Highland Park shooting leaves one man dead

hpshootOne man was fatally shot late this afternoon in Highland Park near S. Avenue 57 and Benner Street. The victim was pronounced dead at a hospital, said Lt. Teresa Gutierrez with the Northeast Division.  Few other details were available about the shooting, which took place at about 5 p.m. Police remain on the scene as they conduct an investigation, she said.


  1. How come the EastSider hasn’t reported anything about the shooting that happened today in SilverLake ? ? … Did i forget to mention someone got shot !!… Happened at 7:10PM. no one reported it until 15 mins after, . Happened on the corner of Parkman / Marathon . . . The victim got shot in the leg and walked off towards Bellevue Park. I was listening to the scanner and noticed the cops havent found him yet. And now i noticed theres a group of kids walking around Parkman , Vendome and the Reno alleys …. TheEastSider you guys are slacking … I live up the hills of Bellevue but when this happened i was around there jogging with my friend.

    • Give Eastsider a break. This shooting clearly happened when their vast network of 24/7 observ-o-drones hovering and covering every square block of everywhere was on the fritz.

      • Rampart gang and crimes against persons Detectives this morning said they received no reports of anyone being shot last night. However, shots could have still been fired or the injured person failed to report the crime. Still checking with other sources and those observo-drones.

    • Do you have a blog because I’d like to post an anonymous comment asking why it took you 15 minutes to alert the authorities after witnessing someone take a bullet to the leg? Furthermore, you appear to be witnessing even more suspicious activity in YOUR neighborhood but seem to be asking everyone else why they aren’t doing anything about it.

      I sure hope you aren’t apart of any sort of neighborhood watch program.

    • Yesterday at 6:55 pm, we received a call to Marathon St. and Vendome Ave. regarding three shots heard. Two units responded and checked the area. No evidence (blood drops, casings, bullet holes) was found. They also received no information regarding anyone being hit. Since that time, no calls from hospitals or individuals have come in regarding anyone being shot at that location.

      (213) 484-3400

    • I located the report of the shooting. At 10:30 pm on May 28, officers responded to Kaiser Hospital on Sunset Blvd. in response to a gunshot victim. An 18-year-old male told officers that at about 7:45 pm that evening, he was at Silver Lake Blvd. and Parkman Ave., when he was approached by a male who shot him once in the left thigh. He was taken to the hospital by a relative, where he was treated for a non-life threatening wound. The victim offered no information as to motive or suspect description. Detectives will interview him at a later date in an attempt to obtain more information.

      (213) 484-3400

  2. “up and coming neighborhood”. yeah, broad daylight shootings. no way.

    • Well done D.B.! There’s always someone ready with some snark anytime someone gets hurt in Highland Park. Do you leave the same comment on articles about shootings in Echo Park, Silver Lake and Hollywood?

    • A shooting is a shooting and it sucks. Someone was killed, no one actually knows what happened, and apparently d.b. finds it an opportune time to post snarky comments on the Internet. That is sad all around.

      Having said that, check here for actual data on recent violent crimes in LA neighborhoods:


      Compare Highland Park to Hollywood, West Hollywood, Venice, etc.

    • I hope for the citizens of Highland Park that gentrification takes over there as quickly as it has happened in Echo Park.

      • Angry gangsters from geenerd

        So, you wish the their rent goes up till they can’t afford it and have to move out? Gentrification mindset is the new Manifest destiny mindset.

  3. Gee, that's a Swell Map

    RE: GravyCopter and DB:

    DB has a valid point, though perhaps not a fully articulated one, he gets to the point.

    Listen, it’s horrible, simply horrible that anyone would get shot and killed anywhere; regardless of what L.A. neighborhood or any so-called “civilized” American city or town. Think of what we, as a society, have degraded into.

    And it’s with that in mind, that one must look at the prices of rentals in Highland Park. $900. for a 1 BR apartment in a “Hotel California” semi-disposable architecture non-descript building.


    Or, for a mere $825. you can live in a building where it’s universally known that gang activity is in abundance all day, every day.


    $900. for what? To live close to the $3.00 movie theater? Or some “cool” record stores? Or an overpriced locally-sourced produce market with awful customer service and expired goods (oh wait, they closed…). Do you live there in order to be closer to some hand made candle shop, where we can feel good about ourselves for making a purchase? Or is it to feel safe and secure when walking to the local market with our family members at 5 PM? Or does one’s $900. grant one the “privilege” to live in a neighborhood where some cranky, narrow-thinking, out of touch business owners vehemently oppose bike lanes?

    Seriously. Think about what kind of housing $900. monthly can get you in other parts of Los Angeles, much less in other parts of the country.

    This is not to say one place is better than another, or city vs. suburbs or any of that. What is intended, is to say that L.A. currently has one of THE most over-valued, over-inflated, nonsensical rental and real estate markets, especially when one sees what they ultimately get for their money. Especially when unnecessary violence is occurring in broad daylight.

    P.S. – Around 10:30 last night, there was a stabbing and enough other police activity at the Santa Monica/Vermont Metro Red Line station, that the subways were ordered to bypass the stop. Anyone know what happened?

    • Why you asking us questions? You seem to know it all…

    • GeeThatsASwellMap,

      I agree with you that Los Angeles’ overall real estate landscape is bonkers.
      But by cherry picking Craigslist rentals and rattling off a comically incomplete list of Highland Park’s positives you are disparaging the neighborhood and you are in fact saying one place is better than the other. It’s not constructive. By the way, are there ANY $800 1 bedroom apartments in Echo Park? Nope.
      Come by sometime and I can show you some reasons why Highland Park has a lot more to offer than cool record shops and out of business produce marts.


    • Stephanie quijada

      Rest in peace to my baby daddy. He never got to meet our child but I will do my damn best to take care of our child.

      • What is a baby daddy? If you are a baby, how do you procreate?

        Do you mean baby’s daddy? Hmm. Unfortunately I think you do.

        • Wtf this something serious and you find it necessary to make your smart ass remarks? Have you no heart

          • Sweety, having “baby daddies” in our society is part of the problem. I’m just pointing out the ABSURDITY!!!!

  5. HP cannot be defined easily by its geographical boundaries. Within what is considered HP, there are many different vibes. Garvanza is different from the area around Franklin High/Gold Line is different from west York is different from East York is different from Fig north of York is different from El Paso in the Glassell/Mt. Wash border is different from South Fig above Cypress Park.

    You may not want to be bothered exploring these different areas. Thats ok. But, then you might want to also refrain from talking as if you know about Highland Park, crime-wise, Real estate-wise, community-wise and otherwise.

    • HLP not HP. “… you might want to to also refain from talking as if you know Highland Park…”

      • haha. Touche, Elbatmanuel, touche. Forgive me my faux pas. Merely trying to steer a rant or two away from oversimplification. I will be sure to correctly label all neighborhood abbreviations in the future.

      • It’s Highland Park; not High Land Park

        Someone who has lived here and has a proper grasp of the English language would know that.

      • HLP is the abbreviation some borderline illiterate gangbanger came up with.

        Street slang? Sure.

        Proper English? HP

        • HP = Huntington Park
          HLP = Highland Park

          It’s not about proper english but local norms.

          • You are right Huntington Park is HP. But, Highland Park was HP before that! It was settled before Huntington Park. LA’s first suburb!

            HLP is most closely associated with the Highland Park gang.

            I’ve lived in HP since 1962. I do not know of what local norms you speak of?

          • @gem- highland park was not LA’s first suburb, Lincoln Heights is, you’re misinformed.

    • Exactly. I lived close to Ave 57 and Monte Vista for nearly a decade. Now I live several blocks north of Meridian St; it’s quite different up this way.

  6. HLP has a long violent gang history. The Ave’s are the main gang there with multiple sets, the biggest ones were 43rd and Drew street. Since LAPD cracked down on drew st and bull dozed some infamous apartments. I’ve noticed that there no more drew street tags but theres a serious uptick in gang graffiti from the 57th set of the Aves. That’s where this shooting occurred. I’m not saying they’re the ones who did it, but just remember that every area in HLP has gangsters. There are familes of these guys, generations of gangsters in HLP, the clever and dangerous ones don’t dress or look like your typical cholo. Since the new rules implimented by the LA gang injunction many gangsters have stopped dressing in typical cholo gear because it makes them subject to police stops. So it’s hard to indentify who’s who.

    • Elbatmanuel is correct. Many of those bangers live in houses bought by their family many years ago. They are not going anywhere so they are undercover with the crimes. Car stolen here, house broken into here; they observe people who they want to target and strike. Another thing, it’s all Highland Park. You can call it Garvanza to try to pretty it up but it’s still Highland Park. And another thing, there’s not much to do here if you don’t want a tattoo or buy expensive second hand items.

    • I’ve seen 43rd tags on Fig as of late. Thankfully the city paints them over in usually less than a day.

      Gangbangers are usless POS’s. They contribute nothing positive to society and are essentially cowards. I’ve gone fist to fist with them before. They are only brave in numbers or when they have guns. That’s why they act all big and bad until the cops come. Then they hide like scared chickens until the ‘copters leave.

      If you have to settle your disputes with a gun, you’re a pathetic coward.

      RIP to the person who lost their life.

      • Fist to fist, wow, you’ve got some time in your hands.
        Just ignore them and they will ignore you! Never had a single problem with them and I’ve been living here for 12 years…

        • Maybe so HLP Hood, but they are parasites in any community. If convicted of gang related crimes the city should be able to take their homes. You must agree that Highland Park would be a much better place without the 57th set of the Aves.

        • @HLP Hood

          Time on my hands?

          I was minding my own business one night when three jumped me. And when all three couldn’t get me down, they pulled guns.

          I have no respect for gangbangers. I have huge respect for people that have managed to stay out or get out of gangs. Especially the guys who got out. That takes guts.

          Leave them alone and they will leave you alone? Try telling that to the parents of that little girl killed by a stray bullet a few years ago on Fig. It’s not about actions by them against you directly, it’s that what they do wreak havoc on the community and create collateral damage.

          Stray bullets, fear, helicopters, tagging, drugs, shootouts, extortion…. shall I go on?

          The neighborhood will be improve tenfold when the last of those losers and their enabling families are gone.

          • I agree that they are parasites for our society, but let’s focus on the 95% of hard working people in our community rather than this minority. Get involved in your neighborhood watch, local school and more. Report everything suspicious you see. You owe it to your community!

  7. That address on Monte Vista brings back memories…or the landlord being fined thousands of dollars in fines in 1988 for unsafe conditions. Any improvements?

  8. People are funny. To much arguing about this and that. None of it really matters does it? What does matter though, is that we say a little prayer (and it doesn’t have to be religious because I am definitely not) for the friends and family of the victim. Nothing is gained by being right or knowing more than another or showing the other who’s boss, and if only humans could grasp this idea there would probably be less violence… gang or otherwise. In regards to neighborhood violence… gangs…ghetto birds…. gun shots…and police tape… the HLP is much quieter than my former hood of EP and I am grateful for that and yes, I do believe that it depends on the actual street and section that I live in. In addition… I’ve lived in a few places in this world and honestly, wherever you live, people are bat shit crazy and life is fleeting so focus on what’s important and enjoy it before it’s gone. <3

  9. Former HP resident

    These comments speak volumes about the residents of LA. RANDY NEWMAN ought to do a song about the eastside. WE HATE LA! We hate it!

    • Every community or neighborhood has its pros and cons! Crime, violence, drug addiction, domestic violence, etc… have no boundaries! It’s up to the people of said community who work proactively with their community representatives and law enforcement department to improve the quality of life in their neck of the woods!!!

  10. Everyone knows who’s running the show in NELA. fuck anyone out there that aint down with AVENUES SKULL PASSION 57CYLS style pArkillA’s
    R.I.P Ernesto

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