Police investigating reports of shots fired in Echo Park *

eastside 911 IconAn LAPD helicopter is circling over the western edge of Echo Park tonight as officers investigate reports of shots fired near Mohawk and Reservoir streets in Echo Park, according to preliminary information.  It’s not clear if anyone has been shot or if a shooting did take place but police are in the process of blocking off some streets.

* Update@ 10:57 p.m.:  Helicopter has left the scene but officers are still in the area talking to possible suspects.


  1. I was out walking the dog and heard what I thought might be gun shots and then heard a car speed away… I thought it might be kids playing with fireworks.. Are the police sure it was gun shots? I live on Elsinore… one block away… helicopters are still overhead.

  2. It definitely took place – I heard about 11 gunshots what sounded like RIGHT outside my window (my apartment is in the alley and faces Mohawk and the window was open)… no running/screaming or any real indication there were any people outside before or after the shots though.

    • Also, it was at least 15 minutes from the gunshots before any helicopters or police showed up (that I could hear). I cooked my dinner and ate it in the span of time before I heard any emergency vehicles out there, so I’ll be quite surprised if they find anyone!

  3. I definitely heard the shots and they have been telling people in a specific house to come out with their hands up and walk backwards to the sidewalk. Couple of cops opposite my house but they’re not moving and helicopter still circling.

  4. It’s the same dudes as always. If that house near Mohawk ( crazies ) and the house across from fix (exp) simultaneously disappeared, both hoods would benefit. These are the two groups constantly shooting at each other.


      OLD MAN be quiet and just mind ur own buisness seriously this party will never stop get use to it or move out plain and simple old goat

      • WRONG! You make it MY business when you are shooting your fucking guns out in public.

      • @mayberry streeter…what does it feel like to be so poor, ignorant and fatherless?


          First of all who said i was poor are you poor?We live in the same place so what makes you think im poor? Idiot are you stupid? Smart ass like i said this is our neighborhood you dont like it move out! Crazys stay on top

          • This neighborhood doesn’t “belong” to you, your cronies or ANYBODY. It is a public area that is home to children, innocent residents and people just trying to get by. Your stupid gang turf wars are harmful to your neighbors.

            The world doesn’t revolve around you. We will continue to call the LAPD on your activities in this neighborhood until you are all locked up or forced out.

          • It’s the other way around dummy,

            good hardworking people who won’t take your BS are coming IN, longtime residents are realizing they don’t have to deal with you bozos and you’re all on the way OUT. thump your chest all you want but home prices, new businesses and statistics don’t lie. Buh-BYE.

            You have 4 options: move out, end up in jail, get kiilled for some idiotic gang war, or turn your life around, get a decent job and live honestly. I sincerely hope you choose the last option.

  5. Just heard 5 gunshots fired in rapid succession. Police sirens followed. This is around Downtown-Echo Park area, Lucas/Glendale… anyone know what happened?

  6. Neighborhood is called CRAZYS, what do u expect… Should’ve thought twice before moving in.. They were here before u moved in and seems like they still Crazy here… e(X)p and crazys’s go back and forth cuz X marks the spot but they dont specify where their spot is but meanwhile the crazys being crazy tell them eXactly where they are at.. so why are u talking down to them when u knew all along how they were.. its all in the name. MUST ADMIT, IT HAS GOTTEN A LOT BETTER THAN BEFORE. It used to be (free) DANGER DANGER tHEy DANGERous,

  7. I’ve lived in this neighborhood for eight years so I think I’m a local at this point — every person deserves to live in a safe place. Think of the children and elderly and other citizens in the neighborhood who are working hard and trying to enjoy life. Not fair to them to endanger them with your arguments. Our neighborhood is BEAUTIFUL — look at those views on Reservoir as you cross Mohawk down toward Coronado. How can you be angry when you live in such a beautiful place? Go outside and enjoy the sunset instead of fighting. Peace.

  8. seeing as how the crazies keep tagging echo park blvd all the way up the hill, this is no surprise. sad to say I have been waiting for this to happen. guess I need to mentally prepare myself for the inevitable retaliation; I imagine that it will be near Baxter and Echo Park.

  9. Check it out.
    it’s hard to read the thirteen yr old’s dialogue that is just crying for attention. But last night they start talking in spanish about the red house on this site, as in Res/Mohawk. The house that is currently overkilled w tags.
    cyber wanna be banger, cuz you never c ANYONE on the block in this neighborhood. thats all it is. And he’s kickin dirt in every direction at every gang he can think of. And now cartels. begging to bring them here. Everyone on Mohawk and the entire neighborhood, including the veteranos, can’t stand this fool. Who has never been seen. Never shows himself. but goes overboard to hurt the entire neighborhood at 4 in the morning by taggin every inch of space he/she can find, even the trees.

  10. Welcome to the hood,and we’re not going anywhere…CRAZY’S-MAYBERRY STREET!If you don’t like it…move out!! 😉

    • Or we can just wait for you to shoot each other! Your on the outs holmes! Nobody moving into Echo Park wants to disturb any of the beautiful Mexican culture and history that is here, but the gang shit benefits nobody so your entire crew is gonna end up looking like bitches as you slowly get WORKED! Get the fuck out PUSSY MAYBERRY STREET retards!

    • Echo Park resident

      Real mature. Ever stop to think that there are people who have been living here for a long year (decades, even) with children who aren’t at all related to your stupid gangs? Go to school, get a job, do something meaningful with your life.

    • HomeOwner_Property Tax payer

      Mick I have an honest question. Do you even know why you hate the EXP bangers? My assumption is that the gang members today were simply brought up to hate the other side. And you’ll just perpetuate it onto your younglings as well. Ever stop and think about it? Do you care if an innocent person gets caught in your crossfire? Do you wear a cross around your neck? What would Jesus think of your behavior? And also I must say that the gangs have not been here forever, this area was thriving during the silent film era with movie folk. So to say it’s your hood is incorrect, it doesn’t belong to you. Why do you feel the need to mark territory anyways? That’s just a sing of an overinflated ego, nobody cares but you, do you realize this? You guy tag our walls and houses and we simply paint over it not giving you another thought. I am a homeowner and i pay over $4,000 in property taxes a year, what do you contribute? I would say this constitutes it being MY neighborhood.

      • Trying to speak rationally or logically to these people? You might as well be speaking Japanese. They look at you as “weak” if you talk rather than duke-it-out. The only thing they understand is a bat to the side of the head. I recommend the Louisville Slugger made from ash wood. Very hard; and if it breaks, well now you have a pointy sword.

        • *EDIT* ^^^

          I said people. I meant animals. Wait, I have animals who are smarter and more civil. Maybe I mean monsters? No, they may wear that as a badge of honor. Scumbag? No. Sounds like I’m from 1950. How bout A_HOLES! Yes. A_HOLES!!!

      • Ha,hah…you pay that much in taxes…and you’re buffing walls…nothing is going to change!I also pay taxes and I live a couple of block’s from the Silver Lake Rec. Center…big deal!CRAZYS…WE’RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE…and “thank you for promoting us on here”,and I’m glad you’re dwelling on it!

  11. Check this out
    It’s hard to read through the 13 yr dialogue. But toward the end, dated last night, they talk in spanish about the red house on Res/Mohawk. the one currenty over tagged, shots fired. It has to be a cyber wanna be banger begging for attention, cuz you never c ANYONE on the block. No representation. just kickin dirt at every gang he/she can think of, even cartels now. beggin for those fools to come here. Everyone on Mohawk and surrounding neighborhood (veteranos included) can’t stand this fool, who’s never been seen. Who only sneaks the streets at 4 in the morning to hurt the neighborhood by over killin every inch of space w cys tags. including the trees.

  12. Thnx for the welcome. your 20 years late w it

  13. EZ sounds like a crybaby meko x fart LOL… Go cry somewere else!

    • Park Side Journal

      Your mother was from Echo Park, what happened to you? In fact she was an alcoholic that drank at the Holloway Bar on Sunset Blvd. And pee wee got slapped at the HI Ho! Ooh

      • yawn……. All mekos are druggies!

        • …Serious stuff you are from the green light gang. No west side spreads for you! I am the one that ever first started the 90026, so you need to start claiming something else rookie. ( Your Papa )


            shut up tecato and run to your next fix keep hating crazys is here to stay dont be mad cause we aint mechopussys

          • You talk alot like cell soldier, I think you already broke off more than you can chew. I got more respect for all my enemies that hold themselves like a men. Really who’s the mecho we are the ones that planted the seed, who’s really pussy. Anytime any day, I don’t even consider yours a varrio. Just a disrepectful punk ass street gang that hides all day and tweaks all night scared of your own shadows. Kid killers at that!

  14. Ez…directed to all the snobs and hippsters,who haven’t been here 20 years.I’ve been here 40 years straight and counting…so yes it is a welcome!!

    • 40 anos Mick? Shit, huey. Donde esta mi cerveza de bienvenidos, pues? Todo lo que dejas es puro spray paint en mi casa. RESPECT

  15. You want to swim in the ocean and moan about sharks, or hike the trails and worry about snakes? You cant have a flower without a bee.

  16. What did you people expect? You chose to Live in Los Angeles! A place where you criminalize the police around every corner, complain about laws, weep for the homeless drug addicts, support welfare for the degenerative armpits of society! And you are amazed at the scum feeding off you? You folks are the sheep, and the wolves pray on you night and day! Time to come to the terms your actions have caused you… Mayberry is a direct reflection of your mistakes…. He isn’t the problem, you are…. YOU ALLOW THIS BEHAVIOR…

  17. Echo Park resident

    There were shots fired in the same location about two or three weeks ago. About 8 shots in rapid succession. Cops arrested some of the gangbangers who live on Waterloo.

    The tagging in the area has gotten out of control. Trees and cars of innocent neighborhood residents have been hit repeatedly — alongside, of course, the usual fences and buildings. LAPD needs to step up their patrol. One venture down the alley at Waterloo will give the cops all the info they need to bust up this immature activity.

  18. The gang speak is all very entertaining. Too bad bangers are simply weak. Too weak to make it in a real man’s (real woman’s) world. That’s why they bang. Can’t make it the legit way. Too weak.

  19. True Feedom, you should join the crazy girl gang! They will take you, you are a whimp. They hide in their houses like you do, and they bang on the internet like you do.

  20. Jealousy and envy…don’t be mad because we hit up and bang,and the rest don’t!You know where to find us….Mohawk & reservoir and the alley,so stop lieing about we’re hiding….gun shot’s been ringing out lately…you’re the one’s hiding!We are posted in the open,and the rest are not….so keep telling your fairy-tale’s….lmaoff!

    • Hey mick you are a genius! Especially the part where you admit to illegal activity on behalf of you and your “homeys”… Don’t you know that your computer has an IP address that is traceable right to your very fingertips?

      If I were you I’d keep to the communication technology your petite brain can comprehend… spray paint! HAHAHAHA

  21. CRAZYS!Alway’s up…repin!

  22. Lulz in silver lake

    The dudes from CYS are bums .lol. They say they don’t hide but yet when the LAPD is cruising the streets all you see is tumbleweeds flying across the roads lol . Big tough gang bangers hiding in their houses all because a few cop cars are rolling around. I find it especially funny when gang bangers jump on the Internet and start typing out nothing but stupidity . Oh btw the tagging in silver lake and echo park sucks . Horrible horrible style , like I said you guys are bums. Btw I know one of the CYS losers is actually slanging and brining in illegals to this country on the low lol. Maybe I should make a call to ice ? 🙂

  23. No one owns neighborhoods. The government owns it. So get out with that! You guys are already BURNING YOURSELVES OUT. What the fuck are you doing on the internet telling everyone where you are at? atleast be a well organized gang you dumb piglets. Can’t wait for the cartels to control you or put you kids down for doing stupid things. And for thinking you know whats going on in the world. Yous guys fucked up. CYS; Wake up and smell the coffee. THINGS ARE GOING TO CHANGE. ITS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME. These cartels are about to control you or kill you whatever the fuxk they’re gonna do with you. Those guys dont fuck around. It’s 2013. This is not LA 1992!

    • I will spare you the quick lesson in property laws but no, the government does not own the neighborhood moron. They’re just the ones who sign your check. Ps, you’re welcome.

  24. Keyless Chuck nailed it right on the head. LOL !!!! …. My biggest question is wether i should run an IP tracer on Mick , and find out where he stays then figure out who he is … Or just getting his I-Activity log , and dropping a big info packet of him and the rest of the idiots burning themselves on this site. LMFAOOOOO…. Gang Banger + Comments + IP add = a face everyone will see… It amazes how stupid these “cholos” are… oh btw. turning off your computer does not del. the data you have dropped off here…. XD …. You can tell MY fellow neighbors of Silverlake , Echo Park , Los Feliz “get use to it ” or ” deal with us and the homies” but we are NOT going to deal with it. Nor will I . NOBODY is scared of you FAKE thugs or the CYS . NOBODY.


  26. Lourdes… Lourdes… Lourdes… You grew up in the hood and yet talk alot of non sense. Do your self a favor and quit while your ahead!

  27. the park has no future old ass tecatos still think there crazy and the lame recruits from the meks, west side obs all day meks u stay the o victims

    • lol, weak sauce obs is still around??? the tagging crew that only comes out twice a year??? its funny because all i see up n down sunset towards lil park n douglas is ep hit ups in huge block letters in the so called “obs hood” hahaha unknown lames! obs is inactive!

  28. e'ry body chill

    first off. 8 years in a neigborhood does not make you “local”. i’ve lived here just as long and i’m respectful and cherish what is left of the community i moved in to.
    there is violence in every neighborhood in this town. hearing gunshots and publicly assuming they were from these so-called “crazies” is the type of mentality that makes pretty little white folk moving in this neighborhood unwelcome.
    fine. if you secretly think it’s the “gang bangers” down the road that are busting caps, but keep it your little secret. don’t go online making accusations about people you don’t actually know.
    i have gotten to know some of these dudes. they’re not trying to mess with me (well they might be now).
    i think you should take a look in the mirror before making accusations.

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