, followed by a Latino family, then gay couples, straight couples with babies or group of friends.. We contribute to the local economy: I buy doggie supplies from K9 Lofts on sunset; get gas at the Arco on Alvarado and Sunset; shop at the funky old school Vons, get fruit from the guy selling fresh fruit on the corner of sunset at echo, the doughnut shop on echo, the Chinese food place run by the Cambodian family.. breakfast at Brite Spot, Tacos at Guisados etc..

    The only thing we accelerate is pushing out the gangs and tagging. We have a community of businesses and residents who day in and day out work long and hard to make a living and make a livable neighborhood and no gang owns a neighborhood ever no matter how many times you spray paint your tag or whatever on a wall or telephone pole or side walk…



      Welcome to the neighborhood! Don’t mind the troll on this blog.(scholaris aka procipio) It’s all the same bored dude trying to give his life some sort of meaning by commenting both sides of a subject. Weird I know!

      The eastsiderla is still a good blog spot and source for our local news despite the one or two derelicts crying-out desperately for attention…

    • You really had me there, until the last paragraph. You probably thought the cholos’ were cool until you found out they were former gang members. See what you fail to realize that EXP is a part of this community, and that is not going to change. It not only brings charater to this neighborhood, but also keeps certain rift out. At least EXP, has some kind of morals as opossed to gangs down there by six and bonnie brae, something some bias people will never understand. Talk with anyone around here, long time residence and they will tell you. In fact have a conversation with one of the fellows one day, it’s not like these guys are going to rob you or do something bad to you. I mean at least for the most part, we are all indivuals right?

      • So in your world, gangs are performing a public service when they vandalize public and private property? What about when they shoot firearms in residential areas with children and families?

        The individuals who make up EXP and other gangs may have things to contribute to the area in terms of their culture, diversity, and interests. But gang culture of ‘owning’ a neighborhood at the expense of the residents who live there has nothing to contribute and we are all happy to say good riddance.

        • Yes, in my world as far back as I could remember when Echo Food Mart had an original mural, of an old school cholo holding a block EP in his hand with dimension. Yes, in my world when the Echo Park Ducks were a bunch of down party kind of guys, that smashed around in a Weber’s Bread truck and would go to the California drum off! Welcome to my world!

  4. You guys know there’s a REAL East Side, right? So highly ironic that among such an apparently intelligent and unconventional bunch such as Silver Lakers & Co. present(vb.), there should be the cliche’d lack of creativity (read, originality) usu.absent from.
    What do Silver Lakers call the million or so living across (East) of the Los Angeles River (who thought, nay, think! THEY’RE Eastsiders..*the nerve*) since 178-what?-1, -9? They need to be set straight before they cross the, um, “line.”
    Just curious..

    ~~native l.a. indie-an

    • Obviously a newbie to this blog because this discussion has played out many many times, however i will attempt the explanation again…

      East-sider doesn’t mean east LA. Doesn’t mean east of down town and there is no definitive line or boundary delineating east versus west. The “east side” is used in Angeleno nomenclature as separating from the “west side”. Typically one would most associate West LA, Brentwood, Beverly Hills and West Hollywood with the “west side” While Culver City shares boundaries with some of these cities, it does not have the relative distinction with west sider(s). Similarly, on the east side there are neighboring communities who share borders but not the east side distinction. An example would be China town. While definitely east and surrounded by east side communities, one would not associate China town as the “east side”.

      It’s more about the counter-culture to the west side than it is an area of land with boarders. East LA does contain that counter-culture but so does Silver Lake, Echo Park, Highland Park, Montecito Heights etc…

      Hope this was helpful.

      • Sorry Keyless but you are wrong. East LA contains that counter-culture yes, but Silver Lake does not. Big difference in the communities, don’t you agree? They aren’t the same and shouldn’t be lumped together. I know people like you will continually say “there is no definitive line” but there is. There’s this little thing called the Los Angeles River. Maybe you’ve heard of it? Historically and presently there is a line.

        There is the East Side and there is the West Side. There is also central Los Angeles and south LA and NELA. Some of the boundaries for these areas of the city are harder to see, but the one defining the Real East Side is one that’s surprisingly clear.

        • Nomenclature is not about boundaries it’s about familiarity. Like it or not. It seems that “people like you” -to use your words- take offense to Silver Lake, Echo Park etc being called the “east side” as though it takes something away from you. Well, I’m indifferent to the term as I don’t think anyone should care so much or put so much value in nomenclature. But it comes up from “people like you” so often. Why is that? Perhaps it’s the only thing you have? Perhaps you are bored? Perhaps you are threatened by gentrification? Please enlighten us O Angeleno…


          • Chuck, you clearly do care since you’ve twice (that I’ve seen) made a point to call out the terms East Side and West Side. I don’t know where you’re from or where you grew up, but if you’ve lived in and around this part of Los Angeles you would know that the River is the dividing line. Your original post where you said “there is no definitive line or boundary” is incorrect.

            I’m not bored and this is definitely not the only thing I have. I’m just spreading the word of locals that have been here for generations. Trying to teach some of the new transplants the correct terminology for areas of LA.


          • Good luck with your attempts. This ship has sailed…

          • The ship of teaching new transplants about the history of Los Angeles has sailed. Great to know the new people around here turn a blind eye to the facts and past information of the city they’re living in. Sounds like they’re very open minded.

  5. Yawn……

  6. Just because you’re east of something doesn’t entitle you to call yourself the Eastside. All of your self serving explanations cannot erase history.

  7. I don’t remember this T shirt, but I do remember the Echo Park Ducks T Shirts that Billy Shire used to print up, and which I still have, and Echo Park Jets and the Preston Ave. Sharks Street Hockey T- Shirts( To be honest, I was a one-time prez of the MSHL, Metro Street Hockey League back in the 1970s). I also remember my dad having a Pioneer Chicken T shirt, but I don’t know what happened to it or where he got it. It was real nice, a “ringer” Tee. It was a white T Shirt with red highlights on the collar and sleeves and Pioneer Pete in his Conestoga in the front. Hey, and you dudes and dudettes raggin’ on the paper for being called “Eastsider”, there ‘s an explanation for this and he’ll give it to you if you ask him. Basically he caved in to yipster pressure and named it that, In SPITE of his lucid historical knowledge and geographical awareness. He did it for the money AND the romance. She-it, for that,I would refer to Westlake as Beverly Hills.

  8. Does anybody remember the Echo Park Bowl T Shirt? It had a drawing of a fictitious rocker named, ” MICK ELTON” on the front wailing away on a Strat with the equally fictitious Echo Park Bowl in the background. I think it had something to do with the famous concert hoax of 1978. Many Shuvs and Zuuls knew what it was to be roasted in the depths of the Slor that day, I can tell you!!!!

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