Save June 15 for the reopening of Echo Park Lake

All eyes and TV cameras on Councilman Garcetti as he announces the reopening of Echo Park Lake.

Councilman and mayoral candidate Eric Garcetti today announced that Echo Park Lake will reopen to the public on June 15  after a nearly two-year-long, $85 million clean up and renovation.    Garcetti, who will face off against Wendy Greuel in the May 21 election,  made the announcement this morning at the  lake, which had been closed and fenced off for about two years as part of a water quality improvement project  financed with Prop. O funds.

Garcetti said the rebuilding and reopening of Echo Park Lake has come to symbolize the rejuvenation of the neighborhood.

“Like the surrounding neighborhood, the park had fallen on some tough  times,” Garcetti told the crowd. But, “this is a community that is back.”

The mayoral candidate  got almost as much attention as the newly cleaned up lake,  with an entourage of staff, reporters, city officials and residents following him as  toured the restored lake and park grounds.

While the park will reopen to the public next month, the lake’s Boathouse and boating will remain closed as the city seeks a vendor to open a restaurant and operate a boating concession. Also, the Lotus Festival will not return to the park until 2014.

How is the city going to protect its investment in the park and its pristine grounds? Mike Shull, assistant general manager for the city’s Recreation and Parks Department, said the city has not allocated any additional funding for park maintenance. In fact, Shull said the park might prove less costly to maintain given the new landscaping, irrigation system, walk ways and lighting systems.

Some residents have raised concern about the return of vendors and a swap meet that once spilled across the park grounds shortly before the park was closed to the public for the clean up.   Shull said there are laws on the city books that regulate vending. “It’s up to law enforce to enforce what’s in the municipal code.”

New water lilies float on the surface of Echo Park Lake.

Garcetti surrounded by cameras as he views the lake from a new, raised platform in the northeast corner of the park.

New signage explains botanical features and history of the lake.

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  1. I’m as happy as Nell Carter’s thighs! Thumpin!

  2. Is Mario (Maria?) the Goose coming home?

  3. Hooray! I’m looking forward to having the park back, as well as feeling a little protective of all the new landscaping.

  4. Hooray!!!!!!!! So happy!!

  5. Good this finally is getting reopened.

    However, when they were planning it, I thought they said they would be eliminating the fountain, and INSTEAD put in the wetlands. They both do largely the same thing. But now they have kept the fountain. In that case, the wetlands should not be needed — and get rid of them (other than the lotus bed), they are a real intrusion on the lake, take out way too much of the lake. And in time, those wetlands are going to become stinky and more like the city dump than anything else. Get rid of them.

  6. your conscience @ ep

    You know I am gonna have my bench. Maddogg and I, welcome back!

  7. maybe they could turn the wetlands into a rice field and give jobs and food to those that need them

  8. There are still a few questions both propostion O and Garcetti office have not answered in full.

    Will they restock Echo Park Lake with fish?

    Our fish are very important in many ways to Echo Park Lake. They play a important role in the eco system of our lake. Wild birds for years have been feeding on fish in Echo Park Lake and now that we have no fish what will they eat. Fish are also important to the youth and seniors of our community as for many years recreational sport fishing. Garcetti and propostion O need to find funding in this $85 million dollar buget to to replace our fish and also have fish managment it is so important for our community and wildlife. We do have The state fish and game which watches over our fish but they have no money for stocking our year round fish.

    Who will be in charge of Lake Maintenance and is there funding for it?

    I can believe that when all the planning was going on no one in Propostion O or Garcetti office thought about a maintenace buget. Unfortunately this is all to commone on these type of projects that the city gets in to. In the end the d epartment of recration and parks will have to deal with the maintenance. Garcetti and propostion O need to find funding for the maintenance of our $85 million dollar investment.

    I have attended many meetings where I brought up the problems with our fish and maintenance. So both Garcetti and Propostion O had more than enough time to plan for stocking fish and maintenance.I would think that after Garcetti was endorse by one of the most powerful enviormental groups around that he would lead the project.

    There is a lot of our money invested in this project and I would hate to see it go to waste like so many other projects in the city.

    • Hey Vincent, Perhaps we need to invite a few more people to the Echo Park grand re-opening press conference where the politicians are going to “kiss their own butts” to ask those questions in front of the cameras… I’d join you.

  9. Is this some sort of political nonsense? What happened to the May opening date? Just open it already. We don’t need a podium and a speech. Just take down those gross green construction gates and give us our park back already.

  10. Yes, will Maria the male goose be returned? Wasn’t he relocated to the zoo in the interim?

  11. …“It’s up to law enforce to enforce what’s in the municipal code.”

    By the way, It’s also up to “us” the taxpayers to call the police. I will be reporting every illegal vendor around the lake and I hope you will join me! Lets keep our lake for recreation, not commerce!!!!




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