Police to increase patrols along L.A. River path after cyclist assaulted

https://maps.google.com/maps?q=2475+Riverdale+Avenue,+Los+Angeles,+CA&hl=en&ll=34.092633,-118.232932&spn=0.010822,0.026157&sll=34.092639,-118.232848&sspn=0.010893,0.026157&hnear=2475+Riverdale+Ave,+Los+Angeles,+California+90031&t=m&z=16The LAPD is preparing to beef up bike patrols and deploy undercover officers along the L.A. River path following the attack and robbery of a cyclist late last week in Elysian Valley.

The assault took place on Thursday night near Riverdale Avenue when a Glendale man who was riding with a group of cyclists was attacked by a person who walked into the path and swung a skateboard into the rider’s chest. Another man hurled a beer bottled, which struck the cyclist’s helmet.   The victim provided more details of the assault:

I was able to turn and run away creating 50 feet of distance, but turned back to get a visual and found a group converging on my bike with another two looking at me like attack dogs deciding whether to pursue. I pulled my phone out and pretended to have the police on the phone right away, loudly describing the individuals and “if you’re that close please hurry, they’re still here” which caused the group to disperse off the path.

I followed keeping a safety gap. A few jumped in a silver Honda car with the lights off and peeled out, two more on foot ran down the street, while a girl was hovered over my bike grabbing what she could (a blackberry and portable amplifier).

The bike rider, who was treated at a Glendale hospital for a gash left by the skateboard, said another rider had their bike stolen by apparently the same group. But the other rider declined to report the crime to police, saying he lived in the neighborhood and apparently feared retaliation  if he filed a police report.

The victim, who did not want to be identified, said his attackers appeared to be gang members. There has been an increase in tagging and gang activity in Elysian Valley but  it’s still not clear whether gang members were involved in Thursday night’s attack , said Capt. Jeffrey Bert with the Northeast Division. He said detectives are looking at several suspects based on information provided by the victim, who also collected a cell phone that might have been dropped on the ground by one of his assailants.

No other assaults or robberies have been reported along the path but Bert said he is increasing night time bike patrols along the river and deploying more under cover officers in the area.

“This sounds awful,” Bert said of the assault. “I am going to put extra enforcement down there.”

The victim cautioned other riders:

Please, be very careful after dark, in fact, some bikers now feel (and prefer) to ride on busy streets in tough neighborhoods or at night so at least the cars passing by may deter these kinds of violent acts.


  1. I wish I knew the parents of the ass who swung the skateboard at that innocent man so I could give them an award.

    Stay the course everyone! Keep crapping out kids you can’t afford monetarily or emotionally! This is what you get.

  2. so no one in his group helped?

  3. Come On Now Increase In Tagging They Should Know Whos Doing It FROG TOWN RATS . And This Area Is Not Big These Are Locals Rats Who Come Out At DARK And Been Graffiting The Area Lately It’s been AlLong Time Sense This Mutch Graffiti I Seen … From A Concerned 90032 PS I Dont Live In The Area Just Passing By

    • Yes for sure the tagging is increasing with horrible verbage that children have to see and defacing the beauty of the river…plain clothes guys just have to

      go and walk around and u will see them

    • I want to say that as a resident in this area we are at a zero tolerance for graffiti on the river and for any crimes or violence along the pathway. It has been very safe for a while but the tagging, which we have been saying is an issue, is now showing its colors. Tagging on the river path is a disrespect to us all and a violence our community’s good efforts. If you see someone tag join us who live here by calling LAPD. Don’t cycle by and let it go. If you want a safe path then do your part.

      Also, let LAPD know in no uncertain terms that we demand patrols, undercover operations and protocols developed for the river path. LAPD and Park Rangers need to coordinate efforts so that dispatch knows the LA River pathway. Residents , Neighborhood Watch and Neighborhood Council are working on signage that will assist but we need LAPD to take a strong and proactive stance.

      Finally, what a pleasure that these guys are being caught. Now let’s convict them. To the cyclist who reported it: kudos to you and don’t hesitate to testify. We are very sorry this happened to you and we in Elysian Valley support you. These guys are weak and its time we put them out of business once and for all. I myself have testified in court on a threat made to me some time ago. I walk the streets proud, without fear, and with the pleasure of knowing the guy I testified against is in prison.

  4. I’m glad LAPD is finally something about this for cyclists. I just hope they can do something about the asshole drivers with all the HIT N RUNS recently.

    • Johan Johanson

      I also hope they can do something about the asshole cyclists I narrowly avoid hitting after they BLOW THROUGH A STOP SIGN at 20 miles an hour.

      • I agree! Twice in the last month at the exact same intersection … Rowena and Griffith Park.
        Scared the sh*t out of me. And the thing is, if you hit them, even if it’s not your fault, insurance companies will mess with you. You don’t want to get tied up in that, not to mention the emotional scarring that comes with knowing you injured or killed someone. Really pissed me off the more I thought about it.

    • Totally agree and the speeding thru Elysian Park and Riverside drive is horrible and never see a cop there

  5. police should be increased for Dodger games…. people come out of the games drunk and totally impaired trying to run down cyclists…THIS IS THE PARK with small children/dogs/skateboarders and cyclists…..APPALLING that u r allowed to drive drunk thru the Park…and u r allowed to garbage and trash our beautiful natural resource and the cops DO NOT in force the no littering law which only encourages more trash and gangs and tagging

  6. Silver Honda, eh? Possibly the same lot who’ve been robbing runners at the reservoir?

  7. I live very near where this happened and I’m truly sorry this happen to this cyclist. This is inexcusable behavior and I’m happy to know that there will be additional enforcement in the area because of this. Having said that I see these guys all the time and its my guess that they themselves are tired of dodging the speeding cyclist on the path and I suspect they just lashing out in their own frustration. I don’t know and I know that’s is no excuse. This area of path in the Elysian Valley is a SHARED PATH and many cyclist speed through it as though it was not and they endangers all who come visit the LA River. I just wish the cyclist would see the posted signs “Shard Path” and respecting others by slowing down. Parents with their children and the elderly are most vulnerable because of this and I’m sad many have stopped walking there because of the speeds many travel, especially the cyclist that travel in groups.

    • I highly doubt this was a case of reckless cyclists inadvertently summoning the vigilante justice of disgruntled pedestrians. The brazen nature and pack mentality prevalent in both attacks make it pretty clear that this is not just some local who’s been cut off by some asshole on a fixy and seen Taxi Driver once too much.

    • As a cyclist who uses this path irregularly, I can say yes, that cyclists should be cognizant of slower traffic. That said, there are many pedestrians who just stride that path 6 across, or all over the place. It’s not a hang out spot, it’s a path that should be shared with others, and you should be watching where you are going and walking on the RIGHT side… some people get confused and walk on the wrong side (probably cause the law says you should in the street with cars, or they just don’t konw what they’re doing)

  8. Ted The Exterminator

    Savages! I’ve always been against the right to bear arms but certain people are making it really difficult to argue against protecting yourself.

    • If the law is going to be lenient on criminals what else is there? If they take away the 2nd amendment what else is there but a total police state. I guess somebody wants that, the people thinking don’t.

  9. Thing is if you had your registered gun with you because of the crime in anticipation of a self defense situation, possibly….then you shoot the kids? Then what? Plus, don’t shoot a gun if you are not familiar with it. Live with the decision to pull the trigger.

  10. EchoParkNewbie

    Not sure if all of this activity is connected but there’s been increased tagging along echo park ave and sunset blvd, and that stuff has been up for days now. If this is seasonal (as in as summer comes along and new gang recruits have to prove themselves it seems that an increased police presence should coincide with it if it doesn;t already occur) I sent a report in to the Graffiti Division and still no call or no email reply about when all the tagging in EP would be address… This stuff just can’t be tolerated. Efforts are being made to try and make LA a more livable place and these thugs just mess it up every time. There’s got to be a way to address it where it isn’t cool to be a gang member and jail time is humiliating not a badge of honor… we should dress those guys up in Hello Kitty jumpers instead of Orange suits and we’ll see how tough the are then.

  11. Times I’ve been in this area at night I’ve always rode on Riverside. I’d never ride that bike trail alone. Feel my chances are better on Riverside.

    I’m glad this person took the opportunity to report this incident and followed through with what was needed. I’m a bit alarmed that they couldn’t determine if the phone was one of the hoodlum’s or not. Couldn’t have been that hard.

  12. natalie radbill

    If a park or bikeway is opened, funding for police to patrol the area must be part of the original budget. Public safety is a basic right and consideration before any venue is opened. Free venues attract not only legitimate users, but also worthless scrum who hurt or steal from those who pay taxes to support these areas.

  13. Those little locos need a monda…a serious one from the LAPD!

  14. I was riding my bike east on Venice. A black male between 17 & 30 years old hit me in my back with a Black Baseball bat from the back seat of a early 2000 Gold Carola With California plates as I was ridding in the bike lane near Pacific & Venice around 12am Friday June 28th. The police dis not catch them. I hope this does not happen to anyone else.

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