Police make arrests in L.A. River bike path robbery

A man and woman suspected of assaulting and robbing a cyclist riding on the L.A. River path in Elysian Valley last week have been arrested.  Capt. Jeffrey Bert with the Northeast Division today confirmed that the two persons, who are members of the Frogtown gang, were arrested by gang unit detectives on Wednesday morning in their home, where evidence of the crime was found.  “We are still doing more work on the investigation,” said Bert.

The assault took place on the evening of Thursday, May 16  near Riverdale Avenue when a Glendale man who was riding with a group of cyclists was attacked by a person who walked into the path and swung a skateboard into the rider’s chest. Another man hurled a beer bottle, which struck the cyclist’s helmet.

The cyclist, who notified The Eastsider after Wednesday’s arrests were made, said two of his attackers remain at large.  “With the information obtained, I’m confident it won’t be long before they are also caught,” said the man. The cyclist found a cell phone on the night of his attack that might have been dropped on the ground by one of his assailants.

Additional police bike patrols  and undercover officers have been deployed along the river since the attack, Bert said.  “I want to make [potential robbers] think twice about robbing someone who might turn out be an undercover cop.”


  1. Awesome! Two more dirtbags off the streets.

    It’s the feel-good story of the morning.

  2. Neighbor Resident

    good work!

  3. Awesome finally they caught them, I wonder if they were the ones that stole our plant(pot) $200 value, not weed… It’s funny …on that same street our neighborhood crime watcher lives about 3-4houses away from the crime scene! Hmmm sounds fishy

  4. Great news! Well done, LAPD. Hats off.

  5. It is nice to see LAPD on their toes lately! First they catch the creepazoid that tried to break in Rene’s house. Next they catch the waterloo stabbing murderer, now this!

    BRAVO LAPD!!!!!

    If only the criminals could read the eastsiderLA, maybe they’d think twice before doing something dumb!

  6. Good work LAPD!!!!

    Looks like I might take the river trail rather than Riverside. Well it’s a thought!

    • Next step, let’s have signage on the river path that helps people to know where they are at and describe to police or emergency services. Let me say this openly: the days are numbered for those who think the public space along the river is theirs to disrespect. The bicyclist who did not hesitate to report this and follow up is to be commended. This is how we win the battle over the safety and care of our public spaces.

      Yea on the arrest! Let’s get everyone who was involved in this crime. Any one who knows anything, please share with LAPD so you or your neighbor is not the next victim.

  7. Good work IF the actual guilty parties were arrested. Otherwise, LAPD has a despicable history of arresting associates/acquaintances/family members, demanding that they identify guilty parties, or be framed for the crime themselves. It’s been the LAPD’s M.O. in EV for decades. Resulting in innocent individuals doing hard time for crimes they didn’t commit primarily because they wouldn’t or couldn’t provide an appropriately-guilty or notorious individual for the LAPD to arrest for predictable conviction. It may result in some semblance of law and order but it’s not Justice and memories run long an deep in EV.

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