Soccer and birthday parties take over Silver Lake Meadow

Silver Lake Meadow turned soccer field./ Photo by Concerned Meadow-Goer

A visitor to the Silver Lake Meadow  today found the grassy field next to the Silver Lake reservoirs feeling a bit cramped  as several families had  claimed a large part of the open space for a combination of birthday parties and soccer matches.  The man, who describes himself as a “concerned meadow-goer, said:

So I guess the “no organized” sports/events [rule] doesn’t apply to massive birthday party’s. 6+ family’s took over a good chuck of the Meadow by creating a soccer field with cones and goals and large groups of kids.  These parties are getting out of hand at the Meadow

In fact,  one of the many things you are not supposed to do at the Silver Lake Meadow, which is supposed to be for “passive recreation,” includes soccer, softball and other forms of “active recreation.”


  1. If some kids want to play soccer on an empty meadow, why not? Adults can kick them off when the kids become a nuissance.. It’s a matter of proper etiquette for use of The Meadow. Perhaps the proper etiquette could be posted at the Meadow entrances so finger-waggers could point to something? Presumably the neighborhood council could implement such a project..

    • Silver Lake resident

      “If some kids want to play soccer on an empty meadow, why not?”

      Well, considering the park’s rules clearly state “no active recreation”…

      “Proper etiquette” would entail the parents of these kids following the park’s rules. I’m all for kids having a nice outlet, but there are PLENTY of parks in the area where soccer is allowed. This isn’t one of them. Being a kid or parents doesn’t mean you’re allowed to break the rules everyone else is following.

  2. first world problems

    • Hah!

      But really, we just needs more parks… there’s not a whole lot of flat/public/accessible green space in this city.

  3. Kids need a place to be outdoors as do adults. And kids need to be active (as do adults). For every dog park there should be 5 parks where kids and adults can play and be outdoors. And if the only open space in the near vicinity is the Meadow, which is beautiful and inviting, then so be it. Let the people enjoy it with care and respect.

    • Silver Lake resident

      You seem to be forgetting that the CITY has a rule that states no type of sports activity is allowed at this particular park. Not grumpy residents, the CITY. There are several parks nearby where these parents could have held their kids’ soccer game.

      • it’s not a city rule. it’s a rule from the non for profit reservoir conservatory. and there is no rule about active sports. it’s organized sports. if you want to tell children they should be sedentary have at it, but i don’t think you get it.

        you can find me in the park throwing a frisbee every saturday afternoon, never once has anyone had an issue with my unorganized, active sport. it’s much less offensive than the creepy old, shirtless dudes who setup shop…

  4. I was there yesterday and I saw this guy complaining about a group of 8 year olds playing soccer. I knew it was against the rules, but there is a big difference between a group of adults making a regulation size pitch at the meadow and 18 small children playing on a 1/8 scale field. There was plenty of room for everyone, and the complaining struck me as really, really unnecessary. The kids were having a lot of fun, not being destructive or disruptive, and basically courteous. Seriously, this guy needs to get a life, and possibly some friends. It wasn’t even crowded there.

    • Silver Lake resident

      So, if the rule breakers aren’t being “disruptive,” we should just let people break whatever rules they want? This is pretty faulty logic.

      Soccer isn’t allowed here. The parents have plenty of parks to choose from that do allow soccer. Rules are rules.

  5. Looks like those white kids don’t have anywhere to play either!

  6. how does this trivial pursuit make the news

  7. I can only imagine how much more “out of hand” the situation would appear for the concerned meadow goers if the majority of those soccer playing kids weren’t white.

  8. A “concered meadow go-er” was so upset about children having fun in a park that he took photos and contacted LA Eastsider? Hilarious! Perhaps he should call 911 next time this happens….they can send the “Fun Police” to beark up the party. HAHAHAHA

  9. I agree with JS…the kids did not take over the park. I was there. They were playing a very very informal game of soccer. First of all this isn’t news. Second of all the grumpy dude should have just gone to the other side of the park. And is it really a rule that kids can’t throw a ball around in the Meadow? I thought the rule was no organized sports. Let me tell you those kids were not organized. Sad that some people are so negative.

  10. I’ve been going to the Meadow at least once a week since its opening and it’s so obvious that the population has out grown the Meadow regardless of soccer playing kids or not.

    Enforcing rules won’t change the fact that the Meadow is now too small for the surrounding residence

  11. I would love to go to the Meadow in Silver Lake and relax, but I can’t find a Parking space, residence are taking all the parking spots. I am also interested in why family are spending their time in the Meadow playing soccer when there is a Recreational facility less than a mile away with a playing field and swings for the little ones. Just asking ??

  12. Cove Ave. Resident

    This whole discussion is kind of a joke when you consider that this part of LA is blessed with so many parks compared to other parts of the city. Hey people, get out of your car, walk around the neighborhood and you’ll see how many little pocket parks there are in Silverlake where you can have a good little game of soccer or spread out the blanket. The meadow is highly visible and will always fill up quickly with people who know that they are god’s gift! Compliment them on their perfect picnic photos on instagram and don’t dare to criticize their entitled little kids.

  13. This dude blew a perfect opportunity to passive-aggressively set up a picnic in the middle of a kid’s soccer game and doing so with complete IMPUNITY. Idiot.

  14. “No Soccer” signs means no brown people playing soccer. White people can go right ahead. Every one knows that…. right?

  15. Seriously, who cares if little kids play soccer?

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