Silver Lake checks out its new grocery store

First day of business for Yummy.com in Silver Lake / Photos by Bich Ngoc Cao

Silver Lake has a new place to shop for groceries with the opening today of a Yummy.com store overlooking Polka Dot Plaza at  Sunset Boulevard and Maltman Avenue. The focus of the small chain is on delivering orders in about 30 minutes but, according to one resident who lives nearby, the new store, with its tall ceiling and exposed wooden beams, looks like a pretty pleasant place to shop in person. “The store looks great!,” said Bich Ngoc Cao, who lives nearby. “I am excited to buy my dinner supplies there later.”

While the Silver Lake Yummy is far smaller than a typical supermarket, will the promise of 30-minute delivery siphon away customers  from the Silver Lake Trader Joe’s and create some extra spaces in that crowded parking lot?


  1. Happy to welcome a new store in the neighborhood, but the prices and selection are lackluster. Too bad.

    • Silver Lake resident

      It’s funny that, when I made a comment about Yummy.com being overpriced on the last Eastsider article about it, people quickly attacked me. Now that it opened, I guess people are finally eating their words!

  2. It might bee a nice little ditty of a place, but its prices are WAY, WAY too high. This is only for rich people, not for the rest of us.

    I just got their mailer. Yes, they deliver — but that will cost you an additional fee over their already very high prices.

    An example of their prices:

    Red apples, they say are “about” $1.85 a pound. I routinely get them for $79¢ a pound or less at Superking. (It is very difficult to even compare their fruit and produce prices, because they do not charge by the pound, instead have a flat charge per item. But they gave a few per-pound examples, and that is where this red apple price comes from.)

    Ground beef at 20% fat, $4.99 for “approximately” 16 ounces. It is choice quality. It is a lot less, and also choice, at Costco, although I can’t quite quote you the current price, but think in terms of half the price.

    Bone-in pork chops, $5.99 for 12 ounces, which is about $8.00 a pound! For pork chops! Hey, I get them on sale at Superking for 99¢ a pound or less (actually, this coming Wednesaay they will be 89¢ per pound). Admittedly, they are only select quality (I presume) at Superking, compared to choice quality for this $8/pound price.

    Green bell peppers, $2.49 a pound. I get them regularly on sale at Superking or Jons for 50¢ a pound.

    99¢ for a cob of corn. Hey, they’re 17¢ per cob of white corn at Superking this coming Wednesday. Perhaps Yummi will have something better, but Superking generally had very good quality produce.

    Even something like alcohol, I notice Jim Beam bourbon, $17.99. It does not state the bottle size, but I will presume the larger 1.75 liter. You get that on sale regularly at Rite Aid for about $12.50.

    So, re the question above, Yummy or Trader Joe’s? Not question, Trader Joe’s, which believes in keeping prices reasonable.

    • HootchieKootchie

      I cannot imagine that Costco’s ground beef is any good, particularly if it’s the Kirkland ground beef. Even if it is “choice” for $4.99. The Kirkland beef patties that a friend of mine gets for his BBQs absolutely suck. The beef is horrible tasting.

      Costco’s produce is good, as are a number of other food items they sell. But a lot of their bakery items are made with the very unhealthy hydrogenated oils. (Or “partially-hydrogenated.”) That’s why some of their stuff is so cheap… it’s made with rock-bottom processed ingredients and is bad for you. Their ground beef? Made/processed by those huge meat-packing facilities, I’m sure…

  3. Regarding Yummy’s prices – they’re a locally-owned small chain with tiny stores and will never be able to compete with huge chains like Trader Joe’s. I think of them as a supplement to my grocery shopping, and they’ll cut down on my Gelson’s visits. I can’t go to Costco more than once a month, it’s just too crazy there.

  4. Here’s the trick to shopping at Costco….get there at 8:15 pm, 15 minutes before they close. Do your shopping (no crowds at that time) and checkout with no waiting in line. Costco has the best prices on everything, the best quality (organic produce, etc), the most efficient, pleasant and best paid employees, and the best return policy. I’ve been shopping there for many years and am there twice a week. It is, hands down, my favorite ‘one stop shopping’ store.

    • Good advice Sandy, I will try that. do you know if the seafood station is still manned at that time? Do they try rushing people out after 8:30?

      • Sandy Driscoll

        The seafood station is usually only there on weekends, and I think usually closes a few minutes early. However they sell frozen seafood such as sea scallops that keep well in the freezer and are delicious. They usually announce that they are closing around 8:40 so you have a few extra minutes. Also near the bbq whole chickens, they sell fresh shrimp with cocktail sauce and cilantro lime shrimp both of which are delicious when paired with fresh
        cubed avocados!

  5. i go to the one in Hollywood when I’m working. they make great deli sandwiches and they’re average price (plus they throw in a beverage and a small bag of chips). can’t wait to see if they have the deli at this location.

  6. A welcome addition to the option. It’s nice to have another option for groceries, and one that actually delivers. I won’t shop there for all my groceries, but it seems like a great choice when you’re in a pinch.

  7. Oops! “addition to the NEIGHBORHOOD” it should have said. Damn you typos!

  8. Fallopia Simms

    This store is ideal because it’s situated in walking distance to most of Sunset Junction. Being able to walk to a grocery store and not have to drive or bike is a wonderful thing. Although the 99cent store is in walking distance, their produce is hit and mostly a miss.

  9. I couldn’t leave the house, don’t drive and needed large bulky items and a quick lunch for a couple of guests. I think yummy.com fit the bill. I did pay a little more but I got my stuff in approximately 30 minutes. Not all the time, but if you have no other choice this is a good alternative.

  10. That’s the price of convenience. For some of us, saving time and not having to fight crowds is worth it, especially for a few items on the way home from work. If you’re one of us who have to shop when everyone else shops, after work or weekends, Super King is a nightmare, by the time you park you’re already exhausted and stressed out. I love a small store where you can stop in for five minutes and pick up a few items!

  11. High prices + no organic produce + a lot of GMO products = one less customer

  12. it’s like a fancy 7/11 or Famima. A convenient store plus. i’m happy to have it as there’s nothing like it right here. we don’t even have a bodega (do we??). definitely costs a bit more per item but at least you don’t have to get in the car and wait in line, etc etc. and i hate von’s and ralph’s. they are overpriced and when i go through the aisles, i want virtually nothing. i’m willing to pay for convenience. not all the time, but sometimes.

  13. Having lived in Europe, ‘one-stop shopping’ has long been outta my lifestyle. I take an early weekend morning, make the rounds of Brooklyn Bagels, (a dozen fresh/a dozen frozen), TJs for dairy, Superking for produce(hint: park on the street, bring carry-bags), and the A Warehouse on Sunset for fish, Asian oddities, beefbones for the dogs. If I do a Farmer’s Market, even easier. Voila, hunting and gathering, done. Convenience is relative: its been a decade since I set foot in a 7/11. Wish these folks luck, tho. I remember the miracle of Pink Dot when life depended on Haagen-Dasz and walking, let alone driving, was out of the question.

  14. We live in the neighborhood and were excited to see another small grocer opening. However, the products on offer leave a lot to be desired. Is the produce organic? No. Are there healthy options? Nope, lots of processed junk. I’m hoping they’ll look to other small eastside groceries like ORGANIX in Eagle Rock and mix up their offerings. For now, it’s like a small, more expensive Vons.

    • Silver Lake resident

      Considering that there are several other Yummy.coms in LA that have been open for some time, I highly doubt the company has plans to update their pricing and offer healthier options.

  15. It’s ridiculously overpriced. Just go to Jon’s Market Place on Vermont & Hollywood. It’s got the best prices around for produce! Delicious stuff, unique and international ingredients! No need to go anywhere else – and they are small chain and they beat Trader Joe’s prices by far.

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