Hipster Hostel? MoonPad LA lands in Boyle Heights

The orange -and-white Victorian-style building at 125 S. Boyle Street does not look particularly space-age.  But the interior of the rambling house is now home to MoonPad LA,  a  seven-bedroom hostel “created to promote the important message of communal living on the Moon and intergalactic space travel,”according to the MoonPad listing on Hostels. com.

MoonPad, which is located a short walk south of the Mariachi Plaza Gold Line Station,  is promoted as a place “where artists can stay in a shared loft living space for a very low cost.”  Guests overnight in “cocoons” (aka beds), some of which have “white canopies that we call TeePees – A cocoon is where the caterpillar becomes a Butterfly!”  There are pizza nights, sushi lessons and walks to the farmers’ market.

All this is your for rates starting at about $19 a night.


  1. Beam me up, Scottie!

  2. Sounds like something Amanda Bynes would tweet.

  3. If this isn’t a clear sign of gentrification, I don’t know what is…

    • I kind of see it a different way. hostels are not signs of gentrification. no one wants to live by that sort of thing. i see it as a sign of the neighborhood being perceived as “cool.”

  4. This isn’t gentrification. This is a travesty. A Victorian home in fairly good shape considering, sold to a person with no connection to the community, who has added to the density, created an eyesore with that color and brought in a transient population.

  5. The LAHD website shows that this property is officially two units; I don’t think it’s zoned for use as a hostel. Hopefully they’re on good terms with their neighbors.

  6. I hope they shut this place down. Violating L.A. housing zones, not having anything to do with the local community and even the reviews say the owner is shady. Get this guy out of here.

  7. I’m kinda bummed that this place didn’t find an owner who wanted to restore it and give it a fancy Victorian paint scheme. I pass by it on my bike all the time and there’s usually a bunch of young kids hanging out smoking and playing music. I’m going to hold my judgement and see what becomes of this. (At least they’re not gangsters)

    Btw I think the moonpad was relocated to this location, it seems that they may have occupied the newly renovated lofts on 4th st just west of boyle and the 101.

  8. Is this the old place you once showed here, 1880s – 1890s era, sheep ranching family?

  9. Why would the “Eastsider” censor my comment saying I hope this place gets shut down? The owner seems to have violated L.A. zoning laws and according the hostel website, he’s a shady guy. Doubt that he knows anything, or cares, about this community. Is the “Eastsider” in cahoots with this guy?

  10. One of the better things about moving from Echo Park to Boyle Heights last year was knowing I wouldn’t have to put up with hipsters in the neighborhood. So much for that.

  11. ALIEN sex Love

    I stayed on here a few weeks ago for the 1st time actually and it was a cool place to meet international people. I want to say that some of the other comments seem like fear minded or close minded people who need to open their hearts a little more. We are all brothers and sisters and we all live on the same planet so we need to be more loving and kind to each other. That is what I love about the Moonpad, they promote positivity. Some of the neighbors should go over and introduce themselves and go on a tour. The staff is all friendly and work hard. Its a charming and lovely place and its not even officially open yet.

  12. Boyle Heights Neighborhood

    Here’s a link to the launch party this Friday http://www.moonpadlaunchparty.eventbrite.com looks pretty cool, free food and open bar!

  13. They should pick up after themselves. They are horrible. They have trash piling up on the curb.

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