Man dies in fatal Echo Park stabbing

murdermapOne man was fatally stabbed in the chest early this morning during a fight on an Echo Park street, according to a preliminary police report.  The victim and another male were walking near Clinton and Waterloo streets  when they began arguing and fighting at about 2:40 a.m., said Sgt. Michael Mabie with the Rampart Division. The suspect, who remains at large, stabbed the victim once in the chest and ran off. The victim was transported to L.A. County-USC Medical Center, where he died from his injuries. His name and age were not available this morning.


  1. Sounds like a booze/testosterone related incident.

    • How do you know that?

    • Bean team it sounds like , you might have been there ?

      • I know it is a radical and far-fetched idea to assume that an argument that ends in death at 2:30am has anything to do with alcohol and testosterone.

        • Bean team theres also a reason , why you keep coming back ?

          Like i also belive the killer is also reading here.

          Bean team ? How come you dont say , I hope the coward that killd him left his dna or finger prints on him , so they can catch him quiker ?

          Bean team why are you still coming back too read on here ? I know you know something ?

          • Don’t mistake my incredible clairvoyants for being a witness… no I wasn’t there.

            You need a lesson in sarcasm.

  2. I dont know if gang violence is been ticking upward, but damn, the graffiti sure has!

    This weekend, Echo Park has been tagged throughout the neighborhood like I haven’t seen in years. Am I alone in seeing this?

    • You are not alone. The rival gang has been tagging cys all up the block, almost a guarantee exp has to
      retaliate. Of course the lapd could care less. They hate the hipsters and gangs equally so its a win win for them. 😉

  3. Hell awaits you!!!!!!

  4. CYS and EXP are both tagging over each other in Silver Lake and Echo Park. It hasn’t been this bad in over 10 years. LAPD and Garcetti we need your help on this. LAPD is totally absent.

    • Here in my corner of EP near Riverside and Allesandro, the Frogtown Boyz have been aggressively marking territory; in the latest incident this weekend, they crossed out CYS tags on the 2 freeway sound wall at Rosebud and Allesandro and, in extremely large writing, tagged the message FROGTOWN ONLY. This was directly across the street from the new Van Daele “hillside view homes” project (see banner ad at the top of this page), further proof of how doomed-to-fail homes in the “upper 600,000’s” are in this neighborhood.

      • The Allesandro-Rosebud wall has been plagued with tagging for many years; not an excuse, just a fact, and last month a stolen car was driven (in broad daylight!) onto the open space (directly behind “the hillside view homes”), and abandoned. What became of their round-the-clock security? I predict fun times ahead for Planet Home Living (Newport Beach, Ca.) and Van Daele Homes.

    • Echo Park resident

      We live near Mohawk and Reservoir and the CYS tagging is worse than it’s been all years. Even the trees are getting tagged! I’m sick of it.

  5. I am a close friend of the victim, HE IS NOT A GANG Member. He was leaving a family gathering and due to his car not starting he decided to walk home. It was unknown why he did not come back to the party to ask for a ride home but he felt it was safe enough to walk. Right accross the street from the dream center he was approached by a man who started arguing with him and stabbed him. He was found without his wallet. This was an attempted burglary and he is now dead because of it. Whether he was stabbed by a gang member or not is unknown. I have been a resident there all my life, and walk my dogs around those streets comfortably, and overall it is a quiet neighborhood. We are all very upset and are grieving the loss of a great individual who had a great heart and was a wonderful friend. There is a killer loose on those streets and now we should be more cautious than ever.

    • Family gathering at 2:30? Sounds like a fun family.

    • Does anyone know the name of the victim. I live by clinton and I am worried for friends of mine.

      • His name was Darrin Jeffries, Well loved & cherished!!! Darrin you wll be missed brother & don’t forget to swap v-techs in heaven homie!!!!

    • Thank you for clarifying that he WAS NOT a gang member. I too know the great individual this happened too and he was not gang affiliated at all. This is a tragedy that should not have happened and if any witnesses are out there, do his family and his wife a favor and come forward so they can have some closure.

  6. I was blessed to know this amazing man. Although I only met and enjoyed his company only 6 or so times, he was by far one of the most generous, friendly and entertaining people I have EVER met. He would come to a home with food and deserts for everyone. He would have given a friend the shirt off his back. He had a great sense of humor and would make you feel like you were part of his close friends. He and his beautiful wife would bring their two fluffy dogs in a baby stroller. I hope the punk assed bitch that did this cowardly act gets wants coming to him. The world has lost a true man at the hands a local terrorist. Los Angeles breeds these folks through there sense of diversity and pride. I would believe those tag lines (no pun intended) if they would weed out these punks. They don’t and they just look at this as collateral damage.

  7. I knew the victim of this horrific crime.. You took advantage of an honest person an took his life because you couldn’t handle this great warrior… So you took your blade… He who lives by the blade will die by the blade.. All for nothing. What was your motive ? To the suspect , our paths will cross i will have justice you will get caught , in a matter of days, thanks to new technology it’s a matter of time.. My Condolences To his family , wife , and friends. This workd has lost a great individual a good man.. Aloha Huakaʻi pilialoha..

  8. I know an knew the man he was an will always bea great friend of mine Darren your smile will always lighten up my day . I set a candle to light up your way i’m sorry your gone i only hope it was quick an u didn’t suffer . May god bless u an keep u by his side . I seen ur mom an sister last night along with Ceasar an a few of ur friends to celebrate ur life an bring them some memories thay we all have . I love u bro aloha…..

  9. I want to thank all of our friends and family for being so supported in this crazy unthinkable moment in our lives. We all loved Darrin with all our hearts he was the life of the party (with is two step), he was so funny, charismatic, smart, kind, fun to be with, always had stories to tell, and not to forget very handsome. He was a fish out of water here in this concrete jungle, he was a surfer at heart; please don’t smear his name- HE WAS NOT A GANGSTER. He took care of his elderly grandma everyday, he would make her pancakes and coffee, lunch, dinner; he would go out of his way to get her want she was craving at the time. He loved his toy pom “gizmo” he never left home without him, that was his buddy. Now his dog is confused and really missing him. Just like we all are especially me, after 7 years of being together and planning a future together that’s all gone. For those who were close to him and us you all know the truth, somethings you don’t have control of. For those who live near by please help us catch this cruel animal so he can rot in prison and never hurt no one. There’s a murderer out there in your neighborhood, please help on catching him. Call the Rampart East Division- all info is appreciated. To my love you will ALWAYS in my heart, BABE I will never forget and I will never find someone like you. You were one of a kind. Love, V.B.

    • V – I know we only met a few times but I have to say your man was the definition of aloha. I feel honored to know the two of you. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you. Please give E your email. I would like to contribute to help you. Paul

    • it’s all your fault and you know it. Go out like Juliet please . Read on line how to do it

      • How dare you say that to me?????!!!!!! The only person who’s at fault here is the animal that took his life. My only fault was to love him unconditionally. You are not a true friend of his, so please do us all a favor and don’t show your face here. And if you due show up don’t be a wimp-tell me this in my face be a man and don’t hide behind a nickname you wish you were.

    • I never had a chance to meet Darrin, I wish I have. To whom ever is capable of such an act, is a coward. My heart goes out to all his loved ones and all whom he loved. I have lived in the neighborhood all my life, and this feels like I lost a friend. Justice is like a friend that will never give up on you.

  10. I knew this by guy in Mexico by my cousin, his girl.
    When I got this new I was really shocked that somebody could hurt this dude.
    He was a really easygoing type of guy. We talked and shared a few laughs.
    Cool dude, and loved his girl.
    I’m sorry he left this world, and for his family and my cousin for having this difficult time.

    ‘Prima’, I don’t have any words for to comfort you, except that if you need anything don’t doubt to call us. ‘Te queremos’.

    • Primo gracias por tus palabras, tu saves que Darrin era una persona inolvidable. Gracias por los momentos que tu tuvistes con el en Mexicali. Los quierro mucho.

  11. Israel Méndez

    En verdad siento mucho esto que pasó, desafortunadamente la noticia no es nada comprensible y dura de asimilar. Prima, sabes que estamos contigo en estos momentos tan difíciles por los que estás pasando, no existen las palabras por este acto tan cruel y sin sentido. Lamentablemente se fué un integrante de la familia … te acompañamos en tu dolor y en tu pérdida, solo con Dios y el tiempo podrás encontrar tranquilidad y consuelo. Recuerda que te queremos y tu pérdida también es nuestra …

    • Gracias primo por tus palabras me ayudaron mucho. Gracias por todo, no te puedes imaginar como me siento, pero se que tengo la ayuada de mi famila y amigos. Los quierro mucho.

  12. Mike Valladares

    No words can explain what I’m feeling Darren will be missed by us all . He was great friend to me and more like brother. He was the person you missed and you needed him around he made you smile and I can’t stop think of him. Willowbrook family may he rest in peace .

  13. THEY CAUGHT THE SON A OF BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They have him in custody. He will rot in prison and hopefully someone kills him in there. R.I.P. Babe I love you with all my heart. Justice will be served for you. P.S. Don’t be trying to fight the angels in the heavens-they’ll kick you out. Be good, I’m sure your uncle is giving you the lecture of your life up there.

  14. For all those at the Dream Center who prayed for his soul I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. He was not alone in his last moments of life. Your prayers made it easier for him to find peace. It’s never easy to deal with something like this, but the prayer you gave last night helped me with this. And for the stranger who gave me money out of no where-THANK YOU. Please keep us in your prayers help me find peace.

    • Thank god. They got the coward. Vanessa thanxs for the update.
      R I P …

  15. I can’t believe it! He was such a chill and innocent person. Who ever did it . I hope u rot

  16. Lt. Wes Buhrmester, any informatin on the stabbing that left Darrin Jeffries dead on May 19, 2013, its been 2 weeks and i havent seen any updates.

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